Save Money and Energy by Closing the HVAC Register in Unused Rooms

It costs too much for heating and air conditioning today to waste money. If you’re not using Junior’s room since he went off to college, or if no one’s been in the basement rec room for six months, you should close the air registers. But the control lever is way up there and you’re standing down here; how are you going to reach it? Don’t risk falling off that wobbly chair, and don’t bat at it with a broom handle. Simply replace the old register with the Click Vent and it’s then a simple button push to open or close the motorized damper. The RF remote has one button to open and one to close, with LED confirmation of the command: green for open, red for closed. The damper operates on eight AAA batteries and the remote on one 12V A23 battery (all batteries included). Read more

Open Your Home Draperies by Remote Control

Corded Drapery Motor w/Control Pad
The Universal Cord-Adapting Drapery System with Control Pad makes motorized drape control both easy and affordable. Included infrared remote control makes operating the unit simple; choose from 10 speed choices to have your drapes open the way you want them to! Installation is easy – attach the cord adapter and mount the drapery motor with the included mount bracket. Plug in the transformer and you are ready to enjoy.

Identical to the Corded Drapery Motor w/IR Control system, this system features a control panel for additional functionality. The control panel features manual open/close buttons, a clock, a fully programmable timer and an integrated infrared receiving eye. Once the time is set on the clock, the system can be programmed to open and close automatically at the time of your choosing. This can be done up to eight times (4 open and 4 close) per day.

Works with and adapts to most drapes, blinds, and shades with both cord and ball chain type pulls without making permanent modifications to existing cords or ball chains. Uses 12V DC power, safe and reliable. Three-year warranty. Read more

Get Ready for the Winter Cold, By Installing a System That Allows You to Control Your Gas Fireplace from 25 Feet Away!

Fireplace Remote-On/Off/Timer-LCD TempGas log fireplaces can cast a beautiful glow while keeping you warm. But sitting in front of the fire can often get too hot, and having to get up to turn off the flame just as you were about to drift off to sleep isn’t very relaxing. Now you can control your fireplace via remote, using the Fireplace Remote-On/Off/Timer-LCD Temp. This battery-operated RF transmitter will turn your fireplace on and off from up to 25 feet away, even if you have an electronic spark ignition. Read more

Customer Reviews

4.5 Stars

5 Stars ANTHONY — BRISTOL, NH    Date: 5/27/2011
Review: works great

5 Stars WALTER — CICERO, NY    Date: 4/18/2011
Review: fast to install, easy to use, perfect for your fireplace, just set the temp and don’t worry about forgetting about it being left on!

5 Stars BARRY — SAYVILLE, NY    Date: 1/10/2011
Review: Works great

5 Stars ERIKA — KLAMATH FALLS, OR    Date: 12/24/2010
Review: Our remote- timer temp controller work awesome and it gives our bedroom the little extra warmth we need at night without blowing the gas bill. Thank you for the great recommendation over the phone for this product. I will tell my friends about

5 Stars SANDI — BUTTE, MT    Date: 8/14/2010
Review: Love it! Works great and a great price, too!

5 Stars JEFF — SASKATOON, SK    Date: 7/15/2010
Review: Easy to use, easy to instal.

5 Stars KIERAN — OKLAHOMA CITY, OK    Date: 1/15/2010
Review: Product was received on time and works perfectly. Got good help form Tech support on a simple installation question.

5 Stars DOUGLAS — ALDIE, VA    Date: 1/14/2010
Review: I installed the Fireplace Remote-On/Off/Timer-LCD Temp as a replacement for a 10 year old non working (on / off only) remote. It was simple to install without any special tools and works great.

Stop the Thermostat Wars and Save Money with a Filtered AC Diffuser

Comfort First CFFD 77500 Comfort First Filtered AC DiffuserWe’ve all seen them – AC registers with pieces of cardboard taped over the vents. It’s just a fact of life that some people like it hot and some prefer a cooler environment. And no matter where you set the thermostat, there will always be at least one person complaining that “It’s too hot” or “It’s freezing in here!” Here’s a permanent solution: an AC register with separate, controllable vent louvers so each person can control his or her own environment. A simple lever controls the louver from wide open to completely closed, and can be adjusted easily from the floor. Since the air is now coming out of the diffuser in 4 directions, and not straight down, people won’t have an annoying draft down their necks.
This AC diffuser also has filters built in, so all the allergens and dust are captured. Since inside air these days is typically far more polluted than the air outside, this should help reduce sick days.

Four-Way Adjustable Flow Patterns
Adjust one side to direct air slightly downward, another to bounce air off the ceiling, while the other two can blow straight out. Unlimited variations!

Cleaner Air
Studies have shown that indoor air today is likely to be more polluted than the air outside. The filters built in to the Filtered Diffuser capture contaminants down to 0.3 micron, including bacteria, volatile organic compounds (VOCs), dust, dust mites, pollens, and other allergens.

Eliminates Air Draft Complaints
With superior air distribution, directed exactly where each person wants it, complaints of being hit by a draft are eliminated.

Saves Energy
Allows for a higher thermostat setting. A NASA study found that a 1° change in setting can result in a 10% energy savings.

Saves Money
No longer will people be running personal space heaters because the office AC is freezing them out. Also, there will be fewer sick days.

Cleaner Ceilings
No more dirty smudge on the ceiling surrounding the AC registers.

Improves Tenant Satisfaction
Fewer workers comp claims and employee lawsuits leads to higher occupancy rate by retaining tenants.

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Keep your Personal Space Cool, Dry and Comfortable

American Comfort ACW100 Personal Air Cooler

  • Multi-function unit – Air conditioner, Dehumidifier and Air purifier
  • Highly portable – no venting required
  • Low noise level
  • Large capacity water bucket
  • 24-hour timer

The ACW100 is a versatile personal air conditioner designed to add cooling comfort wherever you need it. This 1,000 BTU unit does not cool a whole room, rather it is meant to be used directly next to you – spot cooling you and your immediate surrounding space. As warm air is blown out of the back of the unit, and cold air is blown out the front. What makes this unit so versatile is its ability to be transported easily. Unlike other portable ACs, this unit requires no venting whatsoever.

The unit is only meant as a personal chiller. Use it at home while sleeping or watching TV to save on whole-home cooling costs. Use it to boost your personal cooling at the office. Tote it along when you travel, in boats, campers, or motor homes. What makes this unit so versatile is its ability to be transported easily. Unlike other portable Air Conditioners (ACs) that require venting, this 30 pound unit rolls easily from room-to-room with just a changing of the plug.

The ACW100 Personal Air Cooler also helps to keep humidity in check by dehumidifying up to 30 pints of moisture per day. The “Bucket Full” indicator light with auto-shutoff protects against overflowing. An electronic control panel is easy to program and provides quick access to features, such as a 24-hour timer, fan speed, and humidistat to control humidity level. While running – this unit outputs cool air from the front and warm air out the back – as such, it is not appropriate for cooling a small room – but only appropriate for cooling a person directly in front of the unit. Read more

High Pressure Air Handling Duct Fan with Extremely Low Power Usage


Ideal for long runs or air supply and exhaust applications, this high-powered fan features a compact design that is efficient on energy and provides quiet operation. Install the fan into a bathroom to draw out steam while hot water is running and avoid fogged mirrors. Use it in workshops for fume control or radon gas mitigation. Or circulate air out of moisture-rich areas such as greenhouses and grow rooms. The ABS housing is resistant to corrosion and will provide many years of service with very little maintenance.


Tjernlund P-8 Plastic High Pressure In-Line Duct Booster Fan - 8 Inches



  • Perfect for bathroom exhaust, radon mitigation, greenhouses, and other general purpose ventilation installations
  • Corrosion-proof ABS plastic housing and rotor motors require very little maintenance, if any
  • Withstands air temperatures up to 140 degrees F (60 degrees C)
  • Mounting bracket and insulated tape are included

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Booster Fan that Automatically Starts Up and Powers Down in Conjunction with Your Furnace or Air Conditioning for More Effective Climate Control

Make your existing HVAC system more effective with this duct booster fan. The fan features a 115 VAC power cord and built-in Pressure Response Control (PRC) unit to automatically operate when your forced air system is running. When positive pressure is sensed, the PRC turns the fan on to channel the hot or cool air into the selected room. Pressure checks are performed repeatedly to determine whether the fan should continue to run. The fan will even continue to run for a short time after the heating or cooling system has turned off to ensure every last bit of the heated or cooled air makes its way out of the duct.

Heavy gauge steel housing and metal prop fan blades make this duct booster fan ultra-durable. If installed where your system’s filters are properly positioned and maintained, this fan or its motor will not require any cleaning. The fan’s operation will be so smooth and quiet you might forget that it is running.

  • Heavy gauge housing with metal prop fan blades
  • Can be installed in less than 10 minutes – insert it into the duct run and plug it in
  • Withstands air temperatures up to 150 degrees F (65 degrees C)
  • Can be installed in metal or flex ducting

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