Home Automation Software that Allows You to Control Your Home Straight from Your Computer!

Home Control Assistant HCA 11 Standard - Home Automation Software
Home Control Assistant HCA 11 Standard – Home Automation Software
  • Integrates INSTEON and X10 power line technologies
  • Supports IP addressed IR interfaces from GlobalCache and BitWise
  • Supports whole-house wireless
  • Multiple Schedules created by a visual scheduling tool
  • Unlimited programs to respond to events – in a graphical manner from over 60 different actions
  • Includes Checkbox control – get powerful control with no scheduling or programming
  • Includes Power Track – track power usage for all your 2-way devices
  • Works with all the latest INSTEON firmware devices

Home automation made easy – The Home Control Assistant Home Automation Software works with a variety of automation interfaces to control all areas of your home quickly and easily, directly from your computer! Home Control Assistant (HCA) is a Windows based home automation program that works with a variety of automation interfaces to control lights, appliances, irrigation, HVAC and more. With HCA’s Programming, Scheduling, Checkbox control and Power Track, you can easily save money, reduce electrical usage, conserve water and improve safety by automating your home.

The Home Control Assistant runs on any computer that uses the Windows XP, Vista or Win7 operating system. It works with automation interfaces to control lights and appliances in your home using X10, INSTEON, UPB, Wireless and IR technology.

HCA can be installed in a home with existing automation hardware. HCA can “spider” through or Multi-Add all your installed INSTEON network and find all the devices and add them to your home design file. A new automation solution is easy to create using the built-in Wizards for creating a new file, adding devices, creating new schedules, and new programs. Once you have defined all the hardware, adding schedules and programs is simple using the Visual Tools provided. Read More

Automate and Control your Home with Only the Sound of your Voice!

CastleOS Home Automation SoftwareCastleOS Home Automation SoftwareCastleOS Home Automation SoftwareCastleOS Home Automation Software

  • No monthly fees, works on almost any device
  • 24/7 monitoring with no false positives
  • Supports X10, Insteon, Z-Wave, UPB, WeMo
  • Supports an unlimited amount of devicesdouts
  • Voice control with a Kinect device
  • Real-time notifications and home status updates

Pressing buttons is so last year! Automate & control your home with the sound of your voice and from anywhere in the world! CastleOS will improve your comfort, safety, and stress levels in day-to-day household activities with the CastleOS Home Automation Software which offers an incredibly detailed and sophisticated home automation experience. CastleOS uses a unique dual device control system that accepts simple voice commands through a Kinect device, or commands through the CastleOS web and mobile application on any Internet accessible iOS and Android smart device (smartphone/tablet), or computer anywhere in the world. Commands to your home are relayed from the Kinect or web and mobile application to your Windows XP computer which can communicate with an unlimited number of interconnected home automation devices such as INSTEON, Z-Wave, UPB, X10, or WeMo via a plugged in INSTEON PLM or USB adapter. CastleOS doesn’t just listen to you, but will also communicate with you using sound confirmation notices and verbal responses to questions and commands.

The Kinect gives your complete control over your home with an accurate and sophisticated whole-house natural language voice recognition system that monitors your home and listens for command prompts 24/7 without relaying interferences from loud music, movies, TV, and other noises. There is no limit to the amount of Kinect devices that can be connected to your home system, but additional Kinects increase the standard 35-foot transmission range. You can control your home from the web and mobile application if you do not have a Kinect device which is very easy to use and lets you save money and energy through intelligent programming, and remote or automated device control for sophisticated device scheduling, event triggering, device grouping, energy expenditure monitoring, climate control, and system security. The web and mobile application also provides smart read-outs for each individual interconnected device showing real-time information about which group the device is a part of, how much energy and money is used, and projected costs from the device. Read More

Comprehensive X10 Testing Made Easy

ACT AT004 X10 Multi-Tester/Test TransceiverEnjoy complete flexibility when sending and receiving X10 test signals with the X10 Multi-Tester/Test Transceiver. This comprehensive troubleshooting X10 Transceiver allows you to choose transmit signal levels, single or continuous signal transmission, and decide zero crossing degree shift. The X10 Multi-Tester/Test Transceiver can also display or log the level or frame data on the power line on its easy-to-read LCD screen.

With the X10 Transceiver’s flexible features, you’ll be able to do things such as:

  • Generate test signals to verify proper receiver operation
  • Display signal strength on line from other transmitters and two-way receivers
  • Use to test potential installation sites for possible installation problems
  • Pinpoint loads to be filtered by logging power grid noise levels (user-defined time periods up to 24 hours).

Other features of the X10 Transceiver include:

  • Can log noise and frame data over a 24-hour period
  • Auto transmit mode for system testing
  • Adjustable transmit voltage in 33.3mv increments
  • Time/Date (24-hour format)
  • Selectable 0°, 30°, 60°, 90°, 120° or 150° transmit pulse
  • Shows received X10 packets as one frame or two frames (can be used to determine whether signal is repeated or original)
  • Can be used as P1 Test Transmitter

Read more

How To Find X10 “Black Holes” In Your Home

X10 AM486 or PAM01 X10 Appliance Module
Have you ever had your X10 system suddenly stop working or experience a drastic decrease in the system’s reliability? What causes a well-functioning X10 system to go from great to turkey?

This is actually a very common call (and email) for us. Besides folks asking for help on three-ways, (installing wall switches, that is), the mysterious “X10 Blackout” is our next most common request for help. It’s also sometimes difficult for us to explain the problem or the caller to accept the cause. It’s a fairly easy problem to fix since the X10 system was recently working well. We only need to figure out what events triggered the modules to stop responding. Read more

Get Started With Intelligent Lighting Control in Seconds!

Who says you need a degree in engineering and electronics to enjoy the benefit of a smart home? Getting started with intelligent lighting control is easier and more affordable than ever before, thanks to our Basic Starter Kit! It’s ideal for anyone that wants to control one or more lamps remotely, without getting out of your seat.

Basic Lighting Control Starter KitWhether the lamp is on the other side of the room, or other side of the house, you can control it from anywhere in the house, so long as there’s an electrical outlet nearby. Set up takes literally seconds, with absolutely no complicated wiring. If you can insert a plug into an outlet, you can set up this starter kit!

Includes everything you need to control one lamp. Once you’re ready to expand, you can control up to seven additional lamps (or groups of lamps) simply by adding expansion LampLinc modules (sold separately). The Basic Starter Kit includes (1) Smarthome LampLinc Essential Module and (1) Mini Controller. Read more

Customer Reviews

3.5 Stars

JOSEPH — LANDENBERG, PA    Date: 4/16/2009
Review: Great for home security! We can control modules from the kitchen, bedroom, and both cars. It’s nice to turn on lights when arriving home late at night.
 JOHN — HOUSTON, TX    Date: 7/29/2007
Review: Perfect absolutely works as I had expected. I had purchased this item from Radio Shack in the past. Radio Shack no longer stocks this item. Over the years I have probably purchased 10 to give as gifts. Radio Shack is no longer stocking this item I will not be doing business with them again. Their batteries for cordless phones do not last. They do not have the selection that Smarthome has. I will be doing my electronic shopping with Smarthome from now on. I AM VERY SINCERE about that. Why don’t you open a store in Houston?
WILLIAM — GRANITE BAY, CA    Date: 2/16/2007
Review: Had one before and works great. Good product
MICHAEL — BLOOMINGTON, MN    Date: 10/14/2005
Review: Really great! Took these to our house in the Cayman islands. I unpacked them and didn’t take the documentations. I was hunting around for the channel setting wheels, couldn’t find them (they don’t have any), and thought I’d bought the wrong product. I went to your website, downloaded the documentation, and found how cool these are — with the auto channel select feature. And, people can turn the lamp on and off with the regular switch if they don’t understand the X10 option. How great is THAT! You guys are wonderful! Thanks

Home Automation Starter Kit: Use a Universal A/V Remote to Control Lighting From the Couch

You already use a remote control to control your home entertainment system, so why not use that same remote to control your lighting?

Home Theater Lighting Control Starter Kit

You’ll be able to dim the lights to your optimal movie-watching level without getting off your comfortable couch, thanks to the Home Theater Lighting Control Starter Kit, an easy-to-install home automation starter kit that uses X10 commands to turn lights on or off or dim them. This kit includes a five-device universal remote control, an X10 console that delivers commands from the remote to your connected lamps, and two plug-in lamp modules. The 5-in-1 RF/IR Learning Remote requires four AAA batteries (sold separately).

Universal Remote Control Lights As Well As A/V Components

You can get rid of the remotes cluttering your coffee table, thanks to the 5-in-1 RF/IR Learning Remote. This universal learning remote will control your television, DVD player, VCR, stereo, and satellite receiver, and it also sends IR commands to the Infrared X10 Command Console, which converts those commands into X10 powerline signals to control lights anywhere in the house.

Control Any Number of X10 Lamps Using A/V Remote

Plug the Infrared X10 Command Console in, and when you press the 5-in-1 RF/IR Learning Remote’s X10 button, the console will deliver your X10 commands to the lamps plugged into the two LampLinc V2 Dimmers. Turn the lights on or off or dim them using this remote. You can also expand your X10 system by installing X10 modules, wall switches, thermostats or drape controllers — you’ll never need to leave your couch again! The keypad on top of the console also provides direct control of up to eight X10 devices, including On/Off, Dim/Bright and All Lights On/Off.

Included Lamp Modules are INSTEON Enabled

The two included LampLinc V2 Dimmers will respond to your X10 commands to control your lights, but these plug-in modules are also enabled with INSTEON technology, which uses both the existing electrical wiring in your home as well as wireless RF signals to create the most reliable network available. Learn more about INSTEON here. Read more

Can’t find a wall-mounted switch that meets your exact needs?

No problem! Simply create your own with an X10 controller!
X10 6319-1W XPT1-W Wall Mounted X10 On/Off Controller for 1 Address - White

It’s easy with these customizable wall-mounted controllers. They work just like the tabletop X10 controllers but are permanently mounted in a standard wall switch box and fit standard Decora® wall trim plates. This white Wall-Mounted Controller for One Address features On/Off control. A Decora-Style Wall Plate is required and sold separately.

Setup is a snap: simply connect two wires (Hot and Neutral) from inside the wall box to the two leads coming off the controller. To set the button address, just pop off the keypad, and set the house that the transmitter will controlling. You can even combine units in a multiple wall switchbox to build control panels with custom features.

Since these wall-mounted controllers are primarily transmitters of X10 signals, they do not have the ability to directly control a load. If you are replacing an existing switch (mechanical or X10) with a wall-mounted controller, you will need a X10 receiver to do the switching of the load formerly controlled by the switch. We suggest using Fixture Relay Modules or Plug-In Modules (for locations where the switch controlled an outlet). Read more