Head Strap Mount for Swann Freestyle Camera Frees up Your Hands; Still Doesn’t Make you Look Like a Member of SEAL Team Six

Product Title (In box)Picture with camera attached. Camera and man are sold separate.

  • Compatible with the Swann Freestyle HD 1080p Waterproof Action Sports Video Camera
  • Adjustable nylon strap fits the head of almost anyone
  • Ideal for Point of View (POV) filming

If you’re on a mission to collect some of the incredible Swann accessories for your Swann Freestyle HD 1080p Waterproof Video Camera, you’re not going to want to pass on this handy item. This head strap incorporates a mount which allows you to connect the Swann Freestyle Camera (including its waterproof casing) to your head. It essentially frees up your hands for whatever action you would like to partake in, just as long as that action is low impact and helmetless. So…no Football…or motorcycle stuff; basically…easy going sports and stuff that doesn’t involve having to use a helmet. Stuff your grandmother can play, so take it easy champ. Read More 

Weather Resistant Day/Night Camera Has Powerful Night Vision for up to 114 Feet

Swann SWPRO-770CAM All Purpose Day/Night Bullet Camera with Night Vision

It would be nice to know who or what is making that noise outside without actually going out to look. The Swann SWPRO-770CAM All Purpose Day/Night Bullet Camera with Night Vision uses a color 1/3″ Sony “Effio” hi-res video sensor and has a viewing angle of 50°. The All Purpose Camera is great for monitoring areas such as a driveway, alleyway, garage, hallway, warehouse and more, both day and night. It is cased in a metal housing for survival outdoors, and it has 30 infrared LEDs to illuminate objects in total darkness up to 114′ away without the subjects detecting any visible light. The camera gives high-quality images at 700 TV lines resolution. The image automatically switches from color to B&W when the ambient light dims. The mounting bracket has provisions for internal cable management so it is protected from vandals. The camera includes a 60ft BNC cable for connecting to a DVR.
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