Enjoy Your Movies and Sports Games Without Annoying Noise From Your Home Theater System

Niles Audio Corp. FG01581 Tabletop IR Sensor TS120





  • Table-top design
  • Excellent reception range for IR signal
  • Wideband High-Fidelity design for
  • Noise suppression design to avoid light interference
  • Works in both residential and commercial applications
  • Manufacturer limited warranty


This top of the line Table-Top Infrared Sensor (IR) is a receiver for IR signals transmitted for a home theater or audio/video (A/V) application. It features state of the art Universal Noise Suppression Design allowing this sensor to function in the most difficult environments. LCD televisions, Plasma televisions, CFL lighting, and ambient outside light will not interfere with the reception of IR signals. This table-top style IR sensor is intended to be used with Niles IR repeating systems. The sensor works by receiving IR codes from any hand-held remote in one location (Usually where the television, projector, or any other monitor is located), and then sending these IR codes via a category 5 cable connection to the IR main system unit (Sometimes referred to as a Connecting Block). The main system then routes that IR code to the appropriate output. That Output channel has an emitter cable connected to the output channel’s port. This allows the IR codes to pass through the port connected cable allowing the IR emitter to control the intended piece of equipment in a different location.

From the description above you can gather that the TS120 Table-Top IR Sensor is only one of four components needed to have a working IR repeating system. TS120 IR Sensor will work with all current IR repeater systems made by Niles. If you would like to change the current style of IR sensor you are using to match decor or any other reason, the great thing is that you have options! Alternate model numbers, such as Niles MS120, Niles MS220, can be used in place of your existing Niles sensor.

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Infrared Remote Control for use with the Encore Multi-Room Audio Distribution System

Linear ENC-REM Encore Micro Remote Control

  • Compact, credit card sized infrared (IR) remote control
  • Functions include – power, volume, mute, and source selection
  • Magnetic strip allows it to be mounted to metallic surfaces
  • Include a 2025 coin cell battery

The Linear ENC-REM Encore Micro Remote Control is a compact IR remote control that can be used with Linear’s Encore Digital Audio Distribution System. The remote control sends IR signals to an infrared receiver located on an Encore Model ENC-DRS Keypad (sold separately). In addition to controlling the system’s power, the ENC-REM remote can select the audio source, adjust the volume, and mute the sound for the keypad’s speaker zone. For added convenience, there is a magnetic strip which provides you the ability to stick the remote to any metallic surfaces. The remote is powered by a single Type 2025 coin cell lithium battery coin cell lithium battery, included.

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Father’s Day Idea: Make Any Infrared Remote Control Work Through Walls and Doors

IR to RF to IR Remote Control Range Extender Kit, 433 MHz

  • Control A/V components up to 100 feet away through walls, floors, doors and windows
  • Converts an IR signal to RF and back to IR
  • Works with remotes that use AA or AAA batteries
  • 433 MHz RF frequency , also available in 418MHz

If you are going to use the remote extender with an AT&T System, Verizon FIOS, or a DirecTV HR-21, use the 418 MHz Kit

Infrared (IR) remote controls have limited range and generally only work in the same room as the audio/video (A/V) component it controls as line of site is needed for communication to occur. The IR to RF to IR Remote Control Range Extender Kit, uses an internal transmitter that converts your remote’s IR signal into a radio frequency (RF) signal, giving you the ability to control your components up to 100 feet away, through walls, floors, doors and windows. Simply slide one of the rechargeable batteries into the transmitter and switch that out with a battery in your remote control; it works with remotes using AA or AAA batteries (AA sleeve adapter included). When the remote control is used, the IR signal is converted to RF and is sent to a small, AC-powered receiver (RF base station), which is placed facing the components you wish to control. The receiver then converts the signals back to IR and sends them to your components, all in a fraction of a second. Ideal for home theater setups that have components behind closed doors, you have the freedom to move throughout your home and control components that are out of sight. This device operates on a 433 MHz RF frequency; it is also available in a 418MHz RF Frequency.

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BACK IN STOCK! Control up to 8 Units of IR-controlled A/V Devices Behind Doors or Closets Using your Existing IR Remote Controls

Smarthome LCD Compatible IR Receiver Kit

Interference from your wall mounted TV can limit the effectiveness of your IR control system. The Smarthome LCD Compatible IR Receiver Kit has been designed to suppress various types of interference, including Plasma, LCD and LED TVs, indirect sunlight and energy-saving light bulbs.

The kit allows you to use an existing infrared (IR) remote control to operate up to eight audio/video (A/V) components located behind closed doors or walls in an entertainment cabinet or equipment closet. The built-in IR distribution technology gives you the ability to conceal, yet still control, bulky electronic equipment such as a cable or satellite TV receiver, stereo receiver or amplifier, CD player, DVD player, Blu-ray player, or virtually any component controlled by an IR signal.

This kit comes with everything needed for a complete IR repeater system. No more leaving cabinet doors open or struggling to remotely access your hidden equipment, you’ll be able to control up to eight hidden A/V components with extreme reliability.
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Product has been tested and is compatible with AT&T U-Verse and Scientific Atlanta boxes