Build this Kit to See what Your Audio System is Doing

Velleman K8098 Audio Analyzer Kit



  • Fun-to-assemble kit
  • Measure and display peak power, RMS power, mean dB, peak dB, linear audio spectrum, and 1/3 octave audio spectrum
  • Auto or manual range selection
  • Peak hold function
  • Speaker impedance selection
  • Language selection
  • White backlit LCD display
  • Easy panel mounting


This fun-to-assemble kit can help you see what your music system is doing. Choose to display various parameters, including peak power, RMS power, mean dB, peak dB, linear audio spectrum, and 1/3 octave audio spectrum. The display can retain peak values or respond instantly to changes. Designed to be mounted in and panel near your audio system, its modern appearance should enhance your system. The LCD display has a white backlight for easy viewing in any lighting conditions. Runs on 12 volts DC from a power supply (sold separately). Read More

When Installing a Satellite Dish, It Can Be Extremely Inconvenient to Direct the Dish at the Wrong Area of the Sky..

And trying to maximize signal strength on one LNB without losing strength on the other is truly a headache! Now you can verify signal strength of both LNBs, simultaneously, at the mounting location, making sure that you’re installing correctly. The RF/Satellite Signal Strength Meter provides a quick method of critically aligning all axes on satellite dishes, as well as troubleshooting common RF distribution problems in residential installations.

The RF/Satellite Signal Strength Meter rapidly measures total energy content in the three frequency bands, VHF, UHF, and DBS, from 50 MHz to 1550 MHz. This allows for fast adjustment of satellite dish azimuth, tilt and elevation. It also quickly spots RF distribution system problems.Channel Vision M2000 Handheld Signal Strength Meter Tests Satellite and RF Energy

If the RF/Satellite Signal Strength Meter finds DC voltage present, it shifts to the satellite mode automatically; a DC block is required to measure an RF distribution system that has a DC voltage on the coax. Because the RF/Satellite Signal Strength Meter measures the total energy in a band, it can give you a very fast picture of how your RF distribution system is working; the goal of any RF distribution system is for all TVs to receive the same signal. Read more