Stovetop Guard Brings Increased Safety to Your Kitchen

Product Title (In box)

  • Barrier between child and hot stovetops
  • Compatible with 30″ wide freestanding stoves
  • Prevents burns from scalding water, pans and burners
  • Metal construction will withstand temperatures up to 400°F
  • “Mom’s Tested Seal of Approval” from Parents Magazine

Over 5,000 children are burned seriously enough by the stove to require emergency room medical treatment every year according to the American Burn Association. The RangeGuard Stovetop Safety Guard was invented with this in mind as it acts as a barrier between young children and the potential dangers they might encounter from freely reaching their hand up onto a stovetop. Simply put, water heated up to 150°F will cause a third degree burn in just 2 seconds of contact. The RangeGuard is designed for use with most 30 inch wide freestanding stoves and while it is not a substitute for adult supervision it will act as a safety aide for the momentary distractions that are inevitable. It is made of durable metal with a special powder coated finish to withstand temperatures up to 400°F. A curious child will still want to pull on the safety guard to find out why you keep using the stove but not to worry because the Stovetop Safety Guard will withstand up to 15 lbs of pulling pressure on each side. The RangeGuard Stovetop Safety Guard does not require the use of any tools during installation and can be setup in a matter of minutes. It has been given the “Mom’s Tested Seal of Approval” by Parents Magazine. Read More

The Ultimate In Protection for Your Audio Visual Equipment

Tripp Lite HT7300PC Isobar A/V Power Conditioning Center, 12 Outlet

Tripp Lite HT7300PC Isobar A/V Power Conditioning Center

Product Essentials:

Whether high-end or mass produced, your audio visual equipment is only as good as the power center it’s plugged into. The Tripp Lite HT7300PC Isobar A/V Power Conditioning Center helps protect your equipment from damaging power surges and disruptive EMI/RFI line noise, allowing your entertainment system work at peak performance!

This unit features 12 AC outlets arranged into 3 separate filter banks, one each for analog, digital, and high frequency. The four AC outlets are sequenced and individually controllable. In addition to providing surge protection for power supplies, this device also provides coverage for coaxial (3 line, gold plated connectors), telephone/modem line, and Ethernet. A full bank of front panel LEDs show incoming voltage, current connected equipment load, and a variety of other operating conditions. This device features a 5700 joule surge suppression rating.

This unit comes with a lifetime product warranty and $150,000 lifetime insurance policy to cover connected components against surge damage (USA and Canada only)

  • Protects your A/V equipment from damage cause by power surges
  • Filters EMI/RF line noise to prevent noise interference among components
  • Surge protection for coax, phone, and ethernet lines
  • Color-coordinated outlet/plug labels for easy identification
  • Audible alarm for surge situations
  • Includes optional ears for rack mounting
  • Excellent for use with A/V installations, high-definition TVs, DVRs, satellite and A/V receivers, subwoofers, DVD/CD players and more
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