Your Team, Your Tunes, Your Way.

It’s football season: Support your team loudly and proudly!

Acoustic Research AWSBTS Portable Wireless Speaker

Stake out your territory at your next tailgate. With this portable speaker you can be a loud and proud supporter of your favorite team. Pimp your wireless speaker with custom Skinit covers. There are skins to choose from for almost every sport and professional or collegiate team. Don’t find your team? Support the minor leagues or even your own team by customizing your own design online with personal images on

All this on a great sounding, ultra-portable wireless speaker featuring Bluetooth technology, that’s easy to connect with your smartphone, iPod, tablet, or netbook. There’s even a storage compartment to hold your phone or other essentials. Make it yours

Acoustic Research AWSBTS Portable Wireless Speaker

Dock and Distribute Audio from your Smartphone or Tablet Throughout Your Home!

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How awesome is this? Unleash even more potential from your Tablet or Smartphone by integrating it in to your home. The LyriQ Studio Charge and Play Four-Zone Kit allows you to play music throughout your home for everyone to enjoy, unless of course it’s Nickelback, then maybe it’s best to keep the music to yourself. The entire system is interlinked and networked via Cat5 cabling. The kit will even charge your device while it’s being used, so the music never dies. It will even integrate in to the OnQ Selective Call Intercom Systems, so you are good to go!

Here’s the need to know info:

The lyriQ Studio Charge and Play Four-Zone Kit is the perfect all-in-one solution for whole house audio. Homeowners can enjoy the main music source in four rooms, or choose to listen to a local source in only one room. The Charge and Play input supports the charging of most tablets, smartphones, and digital music players via the convenient USB port and the player manufacturer’s cord. Left and right stereo inputs provide crystal clear sound while the included Universal Smart Cradle desktop stand securely holds any device connected to the system. Simply just plug in and play.

Based on efficient and reliable CAT5 cabling, the lyriQ Audio System includes easy installation features such as simple RJ45 connections to the modules and keypads. Speaker wire is connected from the keypads in the system to each speaker in the room. Each keypad in the system allows whole house control which enables you to select your song of choice and desired volume level and they also offer the ability to directly control the local source of music. Its Cat 5 backbone allows whole house commands and it easily integrates with the Selective Call Intercom Systems.

The lyriQ AU5714 by Onq Legrand is an excellent solution for a simple installation of house audio and its elegant and contemporary design can fit almost any home. Read More

  • Audio input supports most smart phones, tablets and MP3 players
  • System operates over effiecient cat5 wiring
  • Universal desktop stand manages device cords and cables to reduce clutter
  • Charges your smartphone or tablet while you enjoy the music in your home
  • Expandable to 8 zones

Enjoy Your Music Almost Anywhere Without Running Unsightly Speaker Wire

Audio Unlimited SPK-24GX Digital Wireless 2.4GHz Indoor/Outdoor Stereo Speaker

Audio Unlimited SPK-24GX Digital Wireless 2.4GHz Indoor/Outdoor Stereo Speaker

Audio Unlimited’s 2.4GHz Digital Wireless Indoor/Outdoor Stereo Speaker system allows you to play music from portable media devices, home stereos, and computers, and more from anywhere in your home. Simply plug a 3.5mm stereo or RCA output-equipped device into the transmitter and it will transmit a strong, clear 2.4GHz signal to the portable speaker up to 150 feet away. 32-channel scan tuning between the transmitter and receiver provides virtually interference-free stereo quality. Walls, floors, and windows are no obstacle!

The speaker unit outputs up to 20 Watts RS per channel and features a 5″ 360° full range dual speaker. The speaker and included wireless remote are both waterproof for use outdoors. A mood light effect and bass boost function allow you to set a mood, from mellow hang-out to exciting party.

Adapters are included for both the transmitter and speaker unit, though they can be powered by 4 AA batteries (transmitter) and 6 D batteries (speaker) for complete wireless freedom.

  • Transmitter sends music to portable speaker up to 150 feet away
  • Remotely play iPods, iPhones, iPads, computers, stereos, MP3 players, and more
  • Battery operated for complete wireless freedom (batteries available separately)
  • Waterproof speaker and remote for outdoor use
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    It’s March Madness Time! Get Ready for Game Time with These Products!

    It’s game time! March Madness is here, so it’s time to break out your team swag, crack open a couple beers and get your game face on. Want to throw the best game-day party any sports fan would dream of? Here at Smarthome, we have some ideal items that will be sure to make your friends jealous when they come into your home court.

    1. Drinks, drinks, drinks!

    Rechargeable Blender

    The Portable Rechargeable Battery Operated Blender is perfect for blending all of your favorite mixed beverages.

    2. Keep it Cool

    On the Edge Marketing 904009 Large Coca-Cola Cooler with Rolling Cart Base

    The On the Edge Marketing 904009 Large Coca-Cola Cooler with Rolling Cart Base is the perfect novelty item for any sports haven.  This heavy duty steel cooler comes equipped with a steel cart with heavy duty casters, a drain plug and a chrome bottle opener on the side.  Roll this right next to the couch, and you’ve got instant access to your favorite cold beverages.

    3. Everyone loves Dip!

    Joseph Joseph DDWG010GB Double Dish - White

    The > Joseph Joseph DDWG010GB Double Dish – White keeps your snacks and salsas separated for your guests.  Serve with style!

    4. I Hear You Loud and Clear!

    Smarthome Select 5 Speaker In-Ceiling Surround Sound Package

    The Smarthome Select 5 Speaker In-Ceiling Surround Sound Package is exactly what you need to complete your tournament-watching experience.   Put these speakers in your living room, and bring the game to life!