Utilize Renewable Energy to Set Up a Backup or Emergency Power Reserve

Nature Power 40400 Solar Home and RV Kit with 40 Watt Solar Panel




The Solar Home and RV Kit is a complete solar kit that absorbs energy from the sun to eliminate operating costs. A great alternative to gas generators, this solar kit is silent and won’t pollute the air. Drawing power strictly from the rays of the sun, this system ensures you will never be without power. The 40 Watt solar panel gathers the sun’s energy while the 60Ah battery stores it until you are ready to use it. Thirty-five feet of cabling offers flexibility in placement of the solar panel so you can put it in the perfect position to draw in the maximum amount of energy. Four AC outlets allow you to plug in and power multiple devices at once. If you desire longer runtimes, you can expand the system with an additional auxiliary battery.

Setting up the system is so easy and will only take a few minutes. The compact system is perfect for taking on camping and road trips, picnics, boat rides, or even just to ensure you’ll always have power at home in the event of a power outage. You can even plug in the power supply to your home’s electricity to ensure uninterrupted power to your plug-in devices – an internal transfer switch automatically detects when your home’s electricity has stopped and begins utilizing its stored energy. Ideal for the do-it-yourselfer, this kit does not require any professional installation. The system can be set up in a few simple steps and will take less than an hour. Environmentally friendly, this solar system makes sure you will never be without power, while keeping the air around you free of fumes and other pollutants.   Read more

A Powerful Highly Reliable Solar Charger that is Durable, Compact, Easy to Use and Hassle Free

If you’re looking for an all-purpose portable solar charger for your handheld devices that you can run and charge at the same time then look no further than the powerful Suntactics sCharger-5 USB 5 Watt Solar Charger. This 5 Watt Solar Charger harnesses the energy of the sun and then converts it to usable energy that you can in-turn use to power or recharge handheld devices such as a cell phone, GPS or iPad. This rugged charger is both water and weather resistant so it can go where ever you go to provide off the grid power whenever you need it. The solar charger uses high efficiency monocrystalline solar cells which have been successful at providing a charge even in partially cloudy conditions. For optimum performance, however, it is recommended the solar charger be used in direct sunlight. It uses solar energy directly to charge handheld devices and does not carry on-board batteries. Using this solar charger won’t slow you down either. It is hassle free and powerful enough to charge your devices just as quickly as they would if you were using a traditional wall charger. The solar panel is lightweight and able to fold in half for added convenience making it easy to travel with. The sCharger-5 USB 5 Watt Solar Charger also makes an ideal tool for every emergency preparedness kit to ensure that even if power goes out you’ll still have a way to charge necessary electronic devices. Read more

Harnesses the Sun’s Energy to Charge the 1800W Inverter and Power up to 5 AC Devices and 1 DC Device

Universal Power Group 87530 Ecotricity 1800S Solar Generator

Replacing your gas generator with a more environmentally-friendly version eliminates emissions to help protect the environment and saves you money on fuel costs. With this Ecotricity Solar Generator, you can use the natural energy of the sun to power multiple devices at once. The generator features an 1800W inverter, one DC adapter, and five AC outlets (one located on the front and four on the back of the unit). Charge the generator internal battery with the solar panel or via AC power. LED indicators exhibit which method is charging the device and its current battery state so you can always be sure when you have the ideal battery power.

The solar panel folds down for easy storage and is attached to a wheeled cart for added portability. When you are ready to charge, simply unfold the panel and attach to the generator with the power cord. Angled to absorb the optimal amount of the suns rays, the panel’s high-efficiency solar cells allow for quick recharging. When you are done recharging, store the power cord behind the panel, fold it up, and tuck it away. Use the generator for camping, tailgating, and other outdoor events without sending emissions into the air. Or keep the generator charged as a backup power source for lights, cordless phones, TV, radios, fans, or other household appliances you want to keep running in the event of a blackout.

  • 5 surge-protected AC outlets and 1 DC outlet
  • Uses clean renewable energy as an alternative to gas generators
  • Hassle-free setup with no assembly required
  • Solar panel includes wheels and folds down for easy portability and storage
  • Charges via high efficiency solar panel or AC

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