High Speed USB 2.0 Video Web Camera Includes Built-In Microphone

 MacAlly ICECAM2 USB 2.0 Video Web Camera with Microphone

The MacAlly IceCam2 USB 2.0 Video Web Camera and Microphone is a compact USB web camera that can be used with both Windows and Mac systems. The camera connects via the standard USB 2.0 interface port on your PC. The camera allows you to participate in web conferencing, record video to your computer, and take still images. It features a 640 x 480 VGA sensor that allows you to take high-quality video at up to 30 frames per second. The IceCam2 has 2-axle swivel joints with fully adjustable pointing angles and spring loaded clamp base clips to attach to your laptop computer or flat panel monitor of various thicknesses. The lens has an adjustable focus ability to get the right focus every time. The camera includes a 5 foot long USB cable allowing you to position the camera in exactly the right location.

High Quality Capture The camera features a VGA sensor that allows you to capture 640 x 480 video at 30fps. This allows you to capture high-quality video at fluid frame rates.

Cross Platform Compatibility The camera works with both Mac and Windows computers. It requires Mac OS X 10.4.11 or 10.5, and is compatible with both iChat and Skype. Windows users will need Windows XP SP2 or Vista; the camera works with Windows Live Messenger, Skype, and Yahoo! Messenger for Windows.


  • High performance USB2.0 Webcam with Microphone built in for video conferencing
  • Driver-free USB Video Class(UVC) device
  • VGA 640 x 480 Resolution
  • Up to 30 frames per second
  • 2-Axle swivel joints
  • fully adjustable pointing angles (360° horizontal rotation, 135° tilt back and forth)
  • Spring loaded clamp base clips on laptop computers and flat panel monitors of various thicknesses
  • Adjustable focus lens
  • 5 foot long USB cable
  • Power/status LED indicator
  • Works with both Mac and PC computers
  • Supports Mac models (with built-in iSight camera) to have more flexible pointing angle
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Lightweight, Portable Video Web Cam is Perfect for Home or on the Road

Macally ICECAM Portable USB Video Web Camera

The MacAlly IceCam is a light, portable web camera that connects to your computer via a standard USB interface. The camera allows you to participate in web conferencing, record video to your computer and take still images. The camera is small and compact, making it an ideal solution for notebook computer users and those that travel. The camera connects to your computer via a 14.5″ flexible neck that also supports the camera. These features and more make this webcam an excellent choice for your web conferencing and chat needs. The MacAlly IceCam works with Yahoo! Messenger and iChatAV and gives you endless ways to have fun.

Compact Size The IceCam is extremely compact in size, connecting to the computer via a USB cable located at the end of its 14.5″ flexible neck. The neck also serves as a support for the camera, allowing you to position it as you see fit.

USB Interface The IceCam connects to your computer via the standard USB interface, making it easy to add to most systems. It also draws power over USB, eliminating the need for a bulky external power supply or a battery.

Adjustable Focus The IceCam features an adjustable focus, allowing for ranges from 20cm to infinity. This lets you adjust the focus to fit your needs.

Mac and PC Compatible The IceCam is compatible with both Mac and PC computers. No matter which platform you run, you can be sure the IceCam will function.


  • Works with Yahoo! Messenger and iChatAV and more
  • Perfect for internet Video and Image Capture
  • Ideal companion to Macally’s iVoiceII USB microphone
  • Lightweight and portable for travelers
  • Flexible cable design for easy height and angle positioning
  • Built-in status LED indicator
  • IceCam supports iChatAV through third party software
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