Evaluate the Radiation, EMF, and Humidity Levels Around You & Find Out How Organic Your Food Really is with This Sensor Set!

Lapka Sensor Set

  • Set of 4 personal environment sensors
  • 1 Geiger counter, 1 EMF sensor, 1 Organic sensor and 1 temperature/humidity sensor
  • Connect directly to iOS smart device to provide real time data
  • Save data and share it with friends with Lapka app
  • Compact sensors are easy to carry with you at all times

Uncover the elements that are not normally visible to the naked eye… until now! With the Lapka Sensor Set, you test the levels of radiation, EMF, and temperature/humidity around you! Also, have you ever wondered whether the organic food you pay extra for is really that much different than the cheaper, non-organic alternative? There’s a sensor for that too! The Lapka Sensor Set consists of four different environmental sensors designed to provide you with real time data of the environment around you. The set includes a radiation Geiger counter, electromagnetic field (EMF) sensor, organic food sensor and temperature/humidity sensor. Each miniature sensor connects to a compatible iOS smart device (iPhone 4 and higher, iPad, iPod Touch 3rd generation and higher) with an included connecting cable to being displaying data through the Lapka app. The data is designed to help provide you with a better understanding of the environment around you that you can’t necessarily see with the naked eye, such as the amount of electromagnetic pollution in a given room. The sensors are compact making them easy to bring with you just about anywhere you go for use at a moment’s notice; they’ll fit in your pocket, purse or backpack with ease. After getting a reading from one of your sensor you can then save the data for use at later time or share it with friends and family to let them know, for example, which store in town has the most organically grown fruits and vegetables. Read More