Just a Regular House Plant, or a Super Secret Spy Camera?

Zone Shield C1581 Faux-Plant with SleuthGear Covert Camera and QUAD Receiver

  • Wireless receiver supports up to 4 SleuthGear cameras
  • SD card recording capability
  • Watch and record from a PC via USB connection
  • RCA connection allows for watch and record on a TV/DVR
  • View up to 4 cameras at once with QUAD view

A faux-plant is the perfect and most discreet way to secretly monitor your home. Whether you’re keeping an eye on the babysitter or just want to be ready for the worst case scenario, the Zone Shield Faux-Plant with Covert Camera and QUAD Receiver is the best way to record everything that goes on while you’re away. This fake indoor plant will blend seamlessly into the decor of any room without tipping occupants off to the fact that it has a built-in hidden camera. The built-in camera transmits wirelessly up to 700 feet to the QUAD receiver (included) without the hassle of having to deal with an IP setup. Once the receiver has been setup, it can now be connected to a computer via USB, or TV via RCA cable for viewing and recording. Video recording can also be done locally on to an SD card where, roughly, 64 hours of recording time can be achieved with a 32GB card. This covert camera kit includes one camera and receiver but is expandable as the receiver is capable of supporting up to four total SleuthGear cameras; users can mix and match by adding other additional covert cameras within the SleuthGear collection and not just the SleuthGear Faux-Plant. Another feature of the wireless receiver is its QUAD function. QUAD provides users with the ability to watch and record up to four cameras at once from a PC or TV. For monitoring in multiple areas the Zone Shield C1582 Additional Faux-Plant with SleuthGear Covert Camera is available for additional locations. Remote access is also available with the Zone Shield Faux-Plant. Users can remotely view video from their wireless receiver by downloading an app for mobile devices in either the Google Play Store or Apple App Store. Read More

John Doe or James Bond?

Transform yourself from any ordinary Joe to 007 with a Wrist Watch Spy Cam.

Product Title (In box)

Lenzburg KC314 Wristwatch with HD IR Camcorder

  • Pinhole camera at base of watch face
  • Records video in 1080p HD
  • Infrared night vision allows for recording in the dark
  • Built-in 8GB flash memory
  • 12MP digital camera
  • Fully functional waterproof wristwatch

This is not your average watch. Although it may look unassuming, this watch does more than simply add points to your style. To the average passersby, it appears to be a simple, yet elegant analog watch. In reality, this contraption fit for a spy comes equipped with a pinhole camera at the base of the watch face. The Lenzburg KC314 Wristwatch has a high-definition camcorder with an infrared ray for capturing video in the dark of night. It enables you to discretely capture video day or night! When activated the pinhole camera will take crystal clear 1080p HD video and store it on the watch’s built-in 8GB flash memory. The camera can record roughly 15 minutes of video per GB of free space available. To ensure there is always plenty of available recording space, the video can be transferred from the flash memory to a computer via a USB connection (for which the cable comes included). If video isn’t your surveillance method of choice, the Lenzburg KC314 Wristwatch can snap a picture at a moment’s notice with its 12MP digital camera for taking still photos. Need to check in with MI6? Your new high-tech wrist watch also functions as a webcam by installing the included webcam software. Your time is now. Let the Lenzburg KC314 Wristwatch unleash your inner secret agent.
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A Pen, HD Videocamera, Digital Camera, and USB Flash Drive, all in one!

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If you’re looking for a truly compact mobile surveillance camera that won’t sacrifice crisp and clear picture quality, here it is. This Motion Detection Pen Camcorder is housed in a standard size fully functioning writing instrument, making it completely stealth. Absolutely perfect for surveillance situations where you don’t want cameras exposed, this camera offers a compact form factor and still provides incredibly sharp color images. You can transfer video images by plugging it into an available USB port on your computer. Make sure your nanny isn’t mistreating the kids while you’re away or place it in the kitchen cabinet near the candy stash to make sure your kids aren’t secretly raiding it…the applications are endless! This Spy pen features a color HD video camera, digital camera, voice recorder, web cam, and a USB flash drive, all in one compact device! Features motion activation to monitor your surroundings while you are away. Its small size is perfect for taking it anywhere including, the golf course, beach, concert, parties, business meetings, and interviews.

  • Motion detection auto recording, no need to press any key
  • Built-in 2.0 megapixel color CMOS camera
  • Low illumination, high resolution video and photo
  • High speed recording and quick light response
  • Web camera for online video chat
  • Also functions as a removable USB-disk
  • Price: $129.95
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