Exhaust Your Dog, Without Exhausting Yourself

Product Title (In box)

  • Built from a durable light-weight material that makes for a sturdy chassis
  • Four wheel drive, double suspension system
  • 2.4GHz digital radio control system gives you a long range to enjoy with your dog
  • Dual motor, 280mm high torque motor tops out at 35 kilometers per hour
  • Built-in electronic speed control system

No, this giant (gopher/beaver?) is no nightmare-come-true, that right there is actually a remote controlled dog toy which just so happens to have a face plastered on to the front of it. This isn’t for you though human…this is for your drooling furry friend. It’s a remote controlled car-toy for your dog. While you sit around, enjoying a beer…while eating some cake, you can have fun along with your dog as you remotely control the little car-toy for “Mr. Peppers” to chase around. Under this sweet babies hood is a 2.4GHz digital radio, a beastly set of two motors with 280mm high toque motor which tops out at 35 kph (or 22MPH), which means your dog is going to be exhausted chasing this thing around the park/home/parking lot. Components are easily replaceable for if/when your dog catches this high tech speedy toy. It charges up quick and easy so you can spend more time playing with your best friend. Read More