Long Power Strip Gives You Room to Work With

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Powers Up to 9 Plug-In Devices from a Single Outlet

Use the Stanley Electrical Power Strip Outlet to power up to 9 devices at once from a single outlet. This metal, heavy-duty power strip features 9 wide-spaced transformer outlets to accommodate oversized plugs and adapters. Its heavy duty 3-prong power cord is 6 feet long, making it ideal for any workspace. A lighted on/off switch allow you to cut off all power to the outlets without unplugging. This Stanley 9-outlet power strip has 400-J surge protection. Read More

  • Long power bar provides ample room for adapters and other large plugs
  • 9 outlets with a 6 foot cord
  • 400-Joule surge suppression
  • Conveniently and safely add outlets anywhere you need them

Battery Charger with Full Automatic Refresh Capability

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The Ansmann ANBC-5407022 Energy 8 High-Tech Desktop Battery Charger is equipped with a user interface and battery loading technique. After inserting the NiCd/NiMH rechargeable battery, a capacity quick test is performed for around 5 seconds. The user may then remove the cells or leave them in place so that a full diagnosis of the battery is executed and with damaged batteries a refreshing program is invoked. Damaged cells are reactivated and the capacity of the battery is restored. Depending upon the condition of the inserted battery, the refreshing program may cycle several times until the battery is regenerated.

  • A table-top battery charger
  • Damaged batteries can be refreshed to full capacity
  • Battery Type: NiMH/NiCd
  • Price: $97.98
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