Food Storage and Space Management Solutions from Zevro!

From space savers, to food storage and preservation, to a mess-free way to cook pasta or enjoy tea, Zevro has got you covered!

1. Zevro WM300 Wall Mount SmartSpace Dry Food Triple Dispenser

Keep food right where you need it, but off the counter and out of the way with the Zevro Wall Mount SmartSpace Dry Food Triple Dispenser!

Zevro WM300 Wall Mount SmartSpace Dry Food Triple Dispenser

  • Wall-mounted canister set leaves kitchen counter clear
  • Canisters have integrated measuring cups for dispensing exact amounts
  • Airtight canisters preserve dry good freshness

Today’s kitchens never seem to have enough counter or pantry space. Keep your dry goods close at hand with a wall-mounted kitchen canister set that lets you dispense a measured amount of coffee, rice, snacks, or pasta with ease.

2. Zevro PTA100 Perfetto Pasta Cooker

Cook pasta without the risk of water boiling over!

Zevro PTA100 Perfetto Pasta Cooker

  • Conveniently cooks 1-2 servings of pasta
  • No need to stir the pasta while it is cooking
  • No more water boiling over while the pasta is cooking
  • Conserve energy and water

Ideal for cooking fresh, gourmet pasta, as well as 1-2 servings of dried pasta, the Perfetto Pasta Cooker provides a unique alternative to the traditional pasta cooking method. The Perfetto Pasta Cooker allows for convenience in the kitchen because there is no need to stir or monitor the pasta while cooking (in contrast to traditional cooking).

3. Zevro SAT100 Simpliss a Tea

Enjoy freshly brewed tea… anywhere!

Zevro SAT100 Simpliss a Tea

  • Quickly makes a batch of your favorite tea
  • Steeping chamber releases tea when placed on top of cup
  • Flow of tea is stopped when chamber is lifted from cup
  • Made of BPA free Tritan
  • Dishwasher safe

Simpliss a Tea™ from Zevro offers a quick and innovative way to make a batch of your favorite tea. Simply add some of your favorite loose tea into the steeping chamber, mix in pre-heated water and then close the lid to allow the tea to soak. Once the steeping process has completed place the chamber on top of a cup and the patented Simpliss a Tea valve will release the freshly brewed tea.

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