Store Your Bike Off the Ground With This Rack

Sparehand DBR-810 Freestanding Bike Rack
The Freestanding Bike Rack from Sparehand is a simple bike storage solution that requires no drilling of your walls or ceilings for support. This bike can store up to two bikes with additional hangers and clamps (1 set included for one bike). Because the clamps and hangers are adjustable, they will fit with virtually any type of bicycle: children’s, mountain, road, and ladies. This bike stand is the ideal solution for garage or home storage if you are limited with space. This bike stand helps keep your garage or even the inside of your house looking organized. You don’t have to worry about the bike toppling over or even leaving unsightly marks on your walls or furniture from leaning it up against them.

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Telescopic Cross Bar Assists Your Bikes Storage

Sparehand QSP-610 Bike Frame Adapter
Designed specifically for bikes that lack a traditional top cross bar, this telescopic Bike Frame Adapter from Sparehand fits multiple bike sizes and has a vinyl coating over each hanger to prevent any damage to your bicycles. Use this adapter with the Sparehand Dual Bike Storage Rack or the Double Bike Rack. This adapter works with almost any style bike and is to be used for indoor storage only.

  • Telescoping adapter provides a top bar for bikes that do not have one
  • Fits multiple bike sizes
  • Vinyl coating over each hanger to prevent any damage to your bike

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Store Your Kayak and Paddle Together on this Wall Mount Storage Rack

Sparehand KC-12 Wall Mount Kayak Storage Rack with Paddle Storage
The Wall Mount Kayak Storage Rack with Paddle Storage from Sparehand is made from 1 inch tubular steel and can support your kayak, canoe, paddleboard or SUP up to 125 pounds and 20 feet in length. Each arm of the rack comes complete with a hinging mechanism that allows you to fold the cradle into the wall when not in use. The straps securely hold your craft in place safely on the padded cradles which prevent dings and scratches. This wall mount storage solution comes with an additional storage hook at the bottom that can be used for your paddles, life vest, or other related gear.


  • Lightweight and mounts easily to your wall in minutes
  • Padded cradle arms protect your kayak from dings and scratches
  • Strap secures kayak for security and additional safety
  • Built-in paddle holder keeps your craft and accessories all in one place
  • Powder coated, rust resistant finish can be installed indoors or outdoors

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Transport Your Bikes Safely and Easily

Sparehand VR-735 Elevation 4 Bike Tilt-Down Hitch Rack

The Elevation 4 Bike Tilt-Down Hitch Rack from Sparehand is an innovative and safe transportation vehicle rack for your bicycles. Constructed from an all steel frame with an attractive and durable powder coating, this rack holds up to four bikes and has individual cradles with Velcro securing straps. This rack will fit most mountain bikes, road bikes, and kid’s bikes. Bikes without top tube or female style frames may require frame adapter (not included). The rack fits vehicles with a 1.25-inch or 2-inch trailer hitch and the hitch bar elevates 4 inches to give you additional ground clearance. It is perfect for sedans, minivans, cross-over vehicles, as well as your normal SUV and trucks and has a total maximum weight capacity of 132 pounds. The rack has a tilt away feature that gives you access to the rear of the vehicle without having to remove the rack.
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