Keep All of Your Cords and Cables Clean and Concealed

Quirky PLG-1CW1 Plug Hub Under Desk Power Cord Management Station
Keep your cords clean and concealed with Plug Hub from Quirky, an under-desk cord management station that hides your power strip and cords in one discreet unit. Got an unsightly cord mess? End the disarray now and keep your cables hidden and organized with this simple solution. Easily hide your power strip (not included) and cords together, in one discreet unit. It has a compact footprint yet makes a big difference on your floor, wall or anywhere else you use it. Just wrap your computer and electrical cables around the three integrated cord anchors, then place the Plug Hub directly over your power strip, or mount it to a wall. That’s it, nice, neat and simple!


  • Three openings on the top of the unit direct your cords neatly to your power strip
  • Three integrated cord anchors let you wrap up and hide longer cords
  • Sit Plug Hub on its rubber bottom or on its back, or mount it to a wall
  • Made from rigid plastic with a rubber foot on the bottom
  • Charcoal, with a light blue base

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Hide and Protect Exposed Wires and Cables for a Clean, Professional Looking Installation

Premiere Raceway Products FWH-11614 1/2-Inch WireHider Raceway, 6 Foot Length, White

The Premiere Raceway Products WireHider non-metallic surface mount raceway speeds up installation by enabling you to simply push the cables into its flexible center slit. Cables may exit anywhere along the run without the danger of the cable falling out. This raceway is constructed of UL94VO Flame Retardant PVC, built with UV stabilizer to prevent color fading and includes adhesive foam tape for fast and simple installation. No raceway covers are required, but are available as an option.

The Raceway System designed to give you an extra hand were created with the Installation Professional in mind. Have you ever laid cable into a raceway only to have it fall out as you attempt to close the cover, especially on ceiling runs? WireHider was designed to eliminate this problem and speed up installation, which saves you TIME and MONEY!

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Clean Up and Manage a Tangled-mess of Cables with Ease

Evriholder Products CZ-RP-L-W Cable ZipperNot everything these days is wireless, cables are still used to link many things together. Many cables will usually equate to a major tangled-mess. The Cable Zipper from Evriholder Products provides an easy to use solution to help manage all those cables you have hiding behind your desktop computer, home theater system, and anything else that uses lots of cables. The Cable Zipper acts as a sort of conduit that converges all of your cables into a single point of entry and exit. The included wall mounts, labels, and large zip clip allow the Cable Zipper to handle that large bunch of renegade cables into a clean and organized fashion. Make it happen and get it done with the Cable Zipper!

  • Unique, flexible design easily handles your out of control cables
  • Provided Zip Clip makes passing cables through the Cable Zipper effortless
  • Comes with everything you need to organize and manage your cables

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Cable Fasteners to Keep Audio/Visual Cables Clean and Organized

Stanley Electrical 39509 EZ Hook and Loop 8 Inch Self Gripping Fasteners, Six PiecesNo more bunches and tangled coils of audio/visual cables and wires. With the Stanley Electrical self gripping colored cable ties, you’ll be able to group your cables, making them easier to identify and give your cabinets a cleaner look. Angled tails allow for quicker initial alignment and lower the amount of force needed to pull the tail through the head. This six pack of fasteners come in one each of the following colors; Green, Blue, Yellow, Red, Black and White for easy identification.

  • Self gripping fasteners
  • Neat and secure fastening system that is adjustable and reusable
  • Helps wire management and clutter control
  • Unique 8″ length and large length back-to-back fasteners
  • Assorted colors for easy identification

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Easily Wrap, Organize and Identify Cords and Cables in a Compact Storage Device

Dotz, LLC CWA503W Dotz Cord Wrap, WhiteDotz Cord Wraps and accessories are a fun and simple way to instantly organize those unsightly cords and cables. Easy-to-use: just wrap it and snap it! This innovative and portable design is a colorful way to finally conquer your unruly cords forever! Perfect for organizing standard power cords, USB cords, phone line, and much more. It has a one-piece portable design that features a hinged lid with a snap tab front, round cut-outs on each side for threading cord and a plastic T-shape in center for wrapping excess cord. Additionally, there is a clear removable clip and a clear suction cup which clip to back of cord wrap allowing you to mount the device securely. Lastly, a paper punch-out is included; simply write on the paper punch-out and place in cord identifier for easy cord identification at any time.
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Durable Shrink Tubing to Protect Wiring, Hoses, and More

Techflex H2F0.79BK10 Fabric Heatshrink Tubing, .79 Inch Unshrunk Diameter - Black (10 Foot Spool)Techflex’s Fabric Heatshrink Tubing is an excellent way to keep rubber hoses, plastic pipes, and harness wiring bundles safe from abrasion. In addition to its protective properties, this fabric heatshrink tubing can also help with noise and rattle suppression. It shrinks from 20mm to 10mm (.79 inches to .40 inches) when exposed to 176° temperatures – half of its original diameter!

This fabric heatshrink tubing, a unique mixture of Polyolefin and Polyester yarns, forms a unique and effective tubing that is extremely flexible and resistant to trapping water, heat and humidity. It provides outstanding abrasion, chafing and cutting protection, even at high temperatures.

  • Cuts cleanly with scissors
  • Shrink temperature 176° F
  • Highly flexible
  • Resists common automotive chemicals
  • Easily installs over connectors and splices
  • Halogen free

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Keep Your Extension Cord Tangle Free and Ready to Go

The Woods Cord Wiz Extension Cord Holder holds 100 feet of 14 3 AWG or 150 feet of 16 3 AWG extension cord. Includes a snap on stand for easy assembly. Now both ends of the cord are accessible and useable. Wrap 10 feet to 15 feet on the top spool for extra reach and the remaining cord on the bottom spool. Actual size 12 x 12 inches, natural fit handle reduces strain. Extension cord not included.

  • Holds up to 150-feet of 16/3 cord
  • Provides ergonomic features for easy handling and use
  • Stores extension cord neatly
  • Made of long lasting durable plastic