Unleash Audio Bliss Upon Your Ears


Velleman K4040 Chrome Tube Stereo Amplifier, 2x90W RMS

  • Provides and entire kit ready for you to assemble
  • Features EL34 tubes for warm and rich sound quality
  • Ultra-linear toroid output and power transformers for deep bass
  • Heavy duty, gold plated speaker and RCA connection points
  • Designed around one PCB for effortless assembly and wiring

Some people enjoy building model airplanes while others enjoy crafting things from wood. However, if premium sound quality is important to you or if you are an audiophile who loves to get involved with the hands-on aspect of audio equipment, then the Chrome Tube Stereo Amplifier kit from Valleman may just be the product for you. This kit comes with unique features to assure that it delivers the best in an audio listening experience. Warm, smooth, and rich audio is obtained with EL34 tubes allowing for excellent sound quality delivered to the listener and as the tubes break-in and age, the quality of the audio becomes richer. The K4040 will literally continue to deliver quality audio as time goes on while those who enjoy Tube Rolling will take pleasure in finding that right set of tubes to satisfy their ears. Heavy duty, ultra-linear toroid outputs and power transformers as well as gold plated speaker and RCA connectors help to reinforce the overall sound quality of the K4040. This clean sounding, low distortion amplifier can push up to 90 watts of RMS power to two speakers, providing plenty of volume and thump so you can actually feel the music. If you have the skills and the knowhow, then the end result earned by assembling the K4040 kit will be more than gratifying. Read more