A Motion Sensing Security Light That Scares Off, Video Tapes and Talks to Unwanted Intruders

SmartGuard AEC-931A2BSD Motion Sensor Twin Light with Security Camera

  • Records video on an SD memory card (included)
  • Adjustable twin lights and passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor
  • Three pre-recorded verbal warnings with three operating modes
  • Automatic light sensor and sensitivity control
  • Floodlight time delay control

Scare off unwated visitors with the SmartGuard Motion Sensor Twin Light with Security Camera! This intelligent security light will automatically illuminate at the first sign of movement, then it will talk to the intruder with one of three pre-recorded messages while also recording everything on the built-in security camera.  Choose from among three pre-recorded messages: “You are tresspassing!”, “Warning! You are being videotaped by a security camera!”, or the sound of a dog barking. The passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor can be adjusted so it picks up people only from a speecific area, and the lights can be pointed to the same or a different spot. There are adjustments for the range of the PIR and the time the floodlight remains on. The video camera points the same direction as the PIR and will capture up to 500 video clips (20 sec) per GB of memory. Most surveillance cameras do nothing about deterring potential criminals, they only passively record whatever happens and you have to hope you got a good enough picture to help find the guy. This camera shines the light of day on crooks and tells them they had better leave without committing any crime. Get it today for $10 off! Read More

An Inexpensive, Complete Home Security System that Works with your Smartphone!

iSmartAlarm Smartphone Home Security System - Preferred Package

  • iOS and Android enabled wireless home security system
  • No monthly fees, no contracts required
  • DIY installation
  • Text message alerts
  • Self-monitored and self-controlled product
  • Almost unlimited expandability

It’s the complete home security package! The iSmartAlarm Smartphone Home Security System – Preferred Package is everything you need to secure your home with no monthly fees and no contracts required. From your Smartphone, you can receive text message alerts, monitor who is at home, when family members have left or returned, and check & control the status of each sensor! An inexpensive, yet effective, way to keep you, your family, and your belongings safe at all times. The iSmartAlarm™ is a DIY, self-monitored, self-controlled home security system. It is controlled from an app that allows the user to utilize their iPhone or Android to rename devices, monitor their home, and arm/disarm their security system at any time, from anywhere, in real-time. The app will alert all designated members with a phone call, SMS message, push notifications or email when the iSmartAlarm security system detects a break-in or unauthorized activity. Read More

Easy-to-Use, Cost-Effective DIY Wireless Intruder Security System

SecurityMan Air-AlarmIIE Wireless Smart Home Security System, Economy
The SecurityMan Air-AlarmIIE is a wireless LED touchpad security alarm system kit for your home or business. It offers a user-friendly, easy to use group of products that are perfect for protection at a minimum investment cost. This Do-It-Yourself (DIY) alarm system does not require monthly fees, which is a key benefit for users. The system will alert you by phone calls through a series of enlisted phone numbers. You can then dial into the host to arm or disarm the system using your phone’s numeric keypad. Main Components include: 1 LED touch keypad (host), 1 Wide-Angle PIR Motion Sensor, 1 Magnetic Door/Window Sensor, 2 Remote Controls, and 1 Warning Sign

The Air-AlarmIIE includes the main controller/keypad interface, a motion sensor and a door/window sensor. It can be upgraded by adding up to a total 60 sensors (15 wireless defense zones and 4 wireless sensors per zone), providing more than enough security for any average home, apartment or business. All the sensors can be smartly deployed into three defense lines: 24hr Defense Line (i.e. emergency panic buttons and smoke sensors), 1st Defense Line (i.e. door/window sensors), and 2nd Defense Line (i.e. PIR motions sensors in living rooms, bed rooms, and hallways). Therefore, you can arm or disarm all or just a group of sensors depending on whether you are at home/business or not.

With its wireless technology, anyone can install the Air-AlarmIIE easily in minutes. Running wire cables around your home/business and the assistance of a professional installer is no longer required. Simply plug in the power adapters, install the batteries, mount all the components at desired locations, connect the phone line, input phone number(s) and you are ready to go. The phone line (land line) connection is not required if the alarm call feature is not needed*. The main host also includes a backup rechargeable battery (up to 16 hrs) in case of power outage and can easily be armed or disarmed by remote controller, telephone, or main host keypad.

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All-in-One Security System from a Single Device

Traditional home security systems require you attach numerous sensors for doors, windows, glass break detection and motion detection. This often involves professional installation and setup that not only takes time, but leaves you with ugly attachments to doors, windows, and walls around your home. The aJile Systems aJ-Orion Wireless Network Home Security System eliminates this all together. From a single box, the aJ-Orion features a built in “Smart Sensor” that detects when doors are opened or when glass breaks; it also has the added functionality of a built-in IP camera, so you can see what is going on inside your home while you are away.

aJile’s aJ-Orion Wireless Network Home Security System uses no external sensors. It is far superior to motion and contact sensors because it is omni directional and can be placed anywhere within an enclosed environment. The device operates over W-Fi and will send an intrusion alert instantly to your smart phone (Android or iPhone) using an easy-to-install application. The application gives you full control of the system for configuration, monitoring, and viewing past alerts at any time. Best of all, there are no additional components to buy, no setup fees, no subscriptions, and no recurring charges. If you should ever decide to move, the aJ-Orion is a compact device that can be moved from one place to another. Read More

No Mess, No Stress with this Wireless Security System

Skylink SC-1001 Total Protection Wireless Alarm System - Complete Kit

This Skylink SC-1000 Total Protection Wireless Alarm System comes with a complete wireless security system that can be installed in minutes. With the motion sensor and two door/window sensors, the system coverage is adequate for a decent size house. With all the additional accessories and sensors, the SC-1001 is suitable for large homes, business offices, 24-hour stores, retail operations, etc., or wherever security is a concern. The Emergency Dialer (AD-105) acts as your own monitoring center without any monthly charges. You do not need to sign up for additional monitoring service and therefore save the monthly monitoring fee.

The Control Panel can control up to 30 different sensors; these sensors include door/window sensors, motion sensors, flood sensors, smoke sensors, temperature sensors, etc. If any of these sensors is triggered when the system is armed, the siren will sound and it will send a wireless signal to the dialer that will call for help at the same time.

You can program the emergency dialer to call up to 9 different phone numbers including your own cellular phone, pager, your doctor, relatives, friends, neighbors, etc. Once the recipient picks up the phone, the emergency dialer will play your pre-recorded message and inform the recipient that you are in an emergency situation and to send help right away.

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Simple (and Affordable) Home Security Installation

Swann SW347-WA2 Home Wireless Alarm System



If you have ever considered getting a security system but were put off by their complex installations, this is your system. Installation of this system is extremely simple, since everything is battery-powered and wireless. Just mount the sensors where needed, mount the control unit, and select a password. Your home is now secure! The system comes with two Passive Infrared (PIR) motion sensors to protect a hallway or room, and two window/door magnetic contacts. The alarm control unit has a keypad for entering your password, buttons to set alarm mode, and LED indicators. Use the key fob remote to turn the system on and off from convenient locations away from the control unit. The 110dB siren will alert your neighbors and help scare away an intruder. The finishing touch is to apply the window decals, letting potential intruders know that your home is secured and they should pick a different target. And since it installs without running wires all over, you can easily take this system with you when you move.

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Having Smoke Detectors Installed May Not Be Enough

Having smoke detectors installed in your home is only part of the solution to keeping your family safe from fire. To be effective, a fire safety plan must address three key areas: detection, suppression, and escape. Smoke detectors may act as great detection – alerting you and your loved ones that danger is present – but this doesn’t address the suppression or escape needs. While smoke detectors and sprinklers are devices used to detect and extinguish dangers such as fire, PEARL is the first permanently installed ladder that addresses the need to escape safely from these dangers. Having multiple exits available for use in your home if danger ever arises is vital if one or more exit points become blocked by fire or debris. This firefighter-recommended product is the perfect way to round out your fire safety readiness.

PEARL Will Be There for Any Emergency

Preparedness is the key to keeping your loved ones safe in case a dangerous situation should ever arise. If ever your family is faced with the need to escape from a second story window due to home invasion, fire, or flooding, the permanent Emergency and Rescue Ladder will be there. PEARL provides what many current emergency escape plans lack – safe options when a primary exit, such as a downstairs front door, is not available. It’s smart to have a plan of action in place that will help children or other household members determine: 1) where the dangers are located, 2) whether an upstairs escape is necessary and 3) whether PEARL should be deployed to escape to safety. Read more