Send commands to other Z-Wave devices from your PC or other web-enabled devices

TrickleStar 300ZW-US-W Z-Wave USB Stick
The TrickleStar 300SW-US-W Z-Wave USB Stick allows control and monitoring of Z-Wave enabled products from a USB port device such as a Gateway, Set Top Box or a PC. The Z-Wave USB Stick can be used with a wide range of PC and Apple Mac Home Control software available on the market. The USB stick includes a USB extender cable to allow the product to be remotely mounted to improve radio frequency (RF) performance.

The TrickleStar USB Stick is a Z-Wave enabled device and is compatible with Z-Wave enabled devices from a range of manufacturers. Each device in a Z-Wave network is designed to act as a repeater. Repeaters can re-transmit the RF signal to ensure that the signal is received by its intended destination by routing the signal around obstacles and radio dead spots.The Z-Wave USB Stick is designed to be used with a range of other Z-Wave compliant devices such as dimmers, drape controllers and motorized screens. The product is simple yet supports a range of Z-Wave network functionality. The product includes a USB extender cable to allow the product to be remotely mounted to improve RF performance.

Z-Wave is an interoperable two way RF mesh networking technology. Each main powered device in a Z-Wave network is designed to act as a repeater. Repeaters can re-transmit the RF signal to ensure that the signal is received by its intended destination by routing the signal around obstacles and radio dead spots. Read more

Are You Looking to Automate Your Home With Z-Wave Lighting and Appliance Control?

The Vera2 system is based on a Wi-Fi access point that links with your wireless router. Once connected, the Vera2 interface can be accessed as a web browser from a web-enabled PC, phone or PDA anywhere in the world. You can remotely program scenes, events and timers that activate an individual device or group of devices throughout your home. You can also receive remote notifications via a text message, email or a phone call when certain things happen that you want to be notified of. Vera2 features built-in Z-wave products support but is also able to control INSTEON and X10 devices, certain wireless IP Cameras and audio video equipment.

Energy Savings
Vera makes it easy for you to create real, measurable changes in your energy usage. You can tell Vera2 to monitor how much energy you’re consuming at certain times of the day, and to notify you if the energy usage is higher than normal. Vera2 can send an SMS text message, email or phone call when your energy consumption has reached certain points that you’ve set. You can then choose a scene that you’ve created to adjust the lighting and thermostat (and any other devices you’re controlling) to be turned down or off while you’re away from home. Additionally, Vera2 can make you aware of government or utility alerts when the power grid is being overloaded, if available in your area. You can program a scene that uses minimum power in your home, and when you receive one of these alerts, just choose the scene to execute.

The first time you access Vera2 you will see Vera2’s setup page, as explained in the quick start guide. Once Vera is setup, you will instead see the dashboard. The dashboard is a simple control panel that shows you all the rooms in your home, and all the scenes and devices in those rooms. Click the ‘go’ button next to a scene to execute that scene. Or click one of the control buttons next to a device to control that device. Read more

360° Indoor/Outdoor Motion Sensor for any Electrical Layout

Steinel America 60251 IS360 360-Degree ULTRAEYE Motion Sensor, Black

  • Protection against false triggers
  • Completely waterproof and rustproof
  • Dual surge protection
  • Digital high speed circuitry
  • Adjustable detection zones
  • Manual override resets automatically

The ULTRAEYE Motion Sensor provides the user with 360 degrees of coverage. It offers a 40 foot range and can mount to either walls or ceilings. The IS360 can cover a 985 square foot area with full circular coverage. Housed inside the “golf ball” style lens are multiple motion sensors with 120 active zones. This results in an extended 240 – 360 degree, highly accurate detection area, including directly below the sensor. An adjustable Off-Timer can be used for 10 seconds to 15 minutes after motion is detected. The built-in photo-cell allows the user to determine when the motion detector will trigger the wired lights or appliance based on the level of daylight detected by the photo-cell. Choose between 2 – 2,000 lux which is equivalent to setting between full daylight and complete darkness. This device can be used indoors or outdoors. There is no minimum load requirement which will allow this motion sensor to be used with new or existing lights, alarms, bells, CCTV systems, and other electrical appliances. These sensors can handle a maximum load of 600 watts, and can be wired to work with any electrical layout.

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Allows Your Z-Wave Devices to Alert You When Doors, Windows, Cabinets, and Drawers Have Been Opened

Aeon Labs DSB04100-ZWUS Z-Wave Door/Window Sensor

  • Sends commands to up to 6 Z-Wave devices
  • Compact and discrete design
  • Bidirectional mounting allows for flexibility in installation
  • Low battery alert
  • Mounting hardware and battery included

This compact, subtle sensor communicates with your Z-Wave network when the main unit is separated from the smaller unit. Perfect for maintaining security or protecting valuables, the sensor can be installed in door frames, window frames, and along drawers and cabinets. When contact is broken, commands are automatically sent to up to six devices, turning on lights, setting off sirens, or any other application you have programmed to report the sensor’s state. All communications are done wirelessly over radio frequency (RF). Mount the sensor horizontally or vertically to best fit its environment. A hidden security tamper prevention trigger lets you know when the unit has been removed from the mounting plate or pried off the surface to which it was mounted. The sensor requires the use of a CR2 battery, included. With a brand-new battery, the sensor can operate for up to two years. When used with a gateway, the battery level is displayed so you’ll know exactly when the battery needs to be replaced. Read more

Reports Energy Usage and Cost for Your Entire Home

Aeon Labs DSB09104-ZWUS Z-Wave Home Energy Monitor



  • Measures energy in wattage and kilowatt hour
  • Easy installation
  • no electrician required
  • IP43 rated to withstand most outdoor weather environments
  • 280-foot RF range
  • Firmware is easily upgradeable so it will stay compatible with the latest Z-Wave protocol and commands

See how much energy you are using with this compact, easy-to-install energy monitoring device. Current transformer clamps fasten around the AC mains for hassle-free installation. Since you won’t have to handle hot and exposed wiring, you can install the unit yourself in minutes, without calling an electrician. The monitor immediately begins reporting energy usage information to your Z-Wave gateway so you can view the data on your computer. All communications are done wirelessly over radio frequency (RF). Energy usage is reported in wattage or kilowatt hours. The monitor requires the use of four AA batteries. With a fresh set of batteries and normal usage, the batteries last up to one year.

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Manually Program On/Off Times for a Group of INSTEON Devices–How about a Wake up Scene!?

TimerLinc - INSTEON Plug-In Timer
At last, a timer that can set On and Off times for INSTEON controlled lights and appliances without the need for a computer or software. TimerLinc – INSTEON Plug-In Timer is similar to ApplianceLinc as a full-featured plug-in on/off switch that can be remotely controlled by other INSTEON devices. Additionally, it has a built-in timer that is packed with features such as 28 independent programs, daily, weekly and weekend settings, and a random timer variance for security. Save energy by programming TimerLinc to turn a single light or a group of lights on and off at certain times during the week and at different times on the weekend. This comes in particularly handy during the holidays to use with several light strands or illuminated decorations plugged in to other ApplianceLinc, LampLinc or OutletLinc modules, giving you the ability to turn them on and off automatically every night. With easy to use buttons and a large LCD screen, programming is a breeze. Take advantage of this full featured product and expand your INSTEON network of controlled devices and scenes that make life convenient, fun and energy efficient. Read more

Remotely Monitor Energy Consumption and Automate Your Home Lighting, HVAC, and More

Cortexa Automation CTXA-EEPKG Cortexa Home Automation System, Energy Saving EditionCortexa Automations’s Z-Wave Energy Saving Edition home automation controller was created to offer home owner’s a convenient and intelligent way to monitor and take control of the energy consumption in ones home by decreasing the carbon footprint with automated lighting control, appliance control, HVAC, and more. Cortexa’s intuitive automation controller will reduce energy bills up to 30%, saving homeowner’s time and money while increasing quality of life and making their home more Earth friendly. Innovative Energy saving technology uses Z-Wave wireless RF communication to control installed Z-Wave thermostats, in-wall switches, outlets, plug-ins or any other Z-Wave compatible product.

These money saving Factory Programmed events are geared toward reducing energy consumption while keeping you and your family safe

    • Away Mode
    • Vacation Mode
    • Energy Saver Mode
    • Night Mode
    • Morning mode
    • Panic Mode

Create custom events triggered by different scenarios

  • Live or future weather conditions (do not run sprinkler systems if rain is detected or expected)
  • Energy usage (Turn off lights and HVAC during peak rate hours)
  • Device usage (Turn off lights after a specific amount of time or when another device is acvtivated)
  • Time of day or week (Schedule lights to automatically turn on and off at dusk and dawn)

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