Stocking Stuffer Alert! Convenient (and Affordable) Gifts for Everyone

Quirky WRP-1-PPL Wrapster for Headphone, Purple



No More Cord Chaos

Nobody likes detangling headphones. It takes time to pull them a part when you could be using to listen to your music. This is why Quirky came up with a solution to help you enjoy your music faster, without the stress of detangled earbids. This product has a slim, compact design that allows you to wrap your cords vertically, which means more convenience and less bulk. And what makes it even better is that this can serve as a stand to hold your 3G or 4G Apple iPhone in landscape mode, when it’s not in use! This is the ultimate cord management solution for anyone who wants to work out without wasting time detangling cords. So say good-bye to tangled earbud headphones, and hello to a stress free experience the next time you need to plug in to your MP3, iPod, iPhone or computer!

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slice 108 Letter Opener


Bye Bye Paper Cuts!

Kiss paper cuts goodbye when you use the slice™ Letter Opener. The high-tech, recessed ceramic blade lasts longer than steel and cuts only the envelope, not your hand. With the Letter Opener, you’ll tackle the day’s mail with ease. Use the built-in magnet for easy storage. We can’t promise an end to bills or junk mail, but we can promise no more wrestling envelopes. How wonderful is that? Simple. Sharp. Safe.

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Green Onions Supply RT-SPAK202 Anti-Glare Screen Protector for Amazon Kindle and Kindle 2


Greasy Fingers, Meet Your Match

The RT-SPAK202 Anti-Glare Screen Protector for the Amazon Kindle® and Kindle 2® . This is a hard-coated PET film Screen Protector, designed to provide scratch-protection for the Amazon Kindle 1 or 2. This Protector is attached with silicone glue, making installation very simple. The Anti-Glare filter retains the paper-like finish of the Kindle’s E-ink screen, while reducing glare and making oily fingerprints very easy to clean off.

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Sylvania LED Solar Flashlight

See Things Clearly

Don’t get left in the dark next time there is a power outage or when you need a flashlight. The Sylvania LED Solar Flashlight has a built-in rechargeable battery that is charged via the solar panel in direct or indirect sunlight, which means you’ll never have to buy batteries again. Two long-lasting LEDs provide plenty of illumination to light your way and give you the ability to complete tasks in the dark. A full charge will last about 30 days and allows for approximately two hours of use. The flashlight comes equipped with a metal clip that can be used to attach the light on your belt, clothes and other suitable locations. An easy press button makes turning the light on and off a breeze. This product is a fantastic alternative to ordinary flashlights and is a handy tool to have in your home, car, RV, boat or anywhere else you may need lighting in the dark. The Sylvania LED Solar Flashlight is an easy way to use sustainable, renewable energy as a home lighting solution.

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Make Sure Your Family is not Left in the Dark when the Power Goes Out

Never run the risk of being left stuck in the dark if your home is hit with a power outage. With the Mr Beams MB240 Power Outage Lighting System Kit you can give yourself and your family the peace of mind that this will never happen because this kit will instantly light up if power is lost. The kit consists of 3 pieces and can be grown to as many as 30 to suit your lighting needs.

The first component of the lighting system kit is the Power Outage Detector or POD. The POD is the brain of the kit and is what senses a loss of power in the house and in turn automatically sends out a wireless signal to up to 30 wireless LED Mr Beams lights. The Power Outage Detector is only compatible with Mr Beams’ Wireless LED Stair Lights and Wireless LED Ceiling Lights. The POD must be plugged into a wall outlet which is how it is capable of detecting whether or not there has been a power outage in your home. While plugged into the outlet the rechargeable battery in the POD is charged to ensure that it will function properly for hours when called upon and removed from the outlet. The Power Outage Detector also functions as a bright LED flashlight when needed and automatically illuminates with the rest of the kit in the event power is lost. The remote control feature of the POD has a 70ft transmission range and while the kit only comes with 2 wireless LED lights, any combination of up to 30 Wireless LED Stair Lights or Wireless LED Ceiling Lights can be added and controlled with 1 POD.

Mr Beams MB240 Power Outage Lighting System Kit



  • Power Outage Detector (POD) controls up to 30 wireless LED Mr Beams lights
  • POD has a 70ft transmission range
  • POD activates all wireless Mr Beams lights in event power is lost
  • Ceiling Light is wireless and can be installed anywhere
  • Stair and Path Light provide 40 hours of light on one set of batteries

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Use the Power of the Sun to Bring Light and Style to Your Garden or Outdoor Pathways

Moonrays 91743 Hudson Solar Path Light (6-Pack) - Pearl Bronze




  • 6 lamps with ground stakes
  • 2X LEDs provide twice as many lumens as regular solar lamps
  • No wiring or programming necessary – use right out of the box
  • Provides 8 hours of light on a full charge
  • Weatherproof for use in all outdoor conditions



Keep walkways well-lit in the dark with this set of solar lights. Six lights are included and are designed for outdoor use. Heavy-duty construction makes them resistant to all types of weather conditions so they can be used in any climate, no matter what time of year. Each unit is ready to use right out of the box. No assembly or installation is required – simply drive the lights into the ground and let the sun do the rest. Each lamp has one warm-white bright 2X LED which provides twice as many lumens as regular solar lamps. Light shines in a 120 degree angle, providing about 24 inches of ground coverage. Ribbed plastic lens create a layered look and reduces harshness of the light, allowing for gentler illumination.

When fully charged, each light can provide up to eight hours of illumination. During the day, each lamp charges in the sunshine. A light-sensing photocell detects the absence of light and automatically turns the light on at dusk. As the sun rises, the light will automatically turn off, allowing the battery to recharge. Because it is able to recharge itself, the LED will never need replacing.

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Smarthome DIY: Stop Heat and AC From Escaping Through Your Fireplace

Tools Needed:
1. Flashlight
2. Safety Glasses
3. Chimney Balloon (with clear inflation tube)



1.  Wear safety glasses, since the chimney can be a dirty place.  Use a flashlight to re-identify the fluke that you measured for your Chimney Balloon.  This location should have parallel walls, be low enough to touch with your hand, and not obstructed by the damper or other hardware.

2.  Partially inflate your Chimney Balloon before you install it, so it’s like a floppy pillow.

3. Grab the Chimney Balloon by the handle valve and hold it aloft in the fireplace so the balloon portion is in the area you want to plug.  If needed, crowd the corners of the balloon into place with your finger.  Inflate the Chimney Balloon the rest of the way so it is snug and in place, and close the valve on the handle.

4. Take the red Reminder Card and put it on your wood grate or by your gas tab to remind yourself that the Chimney Balloon is installed.

The Chimney Balloon is reusable, so any time you wish to use your fireplace, you can open the tab to the Chimney Balloon and remove it so you can use your fireplace again.  When you’re done enjoying your fireplace, you can reuse your Chimney Balloon.


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Sleek LED Desk Lamp Gives the Most Amount of Lighting for the Least Amount of Electricity

Koncept Technologies AR2000-C-MBK-DSK Mosso LED Black Desk Lamp, Cool White




  • Contains 57% pre-consumer recycled materials by weight
  • Contains 57% pre-consumer recycled materials by weight
  • Touchstrip allows the user to dim light to desired brightness
  • Slim and easily adjustable award winning design
  • Energy consumption of only 10.5 watts



Looking for ways to cut down on your electric bill? One easy solution is more energy efficient lighting. Old lamps and incandescent bulbs are incredibly inefficient and heat up very hot, very quickly. This eats up electricity when you consider how long you typically keep a lamp on throughout the day. Koncept Technologies has your solution in the AR2000-C-MBK-DSK Mosso LED Black Desk Lamp, Cool White. This sleek and award winning lamp uses 42 cool white, energy efficient LED bulbs that are also dimmable at the touch of a finger. A touchstrip at the head of this Gen 3 lamp allows the user to power on and off the Mosso Desk Lamp and at the same time dim the lighting output to their desired brightness with a slide of the finger. The head of this lamp also not only moves up and down but can also twirl a full 360° giving off light where ever its user needs it. Keeping with the energy efficient theme, the Mosso consumes only 10.5 watts. To help put that into perspective, similar CFL lamps consume anywhere from 13 watts of energy and higher while incandescent bulbs are much worse. Along with being extremely energy efficient the Mosso LED Desk Lamp was made with the environment in mind. Koncept Technologies has created this eco-friendly LED lamp from 57% recycled materials by weight and its aluminum housing is fully recyclable.

Along with the Mosso’s ultra-flexible swivel head it has an easily adjustable 2-bar frame design to allow its user to point it in any which direction and angle they desire. It has a 9 foot power cord that gives this desk lamp added flexibility to be used even if a power outlet isn’t in the immediate area. The frame of this lamp is constructed of aluminum and plastic and the LEDs used have a rated lifespan of 50,000 hours. The Mosso is C-UL-US certified and comes with a 5 year manufacturers warranty from Koncept Technologies.

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Removable Solar Panel Powers the Lamp’s LEDs As Well As Cell Phones and Other Electronic Devices

HomeSelects 4212 Solar LED Lamp with Cell Phone Charger - Graphite

  • Can also be charged by connecting to a USB port on your computer or via AC power
  • Removable solar panel to make charging more convenient
  • Full charge after 6 hours of sunlight for 4-6 hours of use
  • Solar panel can also charge cellphones, iPods, or other electronic devices

This lamp is self-sustaining to help you save money by cutting down on your electricity costs and dependence. Instead of relying on electrical connections for power, this solar-powered lamp has a removable panel which stores sunlight to power 3, 1.2 Volt rechargeable batteries for up to 6 hours. The panel can reach a full charge in about 6 to 8 hours of direct sunlight. Because it is not dependent on electrical connections, the lamp is ideal for keeping in the RV for camping or barbequing. The ultra-versatile lamp is also perfect for lighting bedrooms, dorm rooms, or offices with very few electrical outlets. If the lamp is not located near direct sunlight, you can remove and relocate the battery pack and panel to a window or dashboard.

In addition to the removable solar panel, this lamp features a couple other charging methods. Connect the lamp to a computer via USB cable to keep your desk lit while you work. Or use the AC adapter to draw energy from an electrical outlet, if needed. You can even plug in your cell phone, iPod, camera, or other digital device to charge from the battery pack. Remove the battery pack and take it with you to keep your devices charged while on the go. No matter how you choose to use this solar lamp, you can be assured that your energy costs will be cut down since you are harnessing the free power of the sun.

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Sticks to Any Surface to Provide Light in Small, Tight Spaces

This stick-on LED light is perfect for shedding some light into just about any situation – inside or under cabinets, in drawers, behind electronic equipment, in closets, along hallways, beside fuse boxes, and more. With this anywhere light, you’ll never have to stumble through darkness or fish for a flashlight. Once its built-in motion sensor detects your presence, it will turn on four bright LEDs. When motion is no longer detected, the light automatically turns off. The LEDs only turn on when the area is dark so you can be sure battery life isn’t being wasted when the area is already lit up by another source. It draws power from three AAA batteries (sold separately) so you won’t need to mess with complicated electrical wiring. Installation requires two very simple steps – peel the backing off the unit to expose the adhesive and stick it onto the desired location.

Flipo SEN-RNLITE-SL Motion-Activated Stick Anywhere Light - Silver Round



  • Four super bright LEDs activated by a passive infrared sensor (PIR)
  • Wireless and battery-operated
  • Automatically turns on when it senses motion and turns off when movement is no longer detected
  • LEDs will only turn on when it is dark to conserve battery life
  • Use indoors only

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