A Motion Sensing Security Light That Scares Off, Video Tapes and Talks to Unwanted Intruders

SmartGuard AEC-931A2BSD Motion Sensor Twin Light with Security Camera

  • Records video on an SD memory card (included)
  • Adjustable twin lights and passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor
  • Three pre-recorded verbal warnings with three operating modes
  • Automatic light sensor and sensitivity control
  • Floodlight time delay control

Scare off unwated visitors with the SmartGuard Motion Sensor Twin Light with Security Camera! This intelligent security light will automatically illuminate at the first sign of movement, then it will talk to the intruder with one of three pre-recorded messages while also recording everything on the built-in security camera.  Choose from among three pre-recorded messages: “You are tresspassing!”, “Warning! You are being videotaped by a security camera!”, or the sound of a dog barking. The passive infrared (PIR) motion sensor can be adjusted so it picks up people only from a speecific area, and the lights can be pointed to the same or a different spot. There are adjustments for the range of the PIR and the time the floodlight remains on. The video camera points the same direction as the PIR and will capture up to 500 video clips (20 sec) per GB of memory. Most surveillance cameras do nothing about deterring potential criminals, they only passively record whatever happens and you have to hope you got a good enough picture to help find the guy. This camera shines the light of day on crooks and tells them they had better leave without committing any crime. Get it today for $10 off! Read More

Give Your Elderly and Disabled Loved Ones Independence, and Give Yourself Peace of Mind with this Emergency Response System

Visonic 0-100729 AMBER SELECTx Wireless Emergency Response System



The AMBER SELECTx can be used as the emergency communication center of your system. Using the included pendant transmitter or other optional detectors/transmitters, you can wirelessly contact a Monitoring Center (activation sold separately) or a private phone number of a friend or relative to report the emergency event. The waterproof PERS (Personal Emergency Response System) pendant wireless transmitter lets you signal to the AMBER SELECTx from anywhere in your home when you need emergency assistance. It can be activated by simply pushing its red button to place an emergency call or answer an incoming call. A total of 29 wireless sensors, sold separately, can be used with this system. The main unit allows for two-way voice communication and has a built-in speakerphone for hands-free communication making it easy to place an outgoing or receiving an incoming call if you are unable to reach the phone. Both the central station and any person to whom the unit is dialing can perform a number of actions using the AMBER SELECTx unit including but not limited to: speaker ON, microphone OFF, microphone ON, speaker OFF, Increase speaker volume, Decrease speaker volume, Trouble announcement and Trouble stop. A HHCPC (Home Health Care Personal Computer) software CD has also been included to make setup up easy and allow for remote access to your system (if connected to a modem), providing a remote diagnostic and event log. The AMBER SELECTx is ideal for seniors, those with a disability, or anyone who wants to add increased safety and well-being of individuals within their home.  Read More

Wireless Alarm System is Easily Armed or Disarmed from a Convenient Keychain Remote

GE 51207 GE Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm with Keychain Remote



  • Easy to install – no wiring necessary
  • Convenient keychain used for arming and disarming
  • Door alarm delay feature to avoid false triggeringT
  • 120 decibel alarm
  • Requires 3 AAA batteries (not included)
  • Motion detection up to 20 feet
  • Operates in chime mode and alarm mode


The GE Wireless Motion Sensor Alarm system is perfect for home or business security. Triggered by motion, this alarm system detects movement up to 20 feet. Use alarm mode to scare off intruders and alerts you of a perimeter break. Or use the chime mode to announce visitors. Convenient keychain allows you to enable or disable the alarm from just about anywhere in your home. Motion sensor/alarm is powered by three AAA batteries, sold separately. Remote operates on four LR44 batteries (included) for about one year. Read more

Activate Police, Medical, or Auxiliary Alarms with a Personal Wireless Panic Button

The GE Security Crystal Pendant Panic Sensor allows you to trigger police, medical, or other alarms wirelessly from a unit worn as a pendant or watch. When the micro panic buttons are activated, an LED mounted under the front cover will blink and an alarm signal is transmitted. The recessed button prevents false alarms, or the double-button sensor requires two buttons to be pressed simultaneously to activate an alarm.

The micro panic buttons have different adapters that allow the button to be worn as a pendant or watch, clipped to a belt or purse, or mounted to the wall. Other panic sensors can be worn as a pendant or mounted on the wall.

The double-button panic sensor protects against inadvertent activation by requiring both buttons to be pressed in order to activate an alarm. Read more

Elk Navigator 3.5″ LCD Touchscreen Gives Full Control of your M1 System


Elk Products M1KPNAV 3.5-inch Navigator LCD Touchscreen


The Elk Navigator is an elegant touchscreen keypad for controlling the M1 system. The 3.5″ display has bright, easy-to-use graphic icons and soft keys and can be programmed to suit your needs. The Navigator connects to the M1 system via the RS485 bus, so it’s perfect for new or retrofit installations. There are 6 programmable function keys. Built-in piezo sounder gives chimes and alerts. The LCD touchscreen offers the full menu display for total control of your M1 system. Mounts in a new-work single-gang box in drywall, or a special surface-mount back box. Add a bezel in your choice of white (included), black, or silver to complete your installation.

  • 3.5″ high contrast LCD touchscreen display
  • 6 programmable function keys
  • Unique menu navigation
  • Operates on 4-wire RS485 data bus
  • Built-in piezo sounder with adjustable pitch
  • One supervised zone input
  • One switched positive voltage output

Protect your Property from Criminals and Vandals With Great Perimeter Security

SECO-LARM E-9622-4B25 ENFORCER Curtain IR Motion Sensor, 8 Beams - Black
Suitable for indoor and outdoor perimeter security, the Enforcer Curtain / Barrier Sensor can monitor entire windows, doorways and/or skylights. There are four (4) photoelectric beams that can be used over a span of up to 50 feet indoors or 25 feet outdoors. The trigger is programmable for recognizing the simultaneous breaking of any single or two adjacent beams. The design features rugged aluminum construction, and an anti-tamper circuit for triggering an alarm if power is cut or the end cap is removed. These infrared photobeam curtain/barrier sensors are perfect for installation in windows, doorways, skylights, fence tops or any place where space is limited. No synchronizing wires are required and the LED alignment indicator makes installation easy.

Connecting Multiple Curtain Sensors
Several units can be connected together in parallel to the same power supply output and alarm input of an alarm control panel.

Tamper Protection
The receiver and the transmitter both have a tamper switch on one end to protect against someone attempting to open the unit. However, there is no separate tamper output to the alarm control panel. Instead, the alarm output is triggered if the cover of the end cap with the tamper button is removed, if the transmitter or receiver is moved out of alignment, or if power is disconnected.

Weatherproof Construction
Ingress Protection (IP) is a rating for electronic products as it relates to the amount of sealing they have against the entry of solid and liquid objects. Complete details of this standard can be obtained from the IEC. This uniform and widely acknowledged classification system provides equipment designers and specifying agents with a convenient and reliable method of comparing relative levels of sealing between competing (connector) products. In its simplest form, the classification system consists of the letters “IP” followed by two separate digits, which denote increasingly greater sealing from solid objects and from water. Read more

Don’t Just Respond to a Break-In – Send Thieves to Search for a Softer Target

Enhance your security system with this highly effective deterrent system. Any alarm system can tell you that someone just broke into your home or office, and surveillance cameras can get a picture of the crook’s face, but wouldn’t it be better to keep them out in the first place? No thief wants to get caught, so they usually “case the joint” ahead of time, looking for alarms, types of locks, etc. This deterrent sends two moving red laser beams in constant motion, apparently scanning your room for intruders, and a blinking LED indicates the Satellite Link is active. Crooks will see the moving beams of laser light and go look for an easier target. Ingeniously simple in concept and well-made for long life, the Laserscan is basically a box with a gear system with two laser pointers attached. There are keyhole slots in the back for wall mounting.

Comes with an AC adapter for super easy installation – mount it on the wall, plug in the adapter, and you’re ready to scare away the criminals. It’s also available as a basic version powered either by the 12v power supply of your existing security system, or as a stand-alone device with an AC adapter.

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