Brightly Colored Play Mat is Soft and Easy to Clean

Children's Factory CF321-954 Turtle Hatchling Activity Mat, 60x60

  • Soft and safe surface for children to play on
  • Vinyl cover easily wipes clean
  • Brightly colored to draw child’s attention
  • Large 60″ x 60″ surface
  • 1 inch thick foam

The Turtle Hatchling Activity Mat from Children’s Factory is a large, brightly colored mat that offers a soft and safe surface for a child to play upon. Its strong vinyl surface is highly resistant to tearing and can be easily cleaned with a solution of bleach and water to ensure a clean play environment every time. The vinyl outer layer of the mat covers a 1 inch thick foam interior which meets all environment requirements as well as California Fire Code requirements. The actual play surface of the Activity Mat is 60 square inches and brightly colored to stimulate the mind of a young child and grab their attention. The Turtle Hatchling Activity Mat is CPSIA and ASTM certified. Read more

10x Magnification Binoculars Using ED Glass Give the Brightest and Clearest Images Possible

Carson Optical TD-042ED 3D Series Binoculars with ED Glass
The 3D Series Binoculars with ED Glass from Carson Optical have a rubberized armor coating, nitrogen purged body and sealed O-ring. These design features make the binoculars rugged, shockproof, waterproof and fog proof. They have a 10x magnification with 42mm diameter objective lens which means the image seen through the binoculars will be 10 times larger than it would be when viewed with the naked eye. The large, 42mm objective lens allows for more light to enter the binoculars making the image viewed brighter and clearer. Along with the 10x magnification these 3D Series Binoculars have a 314ft field of view at 1000 yards making them great for use at sporting events or other outdoor activities. The ED (extra-low dispersion) Glass helps to correct optical color defects which can happen when wavelengths of light do not meet at the same point upon passing through the lens. The 3D Series stands for superior depth, design and dimension. Read more

Powerful and Versatile Microscope Lets You Comfortably Examine Specimens

Barska AY11684 8MP Digital Microscope with LCD
The AY11684 is versatile 8 Megapixel Digital Microscope that allows you the option of either using an attached 3.5inch color LCD screen or traditional eyepiece. Taking advantage of the attached LCD option allows for a 32x, 80x, and 320x zoom capability and also provides less eye strain because you view the actual screen rather than having to peer through an eyepiece. This microscope also includes a traditional eyepiece which can be used instead of the optional LCD screen. The traditional eyepiece allows for 40x, 100x, and 400x zooms. This unique microscope includes an internal storage capacity of 128MBs and also includes an integrated SD Card expansion slot for extending storage capacity. This available storage allows the AY11684 to store both images and video which can then be transferred over to a computer with the included USB 2.0 cable. This digital microscope comes with just about everything you need to start exploring, including a five position color wheel which enhances transparent specimens. Get up close and see things in a whole new way. Examine plant life, insects, tap water, and more to unveil things which could not be seen with just the naked eye.
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Premium Metal Detector Provides Insightful Functions for Precision and Ease of Use

Open the doors to possibilities with the Master Edition Metal Detector from Barska. Featuring a plethora of features from sensitivity adjustments to actual metal discrimination, the Pro Edition Metal will help make an ordinary stroll through a park into a treasuring hunting adventure. The Master Edition Metal Detector provides three operating modes. The first mode avoids false signals from mineralized soil. The second mode can detect subtle differences in metals such as iron versus gold. The third and final mode detects even finer distinctions between metals such as aluminum and gold. Each type of detectable metal has its own unique tone so you’ll know right away what type of metal you have come across.

The Master Edition Metal Detector even features Auto Tune, allowing you to adjust for quick and precise accuracy. All results are displayed on the attached view meter. Volume control, speaker and headphone (sold separate) output, and an adjustable stem and arm complete this robust, treasure hunting device. Operating on two 9v alkaline batteries (not included), the Master Edition Metal Detector goes where you g. The 8″ waterproofed search coil even allows you to safely operate and search in shallow water, further extending the possibilities of finding that hidden metallic gem. Who knows what you’ll come across, maybe an old ring or perhaps a fancy watch, there are tons of metallic goodies just waiting to be discovered! Get out there and get searching!

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Get Up Close and Reveal Details Previously Unseen by the Naked Eye

Product Title (In box)

The AY11336 Compact Digital Microscope is easy to use, getting you up close to just about anything, revealing details which would have been almost impossible to see with the naked eye. This Compact Digital Microscope is plug and play, requiring no other software, and utilizes USB 2.0 to send what the microscope sees to your computer’s monitor for easy viewing. There is no peering into a tiny hole which means no eye strain and considerably less fatigue. There are no batteries required because it receives power from your computer’s USB port. Six integrated LEDs provide light for enhanced clarity and an instant snapshot feature captures images to store for later reference. Its 10x – 300x zoom adjustments gives you extreme range, accuracy, and flexibility. Study rocks and other gems, get up close to plants and insects to unveil a whole new world of life, or use it on electronic devices during repairs and inspections. With such a convenient tool, the possibilities go on and on.

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SNAPS! For Playtime

Snap Together Panels Encourage Creativity within a Child while Designing Playtime Structure
Children's Factory 1282 Double Jr. Snap Cube Set with Shape Blocks

Kids just want to have fun, playtime-yes please! Are you looking for some fun new toys to keep your children entertained indoors or even out in the backyard? Every child loves playtime whether it is running around the yard, playing dress up, to painting a picture.

Why not try something new this summer that gets their imagination flowing? The Children’s Factory 1282 Double Jr. Snap Cube Set with Shape Blocks lets young imaginations enjoy hours of rewarding pretend play while providing gross motor benefits. The Jr. Snap Cube Set with Blocks has six panels and a belly flop ramp plus 16 shape blocks that will provide fun day after day, allowing children to crawl in, out, around and through. Perfect for playtime any where!!

The Snap Junior Cube System from Children’s Factory has a modular design that allows you to build a variety of different configurations. This sturdy plastic cube set is like a climb-on sorting cube. Children love finding new ways to play with it. The Children’s Factory Double Jr. Snap Cube Set is designed for ages 18 months to 3 years. Also included are 2 sets of 8 Shape Blocks.

The Double Jr. Snap Cube Set features include:
• 10 snap together panels plus ramp
• 16 shape blocks
• Use creativity to build various structures
                                                                                       • Quickly assembles and disassembles
                                                                                       • Ideal for ages 18 months and older

SnapCubeSystems requires adult assembly, but it’s more fun when children participate in construction. No tools are required. Children’s Factory Learning ProductsSnap Junior CubeSystems pieces are easy to take apart and store and units can easily be moved from indoor to outdoor or from one room to another. This quality Children’s Factory educational toy was chosen for its ability to nurture creative development in children by The Creativity Institute.

What’s Included
• 10x – Snap Panels
• 16x – Shape Blocks
• 1x – Belly flop ramp


Tunnels of Fun

Children's Factory CF322-051 Tunnels of Fun

Play time is a must in any toddler’s vocabulary! No worries, no stresses, not a problem in the world as long as your kids get their play time; whether it’s running around outside, playing games, coloring pictures, or just using their own imagination in the comfort of your own backyard at home; children need their play time.

Children’s Factory Tunnels of Fun is perfect for any family room, daycare or childcare centers, waiting rooms/areas, play centers, activity centers, schools, or any place requiring a safe and soft play environment for children. Children’s Factory continues to be the World Leader in Soft Play. Like all other Children’s Factory products, this brightly colored set of products can be part of a soft play environment that provides a safe place for children to play.

The Tunnels of Fun Indoor Playground Crawler lets small children climb under, over, around and through! Oh, What Tunnels of Fun! The Children’s Factory Tunnels of Fun Play Center is a colorful, 28” high twin tunnel climber, multi-sided play set of giant soft shapes sized for babies and toddlers ages 24 months through four year olds. Double spiral staircase platforms lure little legs up and down this brilliantly colored climber. Yet, this play set center should be placed against a wall for safe play! This Children’s Factory CF322-051 Tunnels of Fun also easily wipes clean, contains two tunnels for more crawl-through fun and meets California TB117 fire retardant standards.

• Foam climbing playground
• Two tunnels for more crawl-through fun
• Easily wipes clean
• For ages 2-4 years old
• Meets California TB117 fire retardant standards