Use this Plug-in Adapter as an Alternative Power Supply for the Voice Tracker II Array Microphone

Acoustic Magic 202 USB Wall Power Converter for the Voice Tracker II
If you already own or plan to purchase an Acoustic Magic Voice Tracker II Array Microphone, included with your purchase is a USB power cable. If it is not connected to a PC, power can be provided from this optional USB wall power converter. This converter is for a 120V AC, USA outlet. It converts that voltage into a 5V DC power supply @ 500mA. This inexpensive backup power supply adapter is ideal to keep around in case you ever take your Voice Tracker II Array Microphone to a place where USB power is not available.

  • Compatible with USB power cable included with the Acoustic magic Voice Tracker II Array Microphone
  • Plug-in adapter
  • Converts 120V AC to 5V DC @ 500mA

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