Adjust the Volume of Remotely Located Speakers without Leaving the Room

Niles Audio VCS50K Indoor Stereo Volume Control, 50 Watts
The Niles Audio VCS50K Indoor Stereo Volume Control lets you adjust the volume of a pair of loudspeakers, just as a light dimmer enables you to control the brightness of a light bulb. You can control the sound level, conveniently, in any room of your home. Even if the audio/video system is located downstairs in the living room, you can control the volume of the speakers in the bedroom without ever going downstairs. A volume control connects between the speaker level output of an amplifier, speaker selector, or distribution hub and a pair of speakers.

The VCS50K is an impendence matching volume control with a rotary knob to adjust volume up and down. The Universal Impedance Magnifying circuit enables safe connection of up to eight pairs of speakers to a single amplifier or receiver using the VCHUB8 (sold separately). Make-before-break switch design delivers 10 step, pop-free control for a wide range of listening volumes. Ensure high-fidelity sound at 50 Watts of continuous power handling with flat frequency response (+/- 1.2dB). It includes designer approved screwless Decora-style wall plates in 4 colors (White, Light Almond, Bone, and Black) to blend seamlessly into any decor and accommodates standard one gang electrical boxes.
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Spread your Audio Throughout your Home

MP 8231 2-Source, 2-Zone A/B Speaker Selector with Volume ControlOne of the most popular trends in Home Audio is whole house audio distribution. Unfortunately, true multi-zone distribution systems are normally built into only the higher end receivers or require an expensive audio distribution network. This speaker selector solves that problem.

The speaker selector allows you to distribute your source signals to several sets of speakers distributed throughout your home. Additionally, a good speaker selector like this 2-Source, 2-Zone A/B Speaker Selector, will allow you to have different source audio sent to different rooms so that someone in one room can be listening to something different in another room. Most importantly, a speaker selector provides impedance matching, which ensures that the additional speakers do not overload or damage your amps. This speaker selector also features built-in independent volume controls for each source.

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Control Room Speakers with an IR Remote

Xantech RAT1 IR Remote Controlled Stereo Speaker Volume Control

Xantech RAT1 IR Remote Controlled Stereo Speaker Volume Control
Item# 81334

Price: Normally $270.00
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The Xantech RAT1 IR Remote Auto Transformer is an infrared remote controlled stereo speaker volume control with impedance matching capability. It allows individual volume control of from one to 16 pair of stereo speakers from one stereo power amplifier, using one RAT1 for each stereo speaker pair. It is controlled with any Xantech IR Receiver or keypad or with Xantech MIRV1 motorized volume controls. The RAT1 maintains correct impedance matching between the amplifier and the speakers with the use of instant setting S1 to S8 jumpers, located on the unit. This eliminates the need for separate impedance matching devices in multi-room installations. Using the RC68+ Programmer, internal E2 PROM can be set to different group codes for independent operation of RAT1’s when on a common IR bus.

  • 75 watts per channel music power, 25 watts per channel continuous
  • Tri-Fi™ winding system for highest quality audio performance
  • Independent grounds between channels
  • 10-position relay driven stepped auto transformer design
  • “Flat Pack” design permits easy mounting
  • Requires IR commands from the RC68+ (or RC68) Programmer or from the MIRV1, for volume operations
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    Drive Several Pairs of Speakers with one Amplifier

    Buffalo Electronics VC-5S-LA 50W Volume Control with Selectable Impedance Protection – Light Almond

    Buffalo Electronics VC-5S-LA 50W Volume Control with Selectable Impedance Protection - Light Almond
    Item# 82551LA

    Price: Normally $69.95
    Hot Deal $28.20

    If you want to drive several pairs of speakers with one amplifier The Buffalo Electronics VC-5S-LA 50W Volume Control with Selectable Impedance Protection is the volume control for you. The VC-5S automatically protects your amplifier from overload. Other volume controls have the option to jumper out the impedance protection when it is not needed, the VC-5S works equally well in either mode but has the added responsibility of paying attention to the controlling jumpers, making the VC-5S the easiest to use, most foolproof impedance protection volume control on the market today. If you want to drive a single listening zone with its own amplifier this is the volume control for you. Without the protective circuit the volume level increases allowing a lower power, less expensive amplifier to be used. The Volume Control is also available in Ivory and White.

  • Selectable mode: Automatic impedance protection mode or No protection mode
  • Automatically protect amplifier from overload for multi listening zones
  • Select desired mode with simple plug-in jumpers
  • 50Wrms rating – Handles 150 watts of music power
  • Frequency response: 35 Hz – 40 kHz,+ 0 dB – 2 dB
  • Low volume 1.5 dB level adjustments for superior room control
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