Save $200 on this Smarthome Speaker Kit with Subwoofer!

  • Perfect surround sound package, superior quality speakers at an affordable price
  • Includes one powered subwoofer
  • Includes five standard in-ceiling directional speakers for the front left, center and right channels, as well as the rear left and right channels

There’s never been a better time to upgrade your home audio system than now! Normally $699.95, now $499.99 (Hurry, this offer is only for a limited time). Upgrade your home theater’s audio system and bring sound to life by using this pre-packaged Smarthome SELECT 5.1-Channel Speaker Kit! You’ll never want to pay to see a movie in the theater again with your upgraded sound system.

Included in the kit:

1. 1x – Smarthome SELECT 10-Inch Powered Subwoofer (See the green object in diagram below)

2. 5x – Smarthome SELECT 6-Inch LCR/Surround Directional Classic In-Ceiling Speaker (See the red objects in diagram below)


This kit features 6-inch Classic In-Ceiling Speakers with directional, pivoting tweeters so you can send the mid/high frequencies to the sweet spot of your room for optimal listening pleasure. The powered subwoofer has adjustable Gain and adjustable Frequency Response that allows you to dial in the exact low frequency bass tones you want. Read More

Add Some Boom to Your IAV LightSpeaker System

IAV Light Speaker IAV W6.2.0 LightSpeaker Subwoofer

  • Wireless and omni-directional with a 150 foot range from the transmitter
  • 6.5 inch Bass driver
  • Rear ported, 65W nominal 100W peak
  • Expandable with your IAV Light Speaker system
  • Volume and zone controls on the back of the subwoofer

This Subwoofer from IAV is best used with the IAV Light Speaker system because it is both wireless and omni-directional which means that you can hide this subwoofer anywhere and you will still receive a full range of sound throughout your LightSpeaker system. The subwoofer is the perfect accessory to a completely hidden audio system and unlike some home stereo receivers, you can add multiple subwoofer’s per zone as your system grows.

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Add Amazing Bass to Your Entertainment System By a Powerful Subwoofer

IntraSonic JA-SS7 Freestanding Powered SubwooferEvery proper Home Theater audio system requires a dedicated channel for bass and the Freestanding Powered Subwoofer from Intrasonic delivers room filling, rich and powerful bass. With its compact design, this subwoofer easily blends with any home’s decor and can easily fit inside a small cabinet or home entertainment center. The rear of the unit has left and right RCA jack and spring terminals that allow you to plug in peripheral speakers. The adjustable frequency control knobs also allow you to set the bass at the levels that fits your needs and lifestyle.

  • Built-in 80 Watt amplifier with a 120 Watt output maximum
  • Active long throw woofer drivers
  • Compact size will fit in home entertainment centers
  • Adjustable frequency control
  • Stereo (L/R) line inputs

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