It’s the Final Countdown!

Datexx DF-33 Miracle Time Cube 5-15-30-60 Minute Preset Timer

Time is precious. Don’t waste any with this Datexx Miracle Time Cube! This fun and sleek timer omits inaccurate dials, buttons and switches. The cube’s four sides determine the accurate 5, 15, 30, or 60 minute countdown. To use the timer simply turn it to the side showing the desired countdown time. Once turned to the desired amount of time, the timer will beep and immediately begin its countdown process. No clicking or any other noises will be heard while the unit is counting down that may disturb you from a nap or any other activity requiring a quiet or focused atmosphere. A digital display is featured on the bottom of the unit in order to allow you to check on how much time has elapsed. Use this product for cooking or baking, meetings, homework, studying, preparing speeches, test-taking, time-outs for misbehaving children, power napping, exercise training and so much more.


Left the Curling Iron On? Turn it Off Remotely While You are Still Out!

If it Plugs In, You Can Turn it On or Off from Anywhere with Wemo

Belkin F7C027fcAPL WeMo Home Automation Switch

  • Turn electronics on or off – from anywhere
  • Operates over Wi-Fi and mobile internet, at home and away
  • You’ve already got everything you need: WeMo works with your existing Wi-Fi router and any Apple iPod touch, iPhone, iPad – iOS 5 or higher

You no longer have to worry again about burning the house down with a left-on curling iron or space heater. You don’t have to worry about wasting electricity with that left-on closet light. Coffee still brewing at home while you are already in an office meeting? Simply bust out that iPhone or iPad and turn it off! All you need is your phone, WeMo and the WeMo App and you are ready to save money, conserve energy and maintain peace of mind. With WeMo, you can remotely turn on or off any appliance plugged in to a WeMo switch from anywhere your phone or tablet receives internet. Or, you can set timers and schedules while you are away. With mutlitple WeMo Switches and Motion Sensors, you can control as much of your home at your fingertips as you like!

Take the Guesswork Out of Cooking Your Meat This Labor Day Weekend!

Chef Pals ET445 Beef Thermometer and Timer
The Chef Pals Beef Thermometer and Timer is an absolute necessity when you want to be certain that your meat is done and safe to eat. No longer will you have to worry about under-cooked meat! With this fun and helpful gadget, you can select your desired meat preparedness between medium rare, medium and well done. Once your desired temperature is met, your cow will “moo” to let you know that your meat is safe and ready to serve! Read more

This product is also available in the form of a pig , a chicken , and a turkey

Turns 2-Prong, Plug-In Lamps and Appliances On and Off at the Same Times Everyday

Woods 59200 Indoor 24-Hour Mechanical Timer, 2-C

This basic timer can do so much. For example, make your house look occupied and less attractive to burglars when no one is home by timing lights to turn on at set times. Or plug a lighted holiday display or electric candle into the timer so you can enjoy your decorations without having to bother turning them on and off. Also, realize some electricity cost savings by timing appliance to turn off when they aren’t in use. 48 separate settings are available each day and the cycle repeats every 24 hours. NEVER-LOSE pins mean the pins can’t fall out and become lost.

  • For 2-prong appliances
  • Program up to 48 settings per day
  • Manual override option
  • NEVER-LOSE pins stay in place
  • Price: $5.22
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    Save Electricity Since Lights Will Only Be On During the Night

    Woods 2001 Outdoor Photoelectric 24-Hour Mechanical Timer

    The Woods 2001 Outdoor Photoelectric 24-Hour Mechanical Timer turns on your yard lights or outdoor holiday decorations on a set schedule every day. The photoelectric eye senses the absence of daylight and automatically turns on your lights – and then off a set amount of hours later or at dawn according to the schedule you set. This is a simple way to save some money on energy costs since your yard will only be lit up when it is dark. The timer has a rugged, weatherproof housing and a 6″ 18 gauge cord.

  • Outdoor Photoelectric 24-Hour Mechanical Timer
  • Option to turn lights on a set schedule every day
  • Option to automatically turns lights on at dusk and off at dawn
  • Use on yard lights or outdoor holiday decorations
  • Saves money on energy costs
  • Price: $13.98
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    Use 8 Hour Countdown Timer to Cut Down on Wasted Energy

    Woods 59013 In-Wall Digital 8-Hour Countdown Timer, White

    The Woods 59013 In-Wall Digital 8-Hour Countdown Timer is an easy-to-use digital in-wall timer that provides a convenient way to turn exhaust fans, ceiling fans and lights off after a set period of time. Choose from 1, 2, 4 or 8 hour time periods. Installation is easy – it replaces a standard light switch plate and fits a standard decorator switch plate. The timer provides a simple, yet effective way to leave the bathroom exhaust fan on without having to remember to turn it off later; in addition, using this timer cuts down on wasted energy use since lights and fans can be timed to only be “on” when needed. It is compatible with compact fluorescent bulbs.

  • 8 Hour Digital Countdown Timer
  • 5 settings: 1, 2, 4, 8 and auto shut-off
  • Set a running time for bathroom exhaust fans, ceiling fans or lighting
  • Easy to install in place of existing wall switch
  • Fits decorator switch plate (single or multi-gang)
  • Compatible with compact fluorescent bulbs
  • Price: $12.41
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    Give Your Home a Lived-In Look and Deter Burglars While You Are Away

    Woods 59202 Indoor 7-Day Mechanical Vacation Timer

    The Woods 59202 Indoor 7-Day Mechanical Vacation Timer lets you gain peace of mind while vacationing – set this timer to turn your lamps on and off at random times twice a day to give your home a lived-in look and deter burglars while you are away. When you are home, set the timer to conveniently turn radios, fans, and lights ON and Off for you. Easy dial setting.

  • Indoor 7-Day Mechanical Vacation Timer
  • Set timer to turn lights on and off at random times twice a day
  • Gives your home a lived-in look
  • Deters burglars while you are away
  • When you are at home use timer to turn radios, fans, and lights On and Off
  • Price: $5.68
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