Mount Your A/V, Security and Telecom Equipment in a Stylish Floor Rack Enclosure

Quest Manufacturing FE4019-20-02 Smoked Acrylic Door 19The Quest 400 series enclosures are available in a variety of heights and are designed for mounting Telecommunications, Data Communications, Security, Broadcast and other 19” electronic equipment. Quest enclosures are manufactured to ANSI/EIA RS310-D Standards. The Quest FE4019-20-02 Enclosure features louvered side and rear removable and keyed panels for increased air-flow and ventilation. This enclosure comes complete with dual fans, four (2 front, 2 rear) adjustable mounting rails tapped with EIA spaced #12-24 threading, casters, leveling feet, ground bus and lockable acrylic front door. The unit is shipped fully assembled and provides everything needed for a quick and complete installation. The Quest Technologies FE4019-20-02 Three Foot High 19×24 Inch Rack Enclosure is also available in Four Foot and Five Foot heights, each sold separately.


  • Vented on all panels for excellent air circulation characteristics
  • Top panel features cutouts for fans and cutouts for cable access
  • Platform features cutouts for cable access
  • Features 4 fully adjustable internal equipment cage nut rails for #12-24 mounting screws
  • Smoked acrylic framed reversible door
  • Each enclosure supplied with cage nut hardware set
  • Meets or exceeds EIA 310D standards
  • Electrostatic micro-finish paint
  • Ships fully assembled

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Keep your Valuable Audio Video Components Cool

Active Thermal Management 00-120-02 Cool-cube E, with 6-Feet of 2-Inch TubingThe Active Thermal 00-120-02 Cool-cube E (replacing the original Cool-cube) was developed for the home theater design and installation community. Combining a compact power module with either 2-inch, 3-inch or 4-inch flexible tubing, Cool-cube E will pull heated air out of a closed mid-size cabinet, small closet, or enclosed video projector, holding a typical home theater system and quietly move it to a nearby closet, utility room, crawl space, etc. The power module measures 6″ x 6″ x 10″ and is powerful enough to move a useful amount of air through tubing thin enough to snake through all but the most crowded cabinets.

The Cool-cube E features a new control system, activated by a remote temperature-sensing probe, with field-adjustable temperature set-points and speeds. In normal operation, the fans should run at low speed only; operation for significant periods at high speed may indicate that the Cool-cube is either underpowered for the amount of heat to be removed, or cannot breathe freely due to an intake opening that is too small. The noise level generated is low in keeping with the Active Thermal policy of not ‘trading a heat problem for a noise problem’.

Cool-cube’s power module is typically placed at the exhaust end of the tubing. A compact hot air collector, or flange, is provided at the suction end of the tubing, and is easily connected to a flat surface, such as the back of a cabinet.

Order the Cool-cube with 4″ tubing if clearance allows, or with 3″ or 2″ tubing for those really tight situations. As little as 12 CFM of air movement means that the air in a typical 4′ x 3′ x 2′ cabinet will be changed every two minutes. (This assumes free air flow; real-world installations will take somewhat longer for an air exchange).
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Boost Existing (but Insufficient) Ventilation for Audio and Video Components

Active Thermal Management 01-008-03 Cool-slim Component Cooler

The Active Thermal Management 01-008-03 Cool-slim Component Cooler is designed to boost existing (but insufficient) ventilation for audio and video components. Very slim, it will solve overheating problems where components sit on closely-spaced shelves. Its 1 9/16″ height can be reduced to 1 5/16″ by removing the Cool-slim’s feet. It will cool components with and without vent openings in their top covers, and is temperature-controlled. The Cool-slim Component Cooler is placed on top of a hot component and will cool it quietly. Some types of audio-video equipment have ventilation openings on their top surface while others do not; Cool-slim can cool either type. Hot air is drawn from the component and exhausted through its front and rear openings.

The Cool-slim Component Cooler was designed to cool components in an open, or partially open, environment such as on a shelf, in a bookcase, or in a cabinet with no doors and/or an open back. It cannot cool components in sealed enclosures; it would just circulate the same hot air within the enclosure, providing little cooling.
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Ultra Quiet Fans Keep Your Audio and Video Equipment Cool

Technical Pro FN4 Rack-Mountable Four Fan Cooling Unit, 2.5 Rack Units (RU)If you use or plan to own an equipment rack to house your audio video equipment, then keeping your components cool should be a primary consideration. Overheating can cause your components to not only temporarily stop working, but can it cause permanent damage. Save yourself the trouble of needing to replace costly equipment, by making a minimum investment in cooling fans. This four fan design mounts cleanly to you rack and removes hot air buildup inside you rack. A convenient front side LCD display even lets you know what the temperature is so you can make sure you components are staying cool.

  • Pumps out 432 cubic feet per minute of heated air
  • Rack Mount Design
  • Integrated LCD temperature display

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Add Temperature and Humidity Sensing to Your Power Sensing Rack PDU

A-Neutronics TEMP-HUM Temperature and Humidity Probe Outlet
The A-Neutronics TEMP-HUM Temperature and Humidity Probe is designed to be plugged in to the ANI-15115-08MSH Eight Outlet Power Sensing Rack PDU . The sensor probe provides temperature and humidity information to the user via the network environment using the included software or SNMP.

The ANI-15115-08MSH Eight Outlet Power Sensing Rack PDU combines all the features and functions of a Switched Cabinet PDU with the ability to provide power monitoring on a per outlet basis. Different then other PDU’s where power monitoring is for the entire power unit. With the addition of the TEMP-HUM Probe you can now monitor the Temperature and Humidity of your rack components and have the ability to power them down remotely when needed. Read more

Allows Vertical Equipment Mounting for Space Efficiency and Aesthetics

Middle Atlantic WRP-8 Low Profile 19 Inch Wall-Mount Rack, 8 SpaceThe Middle Atlantic WRP-8 19″ low-profile wall mount rack allows vertical equipment mounting for space efficiency and aesthetics. The wall mount includes 23 inches of usable equipment depth (vertical) and a locking hinged top and separately locking hinged body. ½” and 1 ½” laser knockouts are located in the backpan top and bottom, plus 3″ x 12″ laser knockouts in body of the backpan. Two fan mounting positions with guards are located in the bottom, fans are not included. The front of the wall mount is vented for cooling purposes. The adjustable front rackrail provides 20 to 23 inches of useable equipment depth.

  • 23″ useable equipment depth (vertical)
  • WRP Series racks are UL Listed in the US and Canada
  • Locking hinged top and separately locking hinged body
  • 1/2″ and 1-1/2″ laser knockouts in the backpan top and bottom
  • 3″ x 12″ laser KO in body of backpan
  • Two bottom located fan mounting positions with guards (fans not included)
  • Vented front for cooling
  • Adjustable front rackrail provides 20″ to 23″ useable equipment depth

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Slide-Out Rotating Rack Fits in Entertainment Centers for Easy Component Management

48in Sliding/Rotating Rack Shelf System
Entertainment centers are a convenient option for storing and managing A/V components, but installing and maintaining these electronics can be difficult, since the cables connecting them are all in the back, where it’s hard to maneuver. This 48-Inch Sliding/Rotating Rack System is designed to solve the challenges of easily accessing equipment and connecting cables, as well as to reduce installation time. By sliding out the entire rack mount system and rotating it 60 degrees in either direction for easy access to the components’ rear, you’ll save time and effort.

Ideal for custom cabinetry, millwork and entertainment centers, the 48-Inch Sliding/Rotating Rack System provides an aesthetically pleasing solution for rack mounting electronic components that will complement any décor. Equally suited for entertainment centers or in-wall installation, the 48-Inch Sliding/Rotating Rack System combines the functionality of a professional rack mount system with the simplicity of adjustable shelves.

Installation is easy: simply install the self-centering base in your entertainment center, place your components on the seven included shelves, and make the connections. The rack includes a complete cable management system, and the shelves even accommodate power strips. The racks lock closed to prevent rack-mounted equipment from sliding out. Read more