Wirelessly Control your HVAC via your PC, Home Automation System, or any Web-Enabled Device!

Aprilaire 8800 Touchscreen Communicating Thermostat

  • Large touch screen with adjustable backlight, constant backlight available
  • 7 day programmability or separate programmable weekday/weekend schedules
  • Displays room temperature, room humidity, temperature setting and optional outdoor temperature
  • Message center provides feedback and instructions
  • Can be removed from the wall for easy programming
  • Includes service indicators for Air filter, humidifier, dehumidifier and HVAC services

Take complete control of your home air conditioning system with the Aprilaire 8800 Touchscreen Communicating Termostat! Wirelessly control your HVAC via your PC, through a home automation system, or any web-enabled device! Get it now for $234.99, normally $411.08! This Thermostat can be integrated into a home automation system or controlled right from your home’s PC*. If you have 1 thermostat or multiple thermostats, you can control the temperature of each from any web-enabled device, whether you’re at home, at work or on vacation. If you’re building a new home with complete home automation in mind or if you’re simply upgrading your current home to a smart home, the Aprilaire 8800 Communicating Thermostat promises you total convenience and control 24-7.

The Aprilaire 8800 is a simple, yet technologically advanced system that gives you total remote control of your home’s HVAC system. It also has a Message Center display that opens up new possibilities for enhancing your systems. The Message Center simplifies set up and addressing while it can also display custom messages. It’s not total home automation without HVAC control and the Model 8800 Communicating Touchscreen Thermostat is the choice of professional integrators and the DIY type alike, making your home control easier and more convenient.
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Save Money and Energy with Z-Wave Technology

Honeywell TH8320ZW1007/U Z-Wave Touchscreen Thermostat with Wiresaver

  • Z-Wave connectivity allows you to control your thermostat via your Z-Wave network
  • High-precision circuitry keeps temperature within 1°
  • Delivered messages allows the thermostat to be added to or removed from a Z-Wave controller
  • Included Wire saver allows for use without a common wire
  • Menu driven programming guides the user through the programming process
  • Intuitive adjustment for precise comfort control, easy to use touch screen display

With the Honeywell Z-Wave Touchscreen Thermostat with Wiresaver, you can remotely manage your home’s temperature and save money on energy bills by reducing energy consumption. Designed for easy use, quick installation and packed with convenient features, this thermostat gives homeowners the ability to remotely manage their home’s temperature and save money by reducing energy consumption. The thermostat is Z-Wave compatible which allows it to communicate with other Z-Wave enabled home automation devices and be easily integrated into a Z-Wave network. Homeowners can enjoy the benefits of the Z-Wave technology while trusting the comfort control and quality only available from Honeywell. Offering you the ability to program each day differently and to customize temperatures for four periods per day, this thermostat makes it easy to heat or cool your home for optimum comfort. It features exclusive Honeywell Smart Response Technology and a feature that enables Auto Changes from Heating to Cooling, which continually adjust the pre-heating or cooling of your home for effective results and precise comfort control within 1°F of your desired temperature. Get it on sale now for $148.76, normally $164.99! Read More

Energy Efficient Single Pole Water Heater Thermostat

Camco 07723 Apcom Style Lower Single Pole Universal Thermostat

The Camco 07723 Apcom Style Lower Single Pole Universal Thermostat features a single pole with a built-in safety switch that prevents overheating. The temperature range is adjustable from 110 Fahrenheit to 160 Fahrenheit, adjust only the lower thermostat to a higher setting if temperature higher than 120 degrees is desired. The Lower Single Pole Thermostat works with an Upper Double Pole Thermostat. UL listed with energy efficient range setting, this water heater thermostat and meets original specification lengths for American, AO Smith, Bradford White, GE, GSW, Kenmore, Maytag, Reliance, Rheem, Richmond, Rudd, Sears, and State.

  • Water Heater Thermostat
  • UL Listed
  • Apcom Style
  • Energy Efficient Range Setting
  • Built-In Safety Switch
  • Adjustable & Easy to Install
  • Price: $6.52
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    Thermostat Adapter – INSTEON and Totaline / Venstar Compatible 2441V Review

    Product Title (In box)

    MICHAEL — WALNUT CREEK, CA Date: 1/11/2010
    Review: Works great! This with an ISY99 is one of the nicest ways to program a thermostat.

    JOHN — PITTSBURGH, PA Date: 1/9/2010
    Review: This new version gave me all the features I needed when accessing my thermostat with the 2412N Rev2 Smartlinc controller over the internet.

    JOSEPH — LEBANON, OH Date: 1/4/2010
    Review: The upgraded thermostat adapter has greatly increased its functionality when used with the Universal Devices ISY. Thank you SmartHome for your attention to your customer’s needs.

    Marcie — Rockford, Illinois Date: 1/15/2008
    Review: I love being able to control my thermostat remotely. With the touch of a button, I can turn our heat down at bedtime to 65 degrees once I”m tucked into bed all warm and toasty.

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    New Intwine Energy IECT-220 Wi-Fi Enabled Smart Thermostat Now Aavailable!

    Intwine Energy IECT-220 Wi-Fi Communicating Thermostat

    The IECT-220 is a full-featured internet-connected programmable thermostat. When programmed properly the IECT-220 is capable of saving homeowners 15-20% on heating and cooling costs or close to $200 annually (Energy Star). Realizing these savings has never been simpler with the ability to remotely monitor and control the IECT-220 with Intwine’s consumer web-portal and iPhone app! With the IECT-220 and Intwine’s connectivity solution, there is finally a completely flexible platfrom capable of simultaneously fulfilling the needs of both energy providers and consumers.

  • The IECT-220 communicates over IEEE 802.11 protocol and is compatible with standard Wi-Fi access points
  • Remotely monitor and control the IECT-220 along with other Intwine Personal Energy Network devices on Intwine’s intuitive consumer web portal
  • Intwine’s iPhone application gives users additional control on-the-go
  • Web-based access empowers users to manage energy usage with direct monitoring and control over the largest loads in the home: heating and cooling
  • Easy registration and installation
  • Intwine’s connectivity platform enables two-way communication between utilities and consumers to strengthen this relationship
  • Web interface and connectivity software can be customized to meet utility and OEM needs
  • Large, easy-to-read LCD touch screen display
  • 100% compatible with all popular residential central heating and cooling systems
  • Price: $329.99
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