Welcome To the Chili-Side of the Pillow

Product Title (In box)

  • Heat dissipating gel for maximum cooling
  • Cooler sleep surface breathable open cell structure
  • Actual coconut oil reducing the petroleum content
  • Pressure reactive foam for maximum support and comfort
  • Hypoallergenic inner jersey

The Chili Cloud Gel Pillow offers a unique memory foam formulation that uses actual coconut oil to provide a breathable open cell structure. This pillow features coconut foam that is pressure reactive for maximum support and comfort. The Chili Cloud Coconut Gel Pillow is enhanced with a layer of urethane gel, offering even more support and cooling characteristics. The hypoallergenic inner cover is specially treated with an Anti-Acaria agent that protects against the spread of dust mites and fungus. This premium pillow includes a cover constructed of all natural Tencelâ„¢ fibers, offering additional cooling and moisture wicking properties. The Tencel cover is removable and machine washable for your convenience. Read More

Fall Into a Deep Sleep Faster Than Ever Before!

Product Title (In box)

The AcousticSheep SS4BM SleepPhones Sleep Aid System helps you fall asleep to a deep sleep faster. If you have trouble falling asleep, the relaxing Music for Dreams classical piano songs will help you get to sleep faster. If you have a snoring partner, listen to a flowing stream instead on the Nature Sounds CD. If you have loud neighbors, the birds on the Nature Sounds CD will help you ignore them. If you have tinnitus, the stream on the Nature Sounds CD distracts your ear so the noises seem less loud.

  • Helps you fall asleep faster to wake up more refreshed
  • Works against loud neighbors, tinnitus, and snoring partners
  • Doubles as a sleeping mask
  • Price: $64.95
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