2 Tone Siren Alarm Steel Padlock for Added Security

Keep your bike, garage door, garden shed, side gate, tool box or locker, or anything you desire secure with this Heavy Duty Siren Alarm Padlock. This lock comes equipped with two settings, armed and unarmed, so you can be alerted by a 96 – 98 db alarm when the lock is tampered with. Basically, double the protection. The Heavy Duty Siren Alarm Padlock has a body made of extra strong cast steel as well as a high-grade steel shackle.

Hands-On Research:
When testing this product I found that the lock by itself was worth the $19.99. Once I used the lock in both modes (armed and unarmed), I found this to be an incredible deal for the money. The lock is extremely durable and 100% secure, leaving no doubt that this is the best lock for multiple applications. Read more

Customer Reviews
4 Stars
5 Stars E. — ALEXANDRIA, VA    Date: 12/5/2010
Review: Loud…does the job.

4 Stars LYRIS — FLUSHING, NY    Date: 3/23/2010

Review: Easy to use – just put on and set and you’re ready. And if you just want it to be a regular padlock, just flip and it’s ready. I’d recommend this product.

5 Stars CHRISTOPHER — BARTLETT, TN    Date: 1/7/2010
Review: I recieved this lock and was amased at how strong and well built it is. I use it on my adult 3 wheel bike to protect my investment. It is very sturdy and very easy to use, the siren is loud to get attention, there are so many other reasons to purchase one of these I will buy 3 more very soon.

3 Stars KATHERINE — SANTA ROSA, CA    Date: 9/22/2009
Review: I like the lock, but sometimes it makes a rapid-fire clicking noise even when in un-armed mode, and I wonder why that is?

Hear What Real Customers Have to Say in This Review of the ToggleLinc Dimmer – INSTEON Remote Control Dimmer Switch, White 2466DW!

Product Title (In box)

JOSH — TOMBALL, TX Date: 6/25/2010
Review: Great piece of equipment!!

PETE — LOUISVILLE, KY Date: 5/13/2010
Review: Praiseworthy without reservation.

WALTER — MONROE, NC Date: 3/29/2010
Review: Works great with both x10 controller and 8 Button Insteon Keypad.

ERIC — TALLAHASSEE, FL Date: 12/19/2009
Review: Combined with the motion sensor, I am able to fully utilize the floodlights around my house. Being able to dim the floodlights is a nice feature.

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Real Customer Reviews of the SwitchLinc 3-Way Dimmer – INSTEON 3-Way Dimmer Kit 2494M3

Product Title (In box)

Check out what some real customers had to say about the SwitchLinc 3 Way Dimmer:

PAUL — MORENO VALLEY, CA Date: 2/27/2010
Review: Nice that they came pre-programmed to work as a pair. Not too difficult to install but bit harder than a normal switch. Pay attention to the instructions as they wire without the traveler wire between them used.

VERLIN — SOUTH BELOIT, IL Date: 1/4/2010
Review: I’m converting my house from X-10 to Insteon. The SwitchLinc 3Way Dimmer was one of the last items I had to install. Wiring was easy and linking to my SmartLinc worked fine. Being a 3Way it was a little more complicated, but went well by following your directions. Worked the first time it was turned on.

STEVEN — MIDDLETOWN, MD Date: 12/19/2009
Review: Very good product, wiring diagram not as detailed as it should be (the single red wire labeled LOAD goes to the LOAD, and the red wire labeled LOAD running with the HOT wire goes to LINE).

MARK — MINNETONKA, MN Date: 12/17/2009
Review: Works just perfectly. I’m no electrician, but I was able to follow the directions and set this up.

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PowerLinc Modem – INSTEON USB Interface (Dual-Band) 2413U Review

Product Title (In box)

MICHAEL — EDINA, MN Date: 7/19/2010
Review: Prodect exactly as desrcibed. Fast shipping!!!

EDWARD — MENLO PARK, CA Date: 4/17/2010
Review: Painless install. Works well with Indigo software on the Mac. You’re not really supposed to put an extension on the USB cable for the best signal but I’ve got a 6 oot extension and I’ve not had any problems at all. There is a slight “chirp” sound when linking to other units but it only happens during set-up and is inconsequential.

JASON — NEWCASTLE, WA Date: 4/15/2010
Review: Works great, much faster than the old PLC.

OMER — WAYNE, NJ Date: 3/23/2010
Review: Good Product, easy to program!

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In-LineLinc Relay – INSTEON On / Off Module (Non-dimming) w/ Sense 2475S2 Review

Product Title (In box)

PAUL — WETHERSFIELD, CT Date: 6/18/2010
Review: Works great for front lamppost (that also has outlet), allows use of any old brand CFC candle-style bulb, with no flickering.

PATRICK — GRANTS PASS, OR Date: 6/7/2010
Review: Wire it in, link it — and it works. No hassle and no problems. I’m very happy.

BILL — LYME, NH Date: 4/22/2010
Review: Works as advertised. Easy to install and configure.

Review: These products once set up work extremely well and are doing exactly what I had hoped. The best part of the purchase was the support I received on the phone to program them.

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I/O Linc – INSTEON Garage Door Control & Status Kit 74551 Review!

Product Title (In box)

Review: Once I followed the instructions the garage control worked as described. Linked with a lamp module I can now see if the garage door is open without getting up and going outside.

Review: Works well. Just as expected. Easy install.

Review: Worked great! MUCH better than the TriggerLinc I was using. Should have an option for using a 4xI/O link instead on a 1x.

ADRIAN — CERRITOS, CA Date: 3/6/2010
Review: I chose to mount the switch on the header above the garage door instead of on the floor. The magnet was mounted on the top edge of the door and comes within a 1/2″ of the switch. This easily triggers the switch. In this location, this made it easy to run the wires along the top of the garage opener track. With I/OLinc’s always on outlet, it was simple to just unplug the opener, plug in I/OLinc, and then plug the opener into I/OLinc. This made wire runs so short that only one of the two supplied wire bundles was necessary. Oh, and so far, operation is flawless.

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SwitchLinc Dimmer – INSTEON Remote Control Dimmer, White 2476D Reviews

Product Title (In box)

Review: Replaced all my old X-10 switches with the Insteon switches, which immediately provided for a much more reliable network of devices. Out of ~40 switches, did not have any problems, although ran into one which sits in a dead zone wrt the nearby PLM. Whereas with X-10 the reliability was spotty, the Insteon switches are very responsive.

SKIP — NEWTOWN, CT Date: 7/10/2010
Review: excellent as usual

MATT — ALLENTOWN, PA Date: 7/9/2010
Review: I have about 15 of these now. Coupled with an ISY-99i programming is a snap. My wife again likes automation as the scenes are all set

MATTHEW — SAVANNAH, GA Date: 7/8/2010
Review: These dimmers are very attractive. They ramp on/off rather than just jumping full on/off. And I’ve been developing for insteon for a while now; I’ve found their products to be very reliable.

YARON — RINDGE, NH Date: 6/19/2010
Review: Love the home automation. Wrote a couple lines of code and now my iphone and itouch control all the lights in the house. Insteon rules.

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