Easily Add a Universal Backup Video Camera to your Vehicle

Steelmate USA SM-V013A Universal Tilt and Swivel Surface-Mount Video Camera
Safety first! Steelmate USA’s SM-V013A Universal Tilt and Swivel Surface-Mount Video Camera is designed to be your all Seeing Eye at the rear of your vehicle, bringing safety and an overall increase in awareness of what’s behind your vehicle. SM-V013A’s robust design features a combination of ABS Injection Molded Plastic and Diecast Aluminum housing while maintaining water resistance up to the IP67 standard. Its Auto Focus CMOS sensor and wide angle lens (120 degrees) capture the back view of your vehicle in easy to see clarity. Even at night or in dark places (like a parking structure), the SM-V013A’s has you covered with its low light level abilities down to 3 lux. Modernize your vehicle today!

  • Captures a wide viewing angle up to 120 degrees and is low-light capable
  • A universal surface mount camera that tilts and swivels allowing for angle adjustment
  • Can be used as a standalone backup camera or with a Parking Assist System with Video Overlay
  • Works with LCD screens that are capable of receiving NTSC and PAL Composite Video signals

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Ultrasonic Sound-Wave Technology Assists You by Adding Spatial Awareness to your Vehicle

It can be difficult at times navigating your car or small SUV into tight spots. Sometimes a mirror just won’t give you all the information you need to confidently park your vehicle. Steelmate USA provides an easy fix for such a situation with the PTS4000EX Parking Assist Sensor, exclusively designed for regular cars and smaller SUVs with plastic bumpers. The sensors install into your vehicle’s rear plastic bumper and use Ultrasonic Sound-Wave Technology to register objects as far as five feet away. Avoid getting an embarrassing, frustrating, and expensive ding from objects you can’t see as you attempt to reverse-park your sweet ride. The PTS4000EX was designed to install clean and includes a 4-Stage piezo alarm that lets you know when you’re getting too close to something you probably don’t want to hit. Rest easy knowing you can park confidently!

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