Release Havoc with a Remote Foam Missile Launcher

Product Title (In box)

  • Built-in webcam for remote use
  • Can be controlled over the internet
  • Contains 4 foam missiles
  • Firing distance up to 25ft
  • Powered by 4ft USB cable

Turn your boring day at the office into something just a bit more exciting. Dream Cheeky puts you in command of a powerful foam missile arsenal. Remotely unleash havoc and chaos upon those around you. Nobody is safe from the O.I.C. Missile Launcher.

More Essential Information Below

Bring some fun to the office and home with a USB powered foam missile launcher. The Storm O.I.C. (Over Internet Control) Missile Launcher from Dream Cheeky has a built-in webcam near the top of the device and is compatible with both Windows and Mac. It is controlled through a messaging program which allows for use of the product from your home, office or even the other side of the country. Compatible messaging programs are MSN / Windows Live Messenger or Skype on Windows 7, Vista, XP SP2 and later or Intel Mac OS 10.5 and above (offline control only). Once installed (software included), you will be able to access the launchers built in webcam to acquire unsuspecting targets and fire up to 4 foam missiles. The Storm Missile Launcher is capable of firing the foam missiles up to 25 feet allowing for long range attacks across the room or office. The 4ft USB cord provides flexibility in placement of the Storm Missile Launcher so that it can be hidden out of sight or optimally placed for full room coverage. Read More