The Virtually Indestructible Digital Lock Safe!

First Alert 2096DF Waterproof and Fire Resistant Digital Lock Safe

  • 2.1 cubic feet
  • Waterproof and fire resistant
  • Concealed hinges to prevent prying open
  • Digital lock is programmable and includes an override key
  • Interior key rack, door pocket and adjustable storage shelf

You can rest assured your most valuable possessions will be kept safe from theft, water damage and fire with this heavy-duty digital safe. This safe has 2.1 cubic feet of storage space with an adjustable interior shelf, door pocket and key rack. The safe has been UL classified to withstand external temperatures of 1700°F for 1 hour and maintain and internal temperature of less than 350°F. It’s been fire verified to protect memory sticks, CD’s, DVD’s, USB drives and other valuables but it is not intended to protect audio or video cassettes, floppy discs, data cartridges, film or photos in such high temperatures. This Digital Lock Safe is also waterproof and has even been proven to be so when fully submerged in water. Hinges on the safe are concealed so that they are pry-resistant and safe from theft in the event of a break-in. The digital lock is easy to program with a unique pass-code 3 to 8 digits long and includes an override key for use should the battery die or pass-code forgotten. Battery levels are automatically checked each time the digital keypad is activated and will flash a red light when levels are low. The safe is powered by 4 AA batteries which are included with the purchase. Moving the safe is no longer a hassle either as this Digital Lock Safe comes with a removable handle and wheels, however, it is also equipped with an option to bolt the safe directly to the ground. The bolts can only be removed from the inside, so you won’t have to worry about someone walking off with your safe along with all of your most valuable and important items. Read More

Organize Your Most Sensitive Equipment within Your NANUK Protective Case

NANUK 945-DIVI Padded Dividers for NANUK 945 Professional Waterproof Protective CasesNANUK cases have been designed to adapt as your needs change. Many features that are optional on other cases are standard on NANUK*. By integrating attachment features into the case at the design stage, you can easily add accessories. The attachment features are already there when you need them. If you require compartmentalized protective organization of your components or equipment, these padded dividers are the right choice. Easily tailored to your needs with repositionable hook and loop fasteners, our padded dividers are designed to easily organize and protect your equipment.

  • Designed for use with NANUK 945 cases
  • Customizable layout

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Store Your Kayak’s or Boards Properly and Efficiently

Sparehand KC-103 Catalina Kayak Rack
This model Kayak Rack from Sparehand will accommodate two boats with a weight capacity of 160 pounds for each level and up to 20 feet in length. At the weight of only 19 pounds, the Catalina rack is a fantastic solution to the storage of your kayaks, paddleboard, SUP (Stand-Up-Paddle Board), surfboard, or any other bulky sporting equipment. The two tier rack is sturdy and reliable and has a powder coating and rust resistant finish to ensure a long life. The boat placed on the bottom level is raised 2 inches off the ground for easier access and proper storage. The top level is 33 inches tall and is a perfect height for working on your boat or board.
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Keep Your Valuables Locked Away Safely in Your Desk Drawer

Product Title (In box)

The new quick access biometric top opening drawer safe by Barska features a new dual hydraulic pressurized hinge system. Barska biometric safes are well known for their quick access fingerprint scanning optical technology. This new dual hydraulic hinge allows for quick secure access to your valuables. The reinforced motorized dead bolt safe door can be effortlessly opened with one finger. The dual pressurized hydraulics insure that the solid safe door wont slam shut on your fingers. This standard size drawer safe is a perfect fit for your dresser drawer at home and in your office desk at work. Not limited to being stored away in a drawer the Barska top access safe can be mounted to any flat surface.

Need to give access to multiple users?

The Barska quick access biometric drawer safe can store up to 30 different fingerprints. In an office environment you may need to have a few top level managers have access to important documents, petty cash and incase of emergency a handgun for protection. At home keeping your valuables in a secure space is a must, but in a home with young children keeping firearms in a safe place is the law. You can grant access to only the adults in your family to ensure your children dont access your firearms.
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Look Smart and Be Smart with This Clever Safe!

Barska AX11682 Hidden Real Book Safe
Barska AX11682 Hidden Real Book Safe
The Barska AX11682 Hidden Real Book Safe can be kept in plain sight yet cleverly conceals money, important documents, jewelry, and anything else you need kept away and protected from prying eyes, petty thieves, and precocious children. The cover looks like a copy of Pride and Prejudice, a classic and popular novel unlikely to arouse suspicion. While built-in wall safes are costly and difficult to move and standing vaults are bulky and heavy, this lightweight secret book safe can easily be moved wherever you go. Unlike a locked drawer which can pique children’s curiosity, the real book outside will not only keep children from playing with your handgun, but unlikely to even discover that the book is not simply a book. Concealed within a row of novels on a bookshelf, the Barska Real Book Safe would blend in perfectly with the rest of a library and mislead any possible thief or home intruder. So get smart with your valuables and buy a Barska Hidden Real Book Safe today!
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Multi-Access Safe Brings Storage Security Technology to the Next Level

The Barska AX11646 Standard Biometric Keypad Safe offers the latest multi-access safe technology. It delivers versatility and function by having two independent quick access methods, fingerprint recognition (biometric) and keypad, as well as a pair of back-up keys. The Barska method of multi-access is a functioning solution to delegate access to valuables or weapons in any situation. Each access method functions independently, fingerprint or keypad access, as to not compound frustration and to give you peace of mind that you will always be able to access your safe in time of an emergency.

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Store and Protect Valuable Possessions with a Welded Steel Anti-Theft Safe

Make sure to keep all your valuables and keepsakes safe from theft with the First Alert 2025F Digital Lock Security Safe. This anti-theft safe has a variety of features to protect its contents from break-in such as pry-resistant hinges which are concealed in the safe, 2 locking steel door bolts and the safe itself is constructed of welded steel. Admittance into the safe is achieved by entering a password into the digital lock which is 3 to 8 digits long and set by the owner. However, should the password ever be forgotten the owner can still gain access to the safe by using the included emergency override key. The safe also comes with an interior light, protective floor mat, 4 protective rubber feet and all necessary mounting hardware. The safe is powered by 4 AA batteries which are included with the purchase. Read more