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Vacu Vin 3646450 WineTender and Rapid Ice Cooler

Chilling drinks quickly and keeping them cold is no longer a problem using the Vacu Vin Wine Tender. Now you can keep a bottle of wine cool on the table without all of the drippy mess of water and wet ice from the traditional wine bucket. At your next dinner party, backyard BBQ, or even picnic you can host an amazing get together and serve Wine in a dashing dispenser that will keep it at the perfect temperature for hours. Wow! Chilling made easy—no ice needed!

Say good-bye to those table top stained rings and stains on your table cloths from pouring directly from those wine bottles. We all know boxed wine is fabulous for any kind of party and makes it easier on guests to dispense, but who wants to leave a bulky box of wine out on your nicely decorated table for everyone to see?—Exactly, No one! The Wine Tender’s sleek and durable design holds up to three liters of your favorite boxed wine and makes it easily dispensable to your guests. Simply remove the wine bag out of the box and place it into the Wine Tender. Rapid Ice inserts are also included for wines that should be served chilled. Store the Rapid Ice inserts in your freezer until party time. When you are ready to serve the wine, put the frozen inserts into the Wine Tender and your wine will be cold within ten minutes. With the Rapid Ice inserts, your wine will stay at a desirable temperature long after the party has died down. Now, invite some friends over grab your favorite wine and just—CHILL OUT.

  • Holds up to 3 liters of wine
  • Can chill wine in 10 minutes and keep it cool for hours
  • Use with or without Rapid Ice cooling packs
  • Breaks down for easier portability and storage

Price: Normally $32.79 
Hot Deal $29.71