Back in Stock! Our Cooper Wiring USB Charger with Tamper Resistant Receptacle in White

Our very popular Cooper Wiring Devices USB Charger with Tamper Resistant Receptacle is back in stock!

And it’s also on SALE!!

With this in-wall combination USB charger and tamper resistant receptacle unit, you’ll be able to charge portable electronic devices directly from a wall outlet. No more carrying around bulky USB adapters or powering up a computer to charge cell phones, music players, PDAs, or any other USB-powered device. All you will need is a USB cable to connect to the one of two USB ports on this unit. This energy-efficient unit uses less energy than traditional chargers, leading to savings of up to $31 per year in electricity costs. In addition to the USB ports, this unit also features one standard AC electrical outlet. Equipped with UL approved tamper resistant shutters, this unit complies with the 2011 NEC Article 406.12 requirement.


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GLENN — kingston, WA   8/17/2012

Great gizmo. Charging my Sansa via the computer was a pain. This unit makes it simple. Easy to install….wonderful.

Transform a Single Power Socket into 2 USB Ports and 2 AC Outlets

The Pivot Power Mini from Quirky is a handy portable power outlet great for use at home, work and while traveling. It plugs into 1 standard AC outlet to provide a total of 4 new power outlets; 2 USB ports and 2 grounded outlets. The Pivot Power Mini provides surge protection from voltage spikes to any product connected to it and when not in use it folds shut for easy storage.

  • Collapsible design for easy storage
  • Provides 2 AC outlets and 2 USB ports
  • Only takes up one AC outlet
  • Protects connected devices from voltage spikes

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Universal Power Outlet Adapter Assures International Functionality

Kanex INTADP Universal 3-in-1 Travel AC Wall Adapter Set
Traveling abroad can have its challenges and dealing with the different types of wall outlets can be one of them. Thankfully Kane provides the INTADP, a universal wall outlet adapter kit which works with 180 different countries. Not every power outlet is the same, different countries have different power ratings and standards. These differences reflect upon the design of the countries wall outlet. The INTADP provides a solution to just about every type of outlet design so you can rest assured knowing your laptop, mobile phone, or whatever device you travel with will remain powered or charged. The INTADP comes as a kit which includes three wall outlet adapter pieces as well a sturdy travel case. It’s stackable by design and will fit easily into your luggage for worry free travel. It’s an essential accessory for today’s world explorer.
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Save Energy with a Single Click

Product Title (In box)Control Standby Power to Your Whole Computer System – Now you can control power to your whole computer system with a single click. The Conserve Switch Surge Protector with Remote lets you shut off power – including standby power – to all of your components with one touch of the wireless remote switch.

One-Click Control – The wireless remote controls six Remote-Switched outlets for all your peripherals – your monitor, printer, external hard drives, speakers and more. Two Always-On outlets stay on for devices that need continuous power, like your wireless router or cordless phone. Place the remote on your desk or shelf, or mount it on the wall, for the convenient way to save energy.
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The Smallest USB Charging Outlet Available

The Vulcan VPS11Q1FL FREELOADER is the original ultra compact “plugfree” USB charger that utilizes plugs from other electronic devices to charge. Simply insert any plug through the FREELOADER from any electronic device and then plug it into a standard outlet. Conveniently charge your devices without turning on your computer. FREELOADER’s slim form factor is ideal for easy storage and travel. Works with iPhone and charges other electronic devices with an output of 1000mA. So the next time all the outlets are occupied, no worries. Just use the FREELOADER to bum some juice off another plug. Great at airports, schools, work, and home.

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Compact Surge Protector is Ideal for Home and Travel

Vulcan VPS11Q1PS Portable Surge Protector with Space-Isolated OutletsMost mini surge protectors are designed with side-by-side outlets with little space to accommodate larger power adaptors and allow you to fully utilize all their AC outlets. Many of today’s mini surge protectors also feature protruding fixed plugs that always seem to snag and poke inside your computer bag. Unlike most mini surge protectors, the Vulcan Portable Surge Protector has been designed with Space-Isolated Outlets that actually allow you to use all its AC outlets at the same time – even with bulky power adaptors. With its Foldable Plug design, the Vulcan Portable Surge Protector is truly portable. Dual USB Charging Ports provide additional flexibility for charging iPhones, iPads, tablets and other electronic devices.

Feature Description
Three Space-Isolated Outlets: The unique Space-Isolation Outlet design positions each outlet independent of each other in order to maximize usage of all outlets at the same time – even with bulky power adaptors.
Two USB Charging Ports: High power USB power output at 1500mA provides even more versatility to charge your smart phones, tablets and other portable electronics.
Foldable Plug: Designed for easy portability, the plug folds for convenient storage and transport.
Integrated Surge Protection: Safely charge your devices with 612 joules of protection.

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8-Outlet Surge Protector Detects Current Changes and Protects All Your Plugged In Devices

Acoustic Research AR08 8-Outlet EcoFicient Office Power Conditioner
Your PC, laptop, printer, scanner and other office components consume energy even when they’re in standby mode. The 6-Outlet EcoFicient Office Power Conditioner from Acoustic Research manages the outlets and automatically detects and reduces the amount of standby power used by energy-wasting devices. Connect your PC or laptop to the EcoFicient outlet, and your peripherals into managed outlets. Turn your computer off, and devices connected to the managed outlets will automatically be powered down to eliminate wasteful standby energy use. The 8-Oulet Power Conditioner has 1 EcoFicient outlet and 3 managed outlets.

Most network card or modern damage can be prevented if you connect the CAT5 or CAT6 cable through the surge protector. The Ethernet network data connection allows you to pass the connection through the surge protector and into your modem or PC. This surge protector is complete with 2 USB charging inputs and are optimized for charging Apple devices at 2.1 amps.

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