Track your Daily Physical Activity Precisely With the LifeTrak Core Activity Tracking Fitness Watch

LifeTrak Core Activity Tracking Fitness Watch

  • Accurate ECG heart rate monitor
  • Smart sensor differentiates real and false steps
  • Goal tracking graphs and information to keep you focused
  • 24-hour, 7-day graphs display all recorded information
  • Records Time, Hourly, Weekly, Distance, Calories, Steps, and Heart Rate

LifeTrak Core Activity Tracking Fitness Watch is your personal trainer, and you’ll never have to manually track your heart rate, distance, calories burned, and steps taken again. The watch displays recorded data on individual screens (Time, Hourly, Weekly, Workout, Distance, Calories, Steps, and Heart Rate) on a large bold face watch display for easy viewing and navigation. The simple, three button press menu navigation interface allows you to set and view your daily and weekly progress and goals with 24-hour, 7-day graphs and data read outs so staying on track of your personal goals has never been easier, or more affordable.

The watch uses a sophisticated calorie algorithm that integrates heart rate and activity data to provide a full day’s record of burned calories while the patented pace-based calibration algorithm dynamically adjusts and observes your unique stride length based on your walking, jogging, or running cadence. You won’t have to worry about the pedometer miscounting steps with the enhanced step filtering algorithm. Read More

A Health-Monitoring Stylish Dress Watch

Carepeutic Step Monitoring Dress Watch

  • Built-in pedometer appears when needed
  • Intelligent G sensor only records walking movements
  • Measures steps walked, distance traveled, time taken, and calories burned
  • Water resistant up to 98 1/2 feet
  • Sleek, stylish, and classy stainless steel dress watch look

The Carepeutic Step Monitoring Dress Watch makes being physically fit and healthy fun and attractive. This watch allows you to keep track of your physical activity over a span of seven days. This watch eliminates the necessity to carry around a bulky pedometer. Information such as distance, time, steps, and calories burned is displayed on the face of the watch for easy accessibility. Your personal health is important, so stay on track of your fitness goals during your work or leisure time. Read More

John Doe or James Bond?

Transform yourself from any ordinary Joe to 007 with a Wrist Watch Spy Cam.

Product Title (In box)

Lenzburg KC314 Wristwatch with HD IR Camcorder

  • Pinhole camera at base of watch face
  • Records video in 1080p HD
  • Infrared night vision allows for recording in the dark
  • Built-in 8GB flash memory
  • 12MP digital camera
  • Fully functional waterproof wristwatch

This is not your average watch. Although it may look unassuming, this watch does more than simply add points to your style. To the average passersby, it appears to be a simple, yet elegant analog watch. In reality, this contraption fit for a spy comes equipped with a pinhole camera at the base of the watch face. The Lenzburg KC314 Wristwatch has a high-definition camcorder with an infrared ray for capturing video in the dark of night. It enables you to discretely capture video day or night! When activated the pinhole camera will take crystal clear 1080p HD video and store it on the watch’s built-in 8GB flash memory. The camera can record roughly 15 minutes of video per GB of free space available. To ensure there is always plenty of available recording space, the video can be transferred from the flash memory to a computer via a USB connection (for which the cable comes included). If video isn’t your surveillance method of choice, the Lenzburg KC314 Wristwatch can snap a picture at a moment’s notice with its 12MP digital camera for taking still photos. Need to check in with MI6? Your new high-tech wrist watch also functions as a webcam by installing the included webcam software. Your time is now. Let the Lenzburg KC314 Wristwatch unleash your inner secret agent.
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