Fix or Remove Broken Sprinkler Heads with Ease

Orbit Irrigation 53027 Medium Area Aluminum Sprinkler Head Wrench

  • Use to install and remove sprinkler heads and nozzles
  • High-quality die-cast aluminum construction
  • Offers many years of dependable sprinkler system repair use

This Orbit 53027 aluminum head adjustment wrench sprinkler tool is used to install and remove sprinkler nozzles from pop-up sprinkler heads. With its high-quality die-cast metal construction, this sprinkler head wrench has many uses in sprinkler repairs and for sprinkler systems do-it-yourself projects. If you need to replace or install a pop-up nozzle from a spring-loaded sprinkler head, this is a tool you must have. The Orbit Sprinkler Wrench is easy to use and versatile in installing and replacing sprinkler system parts. Read more

Add to Your Holiday Lighting with a Wireless Beautiful Colored Fountain

Viatek LS01G Color Changing Sprinkler
Mist Sprays out softly and gently to not damage plants. The mist can reach up to 6.5 feet in height and up to 19.6 feet in diameter. The water creates hydraulic power to light up the LED and shine through a beautiful display of colors, creating a brilliant colorful fountain at night.

Colors: Magenta, Blue, Green, Violet, Yellow, Orange

  • No wires, no batteries, no electricity
  • Save water, save money
  • Mist drizzles softly and gently, won’t damage delicate plants
  • Hydraulic power turns on the light that changes through a spectrum of colors.
  • Fits any standard garden hose
  • Uses 30% less water than a regular water sprinkler
Customer Reviews
4 Stars JAMES — SCHENECTADY, NY    Date: 7/1/2011
Review: Great little gadget—fun for relaxing evenings and watering the garden
3 Stars MARTINE — NORTH HILLS, CA    Date: 6/15/2011
Review: The Viatek sprinkler has a nice water mist on it and the colors work well. At night is when you can see the changing colors the very best, but they stay lower to the ground rather then lighting up the area. It’s still creates a nice light and a little ambience to have the sprinkler on durring a summer night.

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Turns Any Hose End Sprinkler into a Timed Sprinkler

The Orbit 62034 Mechanical Hose Faucet Timer converts an ordinary hose faucet into an automatic sprinkler station. Twist the dial to the desired watering duration and the timer will turn itself off. The mechanical operation doesn’t require batteries.

Never leave the hose on again, the mechanical hose timer will always ensure your sprinkler or hose will shut off at the right time. There’s no need to worry about inflated water bills when you install the Orbit Mechanical Hose Faucet Timer. With an easy to set timer you’ll ensure your lawn or garden gets the perfect amount of water every time.Orbit 62034 Mechanical Hose Faucet Timer

  • Watering times from 15 minutes to 2 hours
  • Mechanical operation requires no batteries
  • Durable High Impact Construction
  • Comfort grip for easy use

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Intuitive Mac Home Automation Software for Remote Control of INSTEON and X10 – Compatible Devices

Indigo 5.0x Pro INSTEON - Compatible Software
Indigo 5, one of the most intelligent, and robust INSTEON / X10 – compatible Home Automation software available for the Mac operating system; this control server allows homeowners to integrate an array of popular INSTEON and X10 devices for unprecedented control of your home lighting and appliances. Locally, remotely or automatically control or program Plug-in Modules, Switches, Wire-in Modules, Sensors, Remote Controllers, Keypads, Touchscreens, Low Voltage I/O Modules and more. The built-in web server provides users with means to access their homes remotely via Mac’s, PC’s, Wi-Fi enabled tablets, PDA’s, and mobile phones. With Indigo Touch (1.7 or above, sold though Mac app store), user’s will gain seamless remote control of their digital home through the use of an iPhone, iPad, or iTouch, from virtually anywhere in the world; you can even receive email or text notifications for specific events, such as power failures or motion detection.

Using Indigo 5’s unlimited flexibility of scheduling and exquisite control logic, users will save money, conserve water, provide their home with added security, all while cutting-back on energy usage through strategic programming, and remote or automated control of lighting and appliances. Indigo 5 will also provide the means for user’s to control their sprinklers, security systems, thermostats (HVAC), and more. Program simple, automatic On / Off control, create custom lighting scenes (group containing multiple load controllers activated simultaneously from the same Trigger or remote device), or create a much more complex system using multiple Triggers, Conditions, and Actions. This system is perfect for those who already have a home full of existing INSTEON or X10 hardware, because it allows them to include both technologies in their programming, in-turn, simplifying the control process. Indigo 5 gives homeowner’s the ability to create as simple or as complex a system as they need to suit their applications. Use Indigo to automate your entire home, or create a simple system for scheduling and remote control of only a couple of lights.

The Pro version of Indigo 5 can support an unlimited number of INSTEON devices and provides advanced features that may not be needed for a smaller system or those who are just begining with Starter Kits containing very few devices, and not interested in complex control options. See Indigo 5.0x Lite for support of up to 20 INSTEON devices and more basic control features.

Note (1): Indigo 5 will require a Mac OS X 10.5 (Leopard) operating system or better. All Mac hardware that has been officially supported by Mac OS X 10.5 will work with Indigo 5. Read more

Keeps Water Flowing Freely From Your Hose in Even the Coldest Winter Conditions

K & H Manufacturing 5090 All Season Hose Heater

  • Holds standard garden hoses up to 100 feet long
  • Automatically turns on or off based on outdoor ambient temperature
  • Uses only 70 Watts of power
  • Heavy-duty, UV resistant nylon materials
  • MET Listed

With these hose cover, you’ll always have running water, even in sub-zero temperatures. Three thermostats within the unit monitor internal temperature and ambient outdoor temperature. As the ambient temperature drops, the hose heater automatically turns on to keep the hose warm and water flowing freely. When the outside temperature rises, the heater turns off to save energy. Up to 100 feet of be stored inside the heavy-duty nylon cover. Keeping water running through your hose won’t cause a drastic change in your electricity bill. At only 70 Watts, this hose heater uses less energy than the average light bulb. Read more

Convert Any Ordinary Hose Faucet Into an Automatic Sprinkler System

Nelson 56601 Deluxe Auto Water Shut-Off with Timer

  • Mechanically operated timer
  • no batteries required
  • Brass ergo swivel coupling
  • 3 functions: timed watering, manual watering, and intermittent watering
  • Intermittent watering on for 5 minutes and off for 10 minutes

The Nelson 56601 Mechanical Intermittent On/Off Timer is a mechanically operated timer, which means no batteries are needed! There are three watering program included: timed water, manual watering, and intermittent watering.

This deluxe automatic water shut-off features a unique dual shut-off function. It can either be set to continually water for up to three hours, or it can be set to a ‘soaker’ setting. The soaker setting lets the water flow for five minutes, then shuts off for ten minutes, and lasts for the amount of time you set it to up to three hours. Read more

Put a Powerful Solid Brass Impact Sprinkler Anywhere You Can Run a Hose

ConservCo SI125F Full Circle Heavy Duty Impact Sprinkler

  • Solid Brass Construction for superior durability
  • 96 Foot Watering Radius covers even the biggest lawns
  • Trouble free high performance year after year
  • Full Circle Watering Configuration

The ConservCo Underhill SI125F Solid Brass, Ultra-Reliable Impact Sprinkler is a true workhorse. For reliable, trouble-free, high-performance year after year, you just can’t beat the brass impact sprinkler. The full circle design has an inlet size of 1 1/4″ and has a 96 foot radius throw. This sprinkler can handle up to 51 gallons per minute to cover even the most demanding watering needs. The portable design allows you to put a powerfull sprinkler anywhere you can run a hose. Read more