Easy-To-Use Digital In-Wall Switch with Two Independent Preset Times

Sylvania SA 155 60-Minute Digital Auto Shut-Off In-Wall Timer, 20 Amps

  • 60 – 30 minute one-touch countdown timer
  • Easy-to-read illuminated digital display
  • Offers to-the-minute digital accuracy
  • Retains memory after power outages
  • No moving parts to misplace
  • Can be used with fan, whirlpools, and more

The Sylvania SA 155 is an easy-to-use one-touch countdown timer offering 30 or 60 minute preset countdowns which can be adjusted to anytime in between. Adjusting this time is done by using the arrow buttons after pushing the desired preset time. A manual On/Off button is available for instant On or Off operation of the load. The digital display will confirm the status of the load showing “On” or “Off”. When a countdown time is activated the display will show that time and continue to show the remaining time left to be tracked or checked by the user. This device offers to the minute digital accuracy keeping the correct countdown time, every time. The installation and wiring is as simple as replacing the existing switch; the only possible difference is the need of a neutral wire. A memory saver feature retains last setting after power outages. This device is perfect for lights, fans, whirlpools, and other high wattage appliances up to 20-amps. Read more

An Economic, Full-Featured, and Remote-Controllable Switch for Fluorescent Lights, Ceiling Fans, and Motors

Smarthome X10 Wall Switch - White
This X10 Wall Switch can replace any standard wall switch in your home to add remote control of lights, fans, and other appliances to your existing X10 home automation system. The switch responds to on/off commands but can also transmit its own X10 address when operated locally. This is great for status or for simply controlling other devices that are sharing the same address elsewhere in the home.

Slim Design

Similar dimmers are up to 50 percent deeper than X10 Wall Switch. With its slim design, installation is easy, even in small junction boxes.

Easy to Install and Set Up

This switch wires in like a standard wall switch with an additional connection to a neutral wire. To set the X10 address, press & hold the Set button until it beeps and then send the X10 address from any X10-compatible transmitter.

Built with a Quieter Relay

Because X10 Wall Switch is built with a much quieter relay than most remote-control switches, it has a click that is 80 percent quieter than traditional relay switches. This allows you to control lights and other non-dimmable devices without waking up the baby, annoying other family members, or sending your cat fleeing across the room. The click of the internal relay is barely audible.

Generates Less Heat

Unlike other switches, X10 Wall Switch uses a relay to control the load. Other switches use components that absorb about two volts of power and dissipate the heat through the front of the switch. By using a relay, the switch runs cooler and full voltage gets to the load. Read more

Allow your Toddler to Safely Control Lighting

The Kidswitch is a glow-in-the dark extension that will help toddlers to safely control lights. This product can be used on both toggle and decora style lighting controls (for decora style, an adapter is needed and sold separately). Use the Kidswitch with any single or multi-gang switch plate. Kidwitch allows toddlers to activate lighting by providing a handle which extends 12-inches below the switch, where they can safely reach it. A screwdriver is the only tool needed for the installation of this device. You will remove the existing switch plate screws, and replace them with the Kidswitch screw set. This is used for attaching the Kidswitch to your lighting control. To operate the light after installation, the child will simply push up, or pull down on the moon shaped handle.

Switching On and Off in-wall lighting controls, without a parents assistance, will help your child become more confident by providing a little bit of self-reliance. The kidswitch puts control in your kid’s hands, freeing parents of this repetitive task. Your toddler will no longer have to climb on unsafe objects, risking serious injury, just to turn On or Off a light. The glow-in-the-dark kidswitch is perfect for children who still have a fear of dark rooms. The illumination will allow your child to locate the lighting control while also providing a nightlight for when the child should be sleeping, in case they wake during the night. Read more

Conserve Energy by Automatically Switching a Load Based on Motion or Ambient Light Levels

Pass and Seymour WSP250LA Passive Infrared Wall Switch Sensor, Light Almond

  • Dual Voltage 120/277 VAC
  • LED Indicates detection
  • Light level sensor
  • 1,050 square feet of coverage
  • Time delay 30 Seconds to 30 Minutes
  • 180 degree coverage
  • Light sensing sensitivity adjustable from 20% to 100%
  • Save up to 60% on energy costs
  • 1 Inch deep body for easy installation

Pass & Seymour’s new line of Passive Infrared (PIR) Wall Switch Sensors create energy efficient lighting by sensing when light is or is not needed and switching the connected load accordingly. Acting as an occupancy sensor this device will sense when someone enters the room by detecting heat through the PIR sensor, then turning on the light. It, on the other hand, will switch the lights off once it has not detected motion for the programmed amount of time. The user-defined shut-off time can be programmed anywhere between 30 seconds and 30 minutes. These sensors have coverage of 1,050 square feet.

Not only does the WSP250 act as an occupancy/vacancy sensor, it also will control your lighting based on ambient light levels. The built in photo cell will read ambient light levels and will increase or decrease your lighting based on how it was programmed to react. This great feature ensures you are never using more light than you need. The result of these technologies in one device can be upward of 60% savings on energy costs. Energy management is important for everyone. Automatically save time, energy, and money with PIR wall switches. Read more

Dim CFL and LED Lights With Ease

Energy-saving compact fluorescent lamp (CFL) and LED bulbs are quickly becoming standard in most homes. However, standard dimmers may not deliver the most reliable performance with CFL and LED bulbs. Lamps may “drop out” or turn off before the dimmer has reached the lowest setting. Voltage fluctuations within low light levels can also cause dimmers to turn the lamps off.Lutron DVWCL-153PH-AL Diva Dimmable CFL/LED Dimmer Switch with Wallplate - Almond
This new Diva Dimmer Switch eliminates all the usual issues one might encounter when using a standard switch to dim a CFL or LED bulb. Its integrated HED technology features advanced dimming circuitry that makes it compatible with most high-efficiency light bulbs. With this dimmer switch installed, you’ll be able to adjust light levels just as you would with a regular light bulb. For added convenience, traditional incandescent and halogen bulbs also work seamlessly with this dimmer switch. Because performance can vary from manufacturer to manufacturer, you can use the adjustment dial to set the bottom of the dimming range according to each bulb.

Lights can be turned on and off in an instant by tapping the paddle. The discreet slider gives you the most precise control over how bright or dim you’d like the lights to be. You can even program the light to default to a preferred lighting level when the paddle is used.

This product is also available in ivory and light almond, each sold separately. Read more

Imagine being able to put a wall switch anywhere you like, without running wires or cutting a hole in your wall!

X10 PHW04D-W or RSS18 Wireless 4-Button X10 Wall Switch - White with White Inset

It’s easy with this attractive, super thin, light-weight Wireless X10 Wall Switch that adheres to any surface with its included velcro strips. With easy, single push-button programming, you have wireless remote control of up to 3 X10 compatible modules or X10 receivers on consecutive X10 addresses, plus dimming capability with the fourth button. This attractive Wireless X10 Wall Switch measures only 7 millimeters thick and is white in color. The X10 wall switches use a thin 3-volt lithium battery (included).

Place a Wireless X10 Wall Switch next to your desk and flip on your stereo and overhead lights without getting up from your chair. Mount one in your living room and control the security and decorative lights for your flower garden or landscaping. And if you have a detached garage, shed or greenhouse, you can light a dark interior from the safety of your back porch. You can even use this wireless wall switch as a portable 4-button wireless remote! Read more

Can’t find a wall-mounted switch that meets your exact needs?

No problem! Simply create your own with an X10 controller!
X10 6319-1W XPT1-W Wall Mounted X10 On/Off Controller for 1 Address - White

It’s easy with these customizable wall-mounted controllers. They work just like the tabletop X10 controllers but are permanently mounted in a standard wall switch box and fit standard Decora® wall trim plates. This white Wall-Mounted Controller for One Address features On/Off control. A Decora-Style Wall Plate is required and sold separately.

Setup is a snap: simply connect two wires (Hot and Neutral) from inside the wall box to the two leads coming off the controller. To set the button address, just pop off the keypad, and set the house that the transmitter will controlling. You can even combine units in a multiple wall switchbox to build control panels with custom features.

Since these wall-mounted controllers are primarily transmitters of X10 signals, they do not have the ability to directly control a load. If you are replacing an existing switch (mechanical or X10) with a wall-mounted controller, you will need a X10 receiver to do the switching of the load formerly controlled by the switch. We suggest using Fixture Relay Modules or Plug-In Modules (for locations where the switch controlled an outlet). Read more