Utilize Renewable Energy to Set Up a Backup or Emergency Power Reserve

Nature Power 40400 Solar Home and RV Kit with 40 Watt Solar Panel




The Solar Home and RV Kit is a complete solar kit that absorbs energy from the sun to eliminate operating costs. A great alternative to gas generators, this solar kit is silent and won’t pollute the air. Drawing power strictly from the rays of the sun, this system ensures you will never be without power. The 40 Watt solar panel gathers the sun’s energy while the 60Ah battery stores it until you are ready to use it. Thirty-five feet of cabling offers flexibility in placement of the solar panel so you can put it in the perfect position to draw in the maximum amount of energy. Four AC outlets allow you to plug in and power multiple devices at once. If you desire longer runtimes, you can expand the system with an additional auxiliary battery.

Setting up the system is so easy and will only take a few minutes. The compact system is perfect for taking on camping and road trips, picnics, boat rides, or even just to ensure you’ll always have power at home in the event of a power outage. You can even plug in the power supply to your home’s electricity to ensure uninterrupted power to your plug-in devices – an internal transfer switch automatically detects when your home’s electricity has stopped and begins utilizing its stored energy. Ideal for the do-it-yourselfer, this kit does not require any professional installation. The system can be set up in a few simple steps and will take less than an hour. Environmentally friendly, this solar system makes sure you will never be without power, while keeping the air around you free of fumes and other pollutants.   Read more

Use Solar Energy Wherever, Whenever

There is no need to give up the luxury of electricity when you are away from home. Whether you are camping, lounging on a boat, or taking a road trip, this solar panel kit lets you keep your 12 Volt applications powered. Comprised of two monocrystalline solar panels, this kit is sure to provide efficient and reliable solar power. The panels act as a great alternative to gas generators, completely silent while keeping the air free of fumes and other pollutants. Since they draw power exclusively from the sun, these solar panels eliminate the need for fuel and operating costs.

These solar panels are built with heavy-duty aluminum frames to withstand harsh outdoor conditions for years to come. Mounting hardware is included, enabling you to easily mount the panels to a roof or other surface where it will be in direct contact with the sun. Plug and play connectors make the rest of the installation a snap. The use of a charge controller (sold separately) will protect your 12 Volt battery against overcharging, high voltage surges, and short circuits. A built-in blocking diode prevents the reverse flow of electricity so energy only flows into the battery and not the opposite direction. This solar panels offer a completely environmentally-friendly power solution, keeping the air and outdoors cleaner for our future generations. Read more

Nature Power 50262 260 Watt Monocrystalline Solar Charger Kit


  • Two 130 Watt solar panels for use with RVs, boats, or other 12 Volt applications
  • Installs quickly and easily with plug and play connectors
  • Panels are constructed with heavy-duty aluminum frames for strong weather resistance
  • Includes all necessary mounting hardware

All the Benefits of a Lamp Post without the Hassle of Wiring

Want to make a big impression in your yard? Look no further than the Solar Lamp Post from Nature Power. This Lamp Post stands 6 feet high and because it is solar powered there are no electrical wires to deal with, no costs to operate and can be easily moved if needed. The Solar Lamp Post features 19 ultra-bright white LEDs with a high and low output setting option. When fully charged this Lamp Post can stay illuminated for up to 8 hours! To get a full charge it’s important to make sure placement is in an area that will receive ample sunlight throughout the course of the day. Exposure to sunlight is important because without it the solar panels will be unable to recharge the lights batteries. A photocell sensor will automatically control the turn on and off of the Solar Lamp Post upon it being initially switched on. The sensor will trigger the lamp to turn on automatically at nightfall and off as the sun comes up. Read more

Nature Power 21010 Solar Lamp Post, 6' Tall



  • 6 feet tall
  • Solar powered
  • 19 LEDs and 114 lumens to light up the night
  • Up to 8 hours of lighting time when fully charged
  • Photocell sensor automatically turns light on and off
  • Weather resistant

Instant Home Automation According to Air Temperature

The Thermo Cube is designed to turn your appliances on and off according to the current air temperature. It is able to achieve this instantly without the addition of a costly control unit. Save money and time by only running equipment when necessary. Perfect for automating weather-related electronic devices such as space heaters and fans. Thermo Cube’s weatherproof design makes it capable of indoor and outdoor applications. Each unit has two receptacles for use with more than one device and can operate loads up to 1800 Watts, 15 Amps and 120VAC.

Smarthome carries 5 models of the Thermo Cube: 

Thermo Cube TC-1 (On at 0 °F, Off at 10 °F)

Thermo Cube TC-2 (On at 20 °F, Off at 30 °F)

Thermo Cube TC-3 (On at 35 °F, Off at 45 °F)

Thermo Cube TC-21 (On at 78 °F, Off at 70 °F)

Thermo Cube TC-22 (On at 120 °F, Off at 100 °F)

 Each model is designed to turn your appliances and other electronic devices on and off at pre-set air temperatures. Decide which model is perfect for you and head on over to Smarthome.com.

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Don’t Be an Energy Hog and Save Yourself Some Cash

TrickleStar 180SS-US-12CT 12 Outlet Advanced PowerStrip with Coax and Phone Surge Protection



TrickleStar’s 180SS-US-12CT 12 Outlet Advanced PowerStrip with Coax and Phone Surge Protection is the ideal aide in reducing wasted standby energy also referred to as vampire energy. TV’s, computers and other household products still continue to draw energy even when they are not turned on which can lead to a whole lot of wasted energy. Current sensing circuitry in this surge protector recognizes when a product in the control outlet is either off or on and can then power off or on the switch outlets accordingly. A TV or computer is typically the product used for the control outlet while the subsequent switched outlets are for products that are used with the control product. When off the control outlet and switched outlets stop drawing power until the product in the control outlet is turned on. Thus if you have a TV plugged into the control outlet and a video game console plugged into one of the switched outlets then the video game console outlet will automatically power off when the TV is not turned on and vice versa. Of the 12 outlets, 1 is reserved as the control, 8 are switched outlets which work in unison with the control and the remaining 3 outlets are “always-on” outlets that are not affected by the control. This PowerStrip also offers coaxial and RJ11 (phone and fax) surge protection of 288,000 Amps or 4,320 Joules. This 12 Outlet Advanced PowerStrip is ideal for residential and workplace uses and comes equipped with a heavy duty 4 foot power cable that has an angled space saving plug.

TrickleStar’s Metal Oxide Varistor, MOV, surge protection technology is encased in a ceramic fireproof casing which is capable of preventing fire during abnormal surge conditions. The ceramic casing is capable of both suppressing more energy and dissipating heat faster than that of traditional MOV’s.

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Solar Powered LED Light Turns On Automatically When Motion is Detected

Smarthome Solar LED Motion Light


How many times have you walked outside your home and wished you had an extra light in a specific area? Maybe outside the garage, over the garbage cans, or by a shed or storage unit? The Smarthome Solar LED Motion Light is a perfect, inexpensive solution to this problem – no need to hire an electrician, no wires to run, and installation is a snap!

The Smarthome Solar LED Motion Light focuses 28 bright white LEDs that are powered by the sun to deliver the perfect amount of light exactly where you need it. Since it is solar, there are no electrical bills to pay and since the unit is triggered by a motion sensor, the light can work up to 3 days on a single 8-hour charge.


What Makes This Product Different from Similar Solar Lights?

  • 28 Super Bright White LEDs

-the unit itself is small, but it packs a big punch! The 28 super bright LEDs shine a strong beam of light since they are white and the light casing is clear and unobstructed.

  • Cast Aluminum Construction

-most solar lights are made of plastic. Over time, plastic gets beaten up by adverse weather conditions. The Smarthome Solar LED Motion Light is made of cast aluminum so it’s stronger and lasts longer.

  • Back in Black

-after years of testing, we’ve determined that, depending on your climate and weather conditions, white plastic (of which most solar lights are made), can change in color over time. This yellowing effect doesn’t change the functionality of lights, but can make them an eye-sore. No one wants to have eye-sores on their home, so this product features a basic, black aluminum finish.

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Add a Touch of Elegance to Your Yard with a Graceful Crane Stake Light

Moonrays 93304 Crane Solar Stake Light, 2 Pack




With the Moonrays 93304 Crane Solar Stake Light, 2 Pack users can add some accent lighting to their yard without the worry that it’ll be an eyesore during the daytime. There are 2 different Crane designs and one of each is included in this 2 pack. Each Crane contains a turquoise crackle globe in the area where its body would be so that at night it will not only illuminate the surrounding area but the Crane as well. This product is completely self-sustaining as its solar panel rests at the base of the Crane to collect sunlight during the day to charge its rechargeable AA NiCd battery. For optimum performance the user will need to ensure that each Stake Light is setup in an area that receives ample sunlight over the course of the day. The longer the solar panel is exposed to sunlight throughout the day, the longer it will stay illuminated at night. Each Stake Light has an auto on/off feature that allows the Crane to turn on at dusk and off at dawn. Because this light is solar powered there are no wires associated with it and it will not have any additional operating costs to its user.

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