Secure Your Home’s Exterior Access Points with Honeywell 58160D Outdoor Wireless Magnetic Contacts

Many of us neglect to include their gates and fencing in our home’s security monitoring system. Luckily the people at Honeywell have created a low cost DIY solution for monitoring your gate, shed, detached garage, or other exterior access point. The Honeywell58160D Outdoor Wireless Magnetic Contact normally priced at $109.95 is on sale right now for only $67.46 at

When securing a home it can be costly to install wired solutions. Luckily this weather proof device can be quickly attached to any exterior access point without the increased installation cost of wiring. Secure your homes exterior and gain peace of mind that no intruders or harsh winds will be opening your exterior access points.

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Monitor the Status of any 12V Battery

Velleman MK189 12V Battery Monitor Kit
If your car doesn’t have a voltmeter on the dash, you can easily add this LED monitor so you know the condition of your car’s battery. Indicates a good battery, blinks while it’s charging, show low voltage, and shows overcharging. You can also use this to monitor 12V batteries in security systems. This product is in kit form, requiring you to solder the various components to the PC board. It is also available fully assembled if you prefer.

  • Easy to build in
  • Easy-to-assemble kit
  • Requires only 2 connections to car’s wiring
  • Multi-color LED indicates status

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Don’t Run Your Car Battery Down While Using Your 12v Accessories

Have you ever been stranded by a dead car battery? It seems like this always happens at the worst possible time. Don’t let this happen to you. This Battery Protector plugs into your cigarette lighter socket, and whatever accessory you’re using plugs into the protector. A green LED means your car’s battery is in good condition; if it changes to red, the battery is becoming discharged and power to your accessory is cut off.Velleman PSPC10BP Car Battery Protector

  • Simple operation
  • Keeps you from needing a jump start
  • Constantly monitors your battery condition
  • LED indicators for good and insufficient charge level

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The Smallest 360° Ceiling Mount Detector to Offer Leading Performance Sensitivity and Long-Term Reliability

Visonic DISC-MCW Wireless 360° Miniature Ceiling Mount PIR Motion Detector

The Disc PIR Motion Detector is the smallest 360° ceiling-mount sensor on the market. A powerful combination of features, such as the low-noise dual-element detector, adjustable, 1 or 2, alternate polarity pulse counter, and 360° detection pattern are included to make this intrusion detector extremely reliable and virtually immune to false alarms. Perfect for locations where furniture decorations may block a wall mounted PIR sensor, this miniature ceiling mounted sensor is set in an unnoticeable, but durable housing.

This motion detectors discrete, miniature size makes it perfect for any décor and simple to install on any ceiling. It can be mounted up to 3.6m (12 feet) off the ground allowing it to achieve up to 10.8m (36 feet) of the floor coverage. Perfect for locations where furniture of some sort may block a wall mounted PIR sensor. Large residential rooms, offices, and light commercial installations are no match for the DISC-MCW’s dual-element detector. Unsurpassed performance, and outstanding reliability, this sensor will easily suit the needs of the most demanding security applications.

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Professional-Grade Multi-Purpose Curtain Detector

Visonic CH-1000/0-1100-0 Solid Curtain PIR Detector, 20ft x 20ft

Visonic CH-1000/0-1100-0 Solid Curtain PIR Detector, 20ft x 20ft
Item# 73983

Price: Normally $84.00
Hot Deal $65.38

CH-1000 is a multi-purpose curtain PIR designed for a wide variety of residential, commercial and light industrial applications. CH-1000 is ideal for protection of display windows, walls, skylights, wide entrances, corridors, or even as invisible barriers. Its exceptionally wide coverage provides a convenient solution for a variety of perimeter protection applications in large commercial and industrial facilities, as well as for residential and commercial areas.

The flexible professional-grade CH-1000 can be easily adjusted to suit multiple applications. It can be mounted on the wall or ceiling, providing vertical, horizontal, or pet-alley curtain coverage. The PIR’s user-friendly design includes a calibrated adjustment scale for precise alignment of the curtain pattern position. Implementing state-of-the-art detection technologies backed by 30 years of Visonic expertise, the CH-1000 offers the highest performance in all respects: sensitivity, reliability, false alarm immunity, and application flexibility.

  • Vertical, horizontal and pet-alley curtain coverage
  • Coverage area: (45 x 20ft)
  • Easy adjustment of curtain patterns
  • Superior immunity to false alarms
  • Durable design
  • Selectable pulse counter
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    Special Purpose PIR Detectors for Automatic Control of Doors, Gates, and CCTV

    Visonic DA-5/0-1704-0 PIR Detector for Automatic Door Control

    Visonic DA-5/0-1704-0 PIR Detector for Automatic Door Control
    Item# 73984

    Price: Normally $72.08
    Hot Deal $53.99

    DA-5 is a passive infrared motion detector designed for use with access control and automatic door opening systems. When motion is detected, the DA-5 relay output provides signals activating the door opening mechanism. For maximum flexibility, the output activation time is user adjustable between 1 and 60 seconds. DA-5 is designed for easy installation, with options for over-the-door wall mounting or ceiling mounting. Operating power for the DA-5 may be supplied from a 12 or 24V AC or DC source. A jumper is provided on the printed circuit board for selecting the input voltage. It can be installed at various heights on the wall above the door or on the ceiling with its detection pattern directed at the floor in front of the door.

  • Compatible with access control systems and automatic door opening systems
  • 3 detection zones with 7 beams per zone
  • Protected against reverse polarity
  • 1C / 2 Amp output relay
  • User-adjustable relay activation time (1-60 seconds)
  • Over-the-door wall mounting or ceiling mounting options
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