Meet Those Watering Needs

Orbit Irrigation 27890 25 Foot Coil Water Hose with Nozzle:

No More Tiring and Time Consuming Winding and Unwinding of Your Garden Hose!!


Orbit Irrigation 27890 25 Foot Coil Water Hose with Nozzle - BlueAre you a new homeowner or a busy gardener? Whether you would like to give the gift of a new house warming present or it is you who enjoys gardening-summer is finally here and those plants can’t water themselves. Now more than ever, your grass, plants, and flowers need their daily dose of water.

Stop fussing with unwinding those long bulky hoses, now you can enjoy watering your plants and grass fuss-free with the Orbit Irrigation 27890 25 Foot Coil Water Hose. This garden hose extends up to 25 feet but will quickly go back to its compact size for storage-when not in use. The turret-head nozzle can be used for a variety of applications; capable of meeting all of your watering needs! The Orbit Irrigation Coil Water hose has brass connections and a 6-spray pattern nozzle which quickly adjusts the spray pattern while a rear pistol trigger adjusts the pressure, making it easy to control the water flow. Once you are done watering, the hose will simply retract into a coil for a fuss-free cleanup and lawn care—no more tangled up hoses!

• Coil hose quickly deploys for all outdoor watering uses
• Returns to original shape for convenient storage
• 6 spray patterns for a wide range of watering needs
• For outdoor use with cold water only

What’s Included
• 1x – 25-Foot Coil Hose
• 1x – Turrent Rear Trigger Nozzle

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NoodleHead N101B Flexible Lawn & Garden Sprinkler-
Waters Your Lawn Exactly Where You Want it to Water!!

NoodleHead N101B Flexible Lawn & Garden Sprinkler

Noodlehead N111C Flexible Lawn & Garden Sprinkler. The satisfaction one receives from directing the water exactly where you want it to go is extremely gratifying and gives one a sense of achievement. It’s very satisfying to not only conserve water, but to perform the tedious job of watering in the most efficient manner possible, by putting just the right amount of water precisely where you want it! On a hot summer day children love playing in the sprinkling water. They seemed to achieve even greater pleasure by grabbing and bending one of the noodles to purposely squirt one of the other playing children. Attaches to a standard garden hose or it screws onto a riser. It’s quick, easy and fun to use. Create your own perfect pattern and adapt to any shape or garden. You control the coverage, save money and conserve water. As your garden grows, simply rebend noodles to customize new watering patterns.

-You control the spraying of only that which you want watered
-No more brown spots in your lawns, simply point more noodles at them
-Adapts to any shape or pattern you can imagine
-Perfect for flowerbeds, sideyards, lawns, patios, courtyards, vegetable & herb gardens

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Set Up a Flex-Mist Sprayer and Never Worry About Watering Hanging Plants Again With the Orbit 66190 DripMaster Flex-Mist Misting Sprayer


Orbit 66190 DripMaster Flex-Mist Misting Sprayer

Whether for conservation reasons or to meet the specific needs of varied garden plants, drip irrigation gives you the option to precisely control where your irrigation goes and how much water plants receive. Orbit’s DripMaster system allows you to install a completely custom drip irrigation setup using a variety of components, from different sizes of tubing to drippers with precise flow rates.

A simple drip system is comprised of a connection to your water supply (either a faucet adapter or sprinkler riser manifold), a length of tubing, and a dispersion system (drippers, sprinklers, etc.). These can be augmented for your unique application with stakes, connectors, and valves. From a single drip line supplying a flowerbed to a setup that covers your entire garden, you can build a system of almost any complexity using the array of components in the DripMaster Line.

Looking to be rid of the hassle of watering hard to reach hanging plants? This flexible misting sprinkler is ideal for hanging baskets and container plants. Wrap the flexible memory tube around the supports and position the sprinkler to the right spot.

-Ideal for watering hanging baskets and container plants
-Flexible memory tube allows precise nozzle placement
-Flow adjustment from 0.5 to 8 GPH at 25 PSI

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Save the water from rainfall to use at your own convenience!

Koolatron/Lentek RBB55 Crius Rain BarrelThis unique rain barrel combines the contemporary aesthetic elegance of authentic stone with the enduring longevity of plastic. The rain barrel is manufactured by rotation molding plastic process and is able to withstand extreme temperatures.

Want to know how much water you could save? To find out how much water your roof will collect you first need to calculate the catchment area.

L = total length of your house
W = total width of your house
(L+eaves) x (W+eaves) = Catchment
Example: (36+4) x (46+4) = 2000sqft.

-1 inch of rainfall can provide an average of 600 gallons per 1000 sq ft. catchment area.
(Catchment area/1000) x 600gallons= total gallons of water collected per 1 inch of rainfall
Example:(2000/1000) x 600gallons = 1200gallons

To find out how much you will collect in a year:
Total gallons of rain water per sq.inch x average rainfall per year in inches=total gallons per year
Example: 1200 gallons of water per sq. inch x 20 inches of rainfall a year= 24000 gallons

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Make it Quick, Easy and, Leak-Free to Connect Your Garden Hose and Nozzle

Forget about the painstaking chore of twisting on your leaky garden hose or watering tool every time you want to water the lawn or wash the car.
Easy Slide Garden Hose Connector (2 Pack)

The Easy Slide Garden Hose Connector now makes these connections a snap, and also prevents leaks and drips coming from the connection points. There are no rings to buttons or rings to push. Attach the first of the two-piece connectors to your faucet spout and one end of the gardening hose and the second to the other end of your gardening hose and your watering tool…now you can quickly slide and lock the connections together. You can also use the connectors to attach multiple hoses together or even on your RV for easy setup. When you are finished, just disconnect the hose and watering tool and store them out of sight. This product is a fantastic and inexpensive solution to getting rid of the unpleasant task of twisting on your hose and watering tool and putting up with a leaky connection.Read more

Customer Reviews

4.5 Stars 

5 Stars BETTY — LAS ANIMAS, CO    Date: 7/1/2011
Review: Great for arthritic hands.

2 Stars WILLIAM — PHILADELPHIA, PA    Date: 6/9/2011
Review: The item works only some of the time. It is often difficult to line up the two sections to complete the connection. In one application, it has performed flawlessly, once in place. But in another, it sprung a bad leak on the second connection attempt! In my opinion , stick with brass connectors!

5 Stars JOEANN — ATLANTA, MI    Date: 6/5/2011
Review: Great way to keep your hose and faucet connections from getting all bent out of shape because you don’t have to keep using a wrench to take off or put on the hose twice a year. You just leave the Easy Slide on. Thanks for the great invention.

4 Stars WILLIAM — PHILADELPHIA, PA    Date: 5/28/2011
Review: Had 2 applications for this product, one worked perfectly and continues to, while the other developed a stubborn leak on its second use—hence only 4 stars.

5 Stars JOHN — HARBESON, DE    Date: 5/28/2011
Review: work well, very satisfied

4 Stars VICKI — BENTON, TN    Date: 3/26/2011
Review: I bought Easy Slide to connect my garden sink to the water supply. It was very easy to use and did not leak. The only negative is that you have to be careful not to lose the O ring when disconnecting. I would say this was a good buy for the money.

Flexible Hose Connector for Air and Water Hoses

Nelson 50305 5/8-inch Single Shut Off Flexible Hose Connector

Nelson 50305 5/8-inch Single Shut Off Flexible Hose Connector

This flexible Shut-Off Hose connector features a Rezimar body with a metal ergo swivel coupling. And a single shut off feature to stop the flow of water. It is used as a connector piece for your air and water hoses and features a large soft-grip over-mold knob that allows for an easy control of the water flow rate. Its coiled flex hose prevents kinks in your hoses and allows for the uninterrupted flow of water.

  • Can be used with air and water hoses
  • Designed with a coiled flex hose to prevent kinks in your hose
  • Has a tough rezimar body with a metal ergo swivel coupling

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Precision Plant Watering Has Never Been So Easy

Claber 8057 Idris Automatic Plant Watering Kit

No more bulky watering cans or makeshift drip systems: with Idris you too can change the way you water your potted plants! Wherever there are potted plants, Idris will water them efficiently and without problems. Idris uses a handy 2 liter clear plastic reservoir to give your plants the precise amount of water they need.

Idris works by using four interchangeable drippers, each specifically designed to water to different types of plants at precise rates and volumes. An adjustable tripod ensures stability, and the reservoir’s top openingfeatures a filter and is designed for easy filling. Idris’ all-plastic construction means it will be unaffected by limescale and last forever.

  • Makes watering easy and saves you time
  • Drip watering using a standard plastic drink bottle
  • Four interchangeable drippers let you control water amount
  • Unaffected by limescale

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*Since we strive to provide you with the lowest prices, prices are subject to change.