Go Green with a Clean Energy Generator

Product Title (In box)

  • Modular clean energy experiment set
  • Learn about renewable energy step-by-step
  • Put the full system together or use each individually
  • Includes a variety of clean energy generators
  • Renewable energy educational CD learning aid

The Renewable Energy Education Kit from Horizon features a variety of miniature, clean energy producing technologies designed to teach, step-by-step, how they work. The modular small-scale set features a PEM (proton exchange membrane) fuel cell, wind turbine, a hydrogen storage system, solar photovoltaic panel, and an electrolyzer. Each of these renewable energy generators can be used individually or altogether to form a full renewable energy system, or farm. Also included with the kit is a renewable energy educational CD to help further educate users on these cutting edge technologies while also providing an experiment manual and assembly guide. Read More

Save Money by Harnessing Wind Energy to Power Your Electronics and Appliances

The WCK-750 WindTura 750 Complete Wind Turbine Kit from Windy Nation allows its user to capture the kinetic energy of the wind to generate electricity. The WindTura 750 is capable of producing 800 Watts of power in 29mph wind speeds and as much as 1100 Watts of power in 35mph wind speeds. This generated electricity can be used for applications such as to feed a grid tie inverter, off grid power or to charge 12 Volt or 24 Volt battery banks. The electricity is captured by three, 35 inch blades which use the kinetic energy of the wind to rotate its 3 phase AC permanent magnet alternator. Electrical power is produced by the rotation of the permanent magnet alternator and is then transferred by 3 electrical wires to ground level.

To protect itself from damage and failure in high wind conditions the WindTura 750 uses a method referred to as furling. The assembled tail is attached to the yaw mount which is on a 20 degree angled pivot bar. This pivot bar is what allows the yaw mount and generator to rotate away from the wind as speeds gust over 30mph. Once wind speeds exceed roughly 30mph the generator and blades will begin to rotate out of the wind as a result of the rotational inertia of the spinning blades. As wind speed continues to increase the generator and blades will continue to rotate out of the wind until they reach nearly 90 degrees to ensure they are protected. When the wind speed returns to a speed of 30mph or lower the generator and blades will begin to unfurl and face the wind directly again to ensure optimum performance. Without this rotation away from the wind the turbines generator would begin rotating at such high rpms that the current (amps) produced would be too much heat for the generator to handle causing it to overheat and breakdown. To ensure that the furling mechanism works correctly it is important to make sure the tower is installed vertically and it is recommended that a level be used to confirm this. If the WindTura is not mounted vertically then the generator and blades can begin to furl at undesignated wind speeds. For optimum performance it is recommended that the turbine be mounted 20 feet above all nearby objects.

WindyNation WCK-750 WindTura 750 Complete Wind Turbine Kit



  • Comes with everything needed to assemble the wind turbine
  • Produces up to 800W of power in 29mph wind
  • Produces up to 1100W of power in 35mph wind
  • Works with both 12 Volt and 24 Volt battery banks
  • Furling allows turbine to withstand high wind speeds

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