Basic Surveillance DVR Allows You to Install Your Own Hard Drive and Connect up to 4 Cameras

Aleph America DX4 4-Channel Security Surveillance DVR, Without Hard Drive

Aleph America’s DX4 security DVR allows the user to install and record surveillance from up to 4 separate cameras and can be viewed from the display of your choice. The units network output allows you to install the DVR to your home network so you are able to view live display, record, backup and playback from your PC, laptop or tablet within the network. An array of advanced features combined with the ability to install a hard drive to fit your needs gives an unparalleled level of security monitoring options.

Using the DVR’s intuitive GUI you can easily configure recording settings for each channel, including resolution, frame rate and video quality. A built in VGA output lets you view live recordings with a resolution up to 1440 x 900.

This item is sold without a hard drive, which allows you to customize the unit to meet your requirements. This device will accommodate almost any hard drive from 250 GB up to 2 TB at 7200 rpm. Read More

Easy-to-Install and Maintain Networkable DVR for Your Surveillance System

Mace MVK-SQ40 MaceView SQ160 4-Channel, 500GB Surveillance Digital Video RecorderYour property is sure to stay secure with this feature-rich digital video recorder. It offers high quality at an affordable price for the do-it-yourself homeowner. The DVR features 4 channels of video and 2 channels of synchronized audio with 500GB of storage, designed for continuous recording. There are four recording modes available: manual, scheduled, motion detection, and alarm trigger. Email alerts can be sent out when events are detected or alarms triggered. Footage can be viewed in high definition by connecting the DVR to a TV monitor or VGA display. It pentaplex operation allows for simultaneous live viewing, recording, playback, backup and remote access. Control the DVR with the included remote control, USB mouse, or front panel. Manage the DVR from any computer with Internet access or compatible smartphones. This DVR supports Windows Mobile, Symbian, Blackberry, iPhone, and Android smartphone platforms.

  • 4 channels of video and 2 channels of synchronized audio
  • 500GB of storage allows for continuous recording
  • Easily connects to a TV or VGA display monitor
  • Control locally or use as a remote internet system management and video monitoring from a computer or compatible smartphone
  • Programmable automatic email alerts

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Monitor Live Video, or Record, Search, Playback, and Backup Security Videos From up to 16 Cameras

The DIY security H.264 16-channel networkable DVR is easy to program and can be managed locally or remotely, offering the perfect solution for DIY security customers. Up to 16 cameras can be connected to this DVR for 24-hour surveillance. Sixteen outputs are also available for audio microphones. There are four recording modes available: continuous, scheduled, motion detection, and alarm triggers. Email alerts can be sent out with a JPEG image when events are detected or alarms triggered. The DVR’s VGA port allows it to function as a standalone set-top box when connected to a PC monitor or display. It can be controlled with the included remote control, front panel, or a USB mouse. You can also view footage over the Internet using PC, laptop, or supported Smartphone.Mace MDIY-DVR1610HDK DIY Security 16-Channel DVR 500GB HDD

  • Connect up to 16 security cameras
  • H.264 video compression technology for maximizing hard drive capacity and minimizing network bandwidth
  • Provides local on-screen control and monitoring
  • Use as a remote internet system management and video monitoring from a computer
  • Programmable email alerts with JPEG snapshots

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The DVR that You Can Take with You Anywhere in Any Weather Condition

Mini Gadgets UW-DVR DVR Sport Camera
The Mini Gadgets UW-DVR DVR Sport Camera is a DVR you can take with you anywhere. Racing down a hillside on a mountain bike, zooming around a motocross track, leaping waves on a water bike. Yes, it’s water resistant! So use your imagination. Think of some places to use it that even Ian Fleming wouldn’t have dreamed up.

The ultra-advanced Sport Cam is designed to attach easily to your bike. It’s water resistant to 3 meters, so you can take it along when you go snorkeling! Make your friends jealous with video of your underwater adventures! This versatile unit delivers VGA quality video at up to 30 fps with 640×480 resolution and uses SD cards up to 4 GB (sold separately). With its super-simple operation and variety of accessories, including a mini tripod and a pair of Velcro® straps, the sport cam DVR is ready for whatever exploit you can come up with, even serious surveillance.

  • Water proof to 10′
  • Take swimming or snorkeling
  • Easily attaches to a bike for on the go recording of your travels
  • Simple operation
  • A wide array of free included accessories

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Keep an Eye on Kids and Babysitters

This may look like an ordinary child’s plaything but this plush dog gives you a way to monitor your children when you aren’t there. You can ensure your child stays out of trouble or even keep an eye on the babysitter after the children are put to bed. It looks and feels just like a stuffed animal that can talk and sing to your children so no one will ever suspect it holds a camera, even if they were to pick it up. High resolution video is stored within the unit’s 16GB internal memory. A wide viewing angle of 72 degrees lets you see most of what is going on in the room. Set the camera to record normal video or begin recording when it detects motion. The camera’s rechargeable lithium-ion battery can last up to 10 hours on a full charge for plenty of hours of surveillance. A remote control is also included for easier control of your camera. Signals are not transmitted, so you can be sure no one is stealing your signal or tapping into your footage. Place the stuffed animal in any room you want monitored and none will be the wiser.Mini Gadgets BB2DogG10 BUSH BABY2 Plush Dog Covert Camera/DVR - Purple

  • A hidden camera disguised as an adorable stuffed animal
  • Can start recording when it detects motion
  • 72 degree viewing angle with 1280 x 960 @ 30FPS resolution
  • Works with micro SD cards up to 16GB
  • Includes a remote control

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Handheld High Definition Mini DVR with Touchscreen Controls


It doesn’t do you any good to take covert video if you can’t view it later. This miniature DVR can fit in a briefcase, purse, or pocket and record the whole scene for posterity. Records at 720×480, 640×480, or 320×240 resolution at frame rates of 16 or 30fps. Enter all commands via the touchscreen interface and view live or recorded video. Records on removable SD cards of up to 32GB capacity (sold separately). Download files via USB cable (included) to your Windows 2000/XP/Vista-compatible PC. Date and time stamp to make finding scenes easier. Set it to record manually, per a schedule, or when it senses motion in the video frame to conserve battery life and memory.

KJB Security DVR165 Mini Touch Screen DVR without Hard Drive



  • Resolution of 720×480
  • Records on SD cards
  • Touchscreen commands
  • Internal rechargable battery
  • Manual or motion detection recording modes

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Protect Your Home from Pranksters this Halloween

Swann SWDVK-826004 DVR4-2600 8 Channel with 4 PRO-580 CCD Cameras


  • Includes 4 indoor/outdoor day/night cameras with IR LEDs
  • 500GB hard drive installed
  • Simultaneously record & live view all 4 channels of video
  • Automatic email when alarms are triggered
  • H.264 video compression conserves hard drive space
  • Hi-res recording, up to 704×480 D1
  • Back up to USB drive or network
  • Dedicated audio channel for each video channel
  • View live on your smartphone

Your family, home, or office needs protection from the harsh realities of today’s world. This complete video surveillance system includes everything you need to keep tabs on 4 possible points of entry. The network DVR will record everything each camera sees for up to 60 days, depending on record settings. You can use a monitor (sold separately) to view the video feeds, and if you connect the DVR to your network, you can see what’s happening on your smartphone or any PC with a browser. The RS485 port allows you to control a PTZ camera (all cameras in this system are fixed, not PTZ). Includes a remote control for selection of channel viewed, record functions, and playback functions. The On Screen Display (OSD) gives you control over all the DVR’s options and functions.

The cameras are weatherproof and designed for a life outdoors. The 3.6mm lens is great for viewing subjects fairly close to the camera. There are 12 LEDs to emit infrared (IR) light at night, allowing the camera to pick up B&W images even in total darkness. Rugged aluminum construction for long life, with a positionable sun shield. Powered by 12VDC from an AC adapter, included.

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