Instant Home Automation According to Air Temperature

The Thermo Cube is designed to turn your appliances on and off according to the current air temperature. It is able to achieve this instantly without the addition of a costly control unit. Save money and time by only running equipment when necessary. Perfect for automating weather-related electronic devices such as space heaters and fans. Thermo Cube’s weatherproof design makes it capable of indoor and outdoor applications. Each unit has two receptacles for use with more than one device and can operate loads up to 1800 Watts, 15 Amps and 120VAC.

Smarthome carries 5 models of the Thermo Cube: 

Thermo Cube TC-1 (On at 0 °F, Off at 10 °F)

Thermo Cube TC-2 (On at 20 °F, Off at 30 °F)

Thermo Cube TC-3 (On at 35 °F, Off at 45 °F)

Thermo Cube TC-21 (On at 78 °F, Off at 70 °F)

Thermo Cube TC-22 (On at 120 °F, Off at 100 °F)

 Each model is designed to turn your appliances and other electronic devices on and off at pre-set air temperatures. Decide which model is perfect for you and head on over to

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Digital Lamp and Appliance Timer Allows Programming for 7-5-2 Day Schedules

Sylvania SA 140 Zip-Set Digital Lamp and Appliance Plug-In Timer, 15 Amps



  • One-step set-up for scheduling lights or appliances
  • Offers 4 On/Off settings
  • Security feature provided by random setting
  • 7-5-2 format allows you to program based on a full week, a work week, or a weekend
  • Illuminated LCD display
  • Non-volatile memory provided by back-up battery (Included)
  • Untimed outlet allows use of other devices through the same wall receptacle
  • Protective cover prevents tampering of scheduling and matches home decor


This Sylvania Zip-Set Digital Timer offers flexible scheduling to suit almost any timing needs for lamps and appliances. Automatically control devices with preset timers, random timers, or sunset times. A manual On/Off switch is provided for immediate switching of the plugged in device. Further assistance in programming is offered by the illuminated LCD screen, which allows you to confirm settings. A second untimed outlet is provided for powering other devices through the same in-wall receptacle. When programming lighting or appliances to turn On with sunset the timer will automatically adjust for seasonal changes. The DST (day light savings) button allows you to adjust the timer for this one hour change by sliding the DST switch to the appropriate position. Program your lights or appliances to activate based on a 7-day full-week, 5-day work-week, or 2-day weekend. The random timer feature will allow a lived-in look while you are away from the home, at work, or on vacation. Use the protective cover to ensure settings do not accidently change and to match your homes decor. This Zip-Set timer is perfect for any light or appliance with a maximum load of or under 15 Amps.

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Heavy-Duty Mechanical Lamp and Appliance Daily Timer Allows 48 On / Off Settings

Sylvania SA 110 Heavy-Duty Mechanical Appliance Timer, 15 Amps



  • Item works with lighting and appliances – air conditioners, heaters, fans, etc.
  • Allows up to 48 On/Off settings per day
  • Features a grounded 3-prong outlet
  • Untimed outlet allows you to power additional appliances from the same receptacle
  • Protective cover can be used to protect settings and to match home decor
  • Pegs can not be removed and lost
  • Indicator light shows if the timer is active or not


The Sylvania Heavy-Duty Mechanical Timer features a 3-prong time controlled grounded outlet which has added protection from stray voltage. The 48 On/Off settings allowed by this device give the user flexibility with scheduling and a deterrent against break-ins while away from the home. Added security and safety can be provided when programmed to automatically switch On and Off at random times to give your home a lived-in look. This is perfect for use while at work or on vacation. This device is programmed with the pegs which are not capable of being removed. Set-up is very easy, you will select the On/Off times by adjusting the position of the pegs permanently housed in the timer. Because they are permanently housed in the timer they will not be lost over the life of the product. Use this device to automatically control heavy-duty lamps and appliances. An indicator light is provided to show the status of the load, “On” or “Off”. The decorative cover included allows you to protect your timer settings as well as match your home decor. This device offers an untimed outlet which allows you to power another device through the same receptacle powering the timer. There is a master switch allowing the user to manually switch the timer On and Off. The timer can be used with lighting or appliances with a maximum load of 15-Amps.

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Digital Lamp and Appliance Daily Timer Allows Two On / Off Settings

Sylvania SA 134 Indoor 2-Settings Daily Digital Timer, 1,000 Watts




  • Offers 2 settings per day
  • Digital accuracy
  • Easty-to-read large LCD display
  • Non-volatile memory provided by back-up battery (Included)
  • Saves enegy by eliminating the wasted energy by a device in stand-by power mode


The Sylvania SA 134 is a simple digital plug-in timer. Set-up is very easy, you will select the On/Off times by programming them into the device using the buttons on the face of the product and LCD screen to confirm settings. This timer will allow you to have 2 On/Off settings, which will repeat daily. The LCD screen used for adjusting the timer is easy-to-read, making it simple to program. A daylight savings feature will automatically adjust the time by one hour when needed. Also featured on the SA 134 Timer is a backup battery (Included) which will retain all settings even after a power outage. A polarized outlet, capable of switching 1,000 watts or 8 Amps is provided for control of the plugged-in device. This timer can save you money by cutting down the amount of energy consumed when a device is in stand-by mode, and by automatically controlling lights to be On only when needed or wanted.

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Heavy-Duty Timer Provides Automatic Control for 40-Amp Electrical Loads

Sylvania SA 400 Zip-Set Heavy-Duty Digital Residential / Commercial SPST Dual Voltage Timer, 40 Amps


  • One-step set-up for scheduling lights or appliances
  • Offers 2 On/Off settings
  • Applicable to Industrial applications and heavy loads like electric water heaters, pools, spas, and commercial lighting, and more
  • 7-5-2 format allows you to program based on a full week, a work week, or a weekend
  • Large Illuminated LCD display
  • Heavy duty enclosure with all metal construction
  • Protective cover prevents tampering of scheduling and prevents vandalism


Sylvania has offered the most innovative easy-to-use timer solutions for every Industrial and residential applications around your home. This heavy duty timer has the Zip-Set ability to turn lights on automatically at sunset by simply entering your phones area code. No other timer on the market offers such a simple one-step set-up process. This timer allows you to have 4 independent On/Off settings which can be programmed to operate at 1-minute intervals; capable of controlling either 120VAC electrical systems or 277VAC electrical systems. The change created by Daylight Savings Time (DST) is adjusted by a slide switch housed on the digital timer. The 7-5-2 programming format allows you to choose whether the timer will repeat its cycles 7-days a week, 5-days a week, or for just a 2-day weekend. Additional security for your home is provided by the random switch. This feature will automatically switch the load On and Off at random times, While you are away form the home, to give your home a lived in look. At anytime, each user can override the scheduling, turning the load On or Off using the override switch. Multiple knockouts are provided for easily running wires into the enclosure. Program settings will never be lost due to the battery back-up ( Included) keeping all On/Off times even through brown outs, or black outs, This Timer has simple programming an incredible load capacity and creates svings in energy costs by ensuring devices whith very large electrical loads only run when they are needed or wanted.

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Reduce Energy Waste by Putting a Timer on Your Electronics

UPM Marketing ET150 To-The-Second Programmable Indoor Timer, 20 On/Off Functions



  • Large, easy-to-read LCD display
  • 20 programs (On/Off Functions)
  • Security feature offers 3 types of random function
  • Accurate daylight savings feature
  • Master and individual overrides for programmed settings
  • 3-Prong socket
  • LCD Clock will display 12 or 24 hour format

UPM’s Handy programmable indoor timer offers helpful features to both, reduce energy waste and provide your home with added security through scheduled lighting. The ET150 helps save you money by controlling the amount of energy your plug-in electronics can consume. Think about all of the devices you typically leave plugged in, Coffee Makers, Microwaves, Televisions, DVD players, Slow Cookers, and a variety of other small appliances. All of these devices, while plugged in, consume energy whether they are powered “On” or not. Through the use of the ET150’s programmable scheduling, you can have these devices powered “off” when you are at work or when you are away for any other reason.

Twenty, user definable, On/Off functions can be programmed for controlling lighting and appliances. In Addition, 3 random (Security) functions are provided, each offering a different duration between switching. This Security feature is excellent for deterring burglars from breaking into your home while you are away. Depending on the duration selected, short, long, or custom, this function automatically controls your lighting to give your home a “lived in” appearance. this false appearance will be providing a great deal of safety to your possessions. Randomly switched lighting also provides you and your family with a great deal of security by preventing criminals from being able to predict your family’s daily schedule and whereabouts. Scheduling your lighting to automatically switch at the appropriate times will prevent you from ever having to approach or enter your home blinded by the dark of the night. The ET150 indoor programmable plug-in timer is white in color and can handle a maximum load of 15 Amps. This timer requires the use of 2, button cell, LR44 or AG13 batteries (Included).

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