Handheld Device Detects Wireless Signal Strength, Network ID and More

Hobbes Innovation WL-F601Pro Digital WiFi DetectorThe Hobbes Innovation Digital WiFi Detector is an advanced product to detect existing wireless AP’s and express the signal level with beep sound. It also provides the user with a clear description of each wireless access point on a site, including SSID, Channel, Security and Signal Strength. With the varied detecting function, it can help user connecting to IEEE 802.11 b/g devices, and prevent conflicts of Internet access over wireless points. It is truly an excellent tool for both installers and owners of wireless networks.

  • Big LCD screen with backlight to show clear description
  • Provides specific information about each network when multiple AP’s were detected
  • Sorts the order by signal strength when multiple AP’s are detected
  • Identifies wireless equipment name and channel
  • Displays encryption condition on each wireless component
  • Auto Power off function
  • Coverage: up to 300 feet (90m) in open environment

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