An Inexpensive, Complete Home Security System that Works with your Smartphone!

iSmartAlarm Smartphone Home Security System - Preferred Package

  • iOS and Android enabled wireless home security system
  • No monthly fees, no contracts required
  • DIY installation
  • Text message alerts
  • Self-monitored and self-controlled product
  • Almost unlimited expandability

It’s the complete home security package! The iSmartAlarm Smartphone Home Security System – Preferred Package is everything you need to secure your home with no monthly fees and no contracts required. From your Smartphone, you can receive text message alerts, monitor who is at home, when family members have left or returned, and check & control the status of each sensor! An inexpensive, yet effective, way to keep you, your family, and your belongings safe at all times. The iSmartAlarmâ„¢ is a DIY, self-monitored, self-controlled home security system. It is controlled from an app that allows the user to utilize their iPhone or Android to rename devices, monitor their home, and arm/disarm their security system at any time, from anywhere, in real-time. The app will alert all designated members with a phone call, SMS message, push notifications or email when the iSmartAlarm security system detects a break-in or unauthorized activity. Read More

Would you like to have the newest, most convenient, and most reliable carbon monoxide and smoke detector on the market?

First Alert SCO501CN-3ST ONELink Carbon Monoxide & Smoke Detector with Voice

Then the ONELink Carbon Monoxide and Smoke Detector with Voice from First Alert is the perfect product for you. The unit comes equipped with an actual voice that speaks the type and location of danger in your home. This will help you make the best decision possible in an emergency situation.

The ONELink feature enables you to install up to 16 carbon monoxide and/or smoke detectors inside your home. Once installed, ONELink enabled alarms will immediately begin communicating with each other. If one alarm is triggered, they will all sound the alarm. The unit is powered by two (2) AA batteries which are included with your purchase.

Hands-On Research:
When testing this product I found it to be very simple to program. You literally insert the two included AA batteries and the unit will walk and talk you through the set-up process. When linking multiple ONELink enabled alarms I had to press and hold the test button while pushing the the battery drawer in. It’s that easy!

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Don’t let the silent killer known as carbon monoxide (CO) harm yourself or your family

SafeAir Carbon Monoxide Detector

  • Uses highly reliable, commercial-grade, electro-chemical sensing technology
  • Built-in trouble/power supervision relay
  • 12 or 24VDC operation and 150mA relay contact configurable for normally open or normally closed operation
  • Long-life six-year sensor
  • Transmits sensor end-of-life to the control panel and central station if the system is monitored
  • Fully listed to the latest UL 2075 CO standard for residential or commercial occupancies
  • Adapter plate makes replacing GE 240-COe CO detector simple

Protect yourselves from this odorless, colorless and potentially deadly gas with a carbon monoxide detector / alarm built to the same high standards of those that protect industrial plants and hospitals! A built-in electrochemical sensor continuously monitors for CO and is unaffected by other airborne substances or temperature variations. Additionally, this carbon monoxide detector’s quick response time, fastclearing time and superior false alarm immunity tower above the reliability levels of other CO alarms!
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Don’t Let Strangers Trespass on Your Property!

Enhanced Presence SensorYour home is your castle, and to adequately protect it from trespassers, you need the ultimate in detection systems! These nearly invisible, yet extremely reliable presence sensors mount on the underside of any floorboard, joist, deck or staircase, and trigger when they detect the minute flexing caused by someone walking on the surface. No matter how stiff the flooring, or how little the material flexes, these sensors will react, prompting your security or home automation system to turn on lights or sound systems, blare a siren, activate a surveillance camera, or any other action you choose. The choices are limitless!

  • Automatically turn on lights, sirens or surveillance cameras whenever anyone steps into your home
  • Use it for protecting your home, or making your life easier – the choice is yours

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Looking for a Glass Break Detector That Doesn’t Identify a False Alarm as True Alarm?

Visonic GLASSTECH Slimline Glass Break DetectorThis attractive glass break sensor monitors for the sound of breaking glass up to 30 feet away using patent-pending CAIR technology and 3-stage statistical analysis. False alarms are virtually eliminated. 1/4″ thick. Can be used with plate, wired, tempered and laminated glass 1/8″ to 1/4″ thick. N/C contacts. 9-16VDC power required. Add flush-mount kit for in-wall installation.

The Slimline Glass Break Detector can be directly screwed to the wall. However, if precise directional positioning is required, use an optional mounting bracket. The Glasstech Detector Flush Mount Kit contains (1) Slimline Glass Break Detector and (1) Flush Mount Kit. Read more

Wireless Water Sensor Triggers AAA+ Home Monitoring System Alarm

Flood Sensor For AAA
Expand your AAA+ Home Smart Center home security system by installing leak detectors near water-using appliances around your home. The Flood Sensor for AAA+ is a wireless leak detector designed to sense the presence of water wherever there shouldn’t be, sending a wireless alert to your home security system when it detects a potential leak and possibly saving you thousands in flood-related damages. The AAA+ Home Smart Center home security system is sold separately.

Each zone in the AAA+ Home Smart Center home security system can support two sensors, so you can install a leak detector in numerous locations, such as near toilets, washing machines, and bathtubs. Using the attached suction cup, mount the Flood Sensor for AAA+ on the wall or device to be monitored. If it detects even the slightest amount of water, the sensor will transmit an alert to the AAA+ Home Smart Center, which will alert you or can even sound an alarm, call out to up to five phone numbers, or trigger another event, depending on how you have set up your security system.

The AAA+ Home Smart Center supervises the sensor and its built-in lithium battery condition automatically, alerting you immediately if something is wrong.
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Glass Breakage Detector Triggers Alarm System

Product Title (In box)

  • Works with any alarm system
  • Protects up to 32 square feet of glass surface
  • Triggers alarm upon breakage

Your security system may sound an alarm if motion is sensed, but why not prevent intrusions entirely? The Window Bug is a glass breakage detector, which triggers your alarm system upon the sound of breaking glass.

Each Window Bug will protect up to 32 square feet of glass surface. A patented switch is installed inside the Window Bug. This switch is tuned to the vibration frequency of breaking glass and will momentarily open or close, depending on the application, to signal an intrusion. Normal shocks and sounds are ignored and have no effect on its operation, so you won’t need to fear false alerts.

Your alarm panel or system must be a fast-acting initiating circuit, with a response time of 20 milliseconds or faster. If you’re not sure, just install a Pulse Stretcher (sold separately) to ensure that the system sees the Window Bug’s momentary “broken circuit.” Read more