Accurately and Efficiently Monitors Home Energy Usage with Google PowerMeter

Energy, Inc. 5000-C TED (The Energy Detective) 5000


TED (The Energy Detective) is a simple, yet extremely accurate, home energy monitor that allows you to see electricity usage in real-time. You no longer have to wait for the ‘electricity bill surprise’! TED will accurately tell you what your bill is going to be long before the electric bill arrives. Meanwhile, you will learn more about conserving energy, saving money, and helping save the environment.

TED is maintenance free – no batteries to change – and it’s fully automatic and stores data for 13 months! TED is a real-time energy monitor updated every second and accurate down to one Watt! TED accommodates the rate-structure of your utility, so the info you receive is very accurate. Information is displayed on a wireless LCD display and can be accessed via the Internet or your cell phone, and TED 5000-C works with Google PowerMeter and comes with all the components necessary to monitor energy usage, plus a sleek, wireless display to serve as a friendly reminder to keep you aware of your household energy usage. In addition, you can still use your computer or mobile device to track your energy data. Read More

Don’t Be an Energy Hog and Save Yourself Some Cash

TrickleStar 180SS-US-12CT 12 Outlet Advanced PowerStrip with Coax and Phone Surge Protection



TrickleStar’s 180SS-US-12CT 12 Outlet Advanced PowerStrip with Coax and Phone Surge Protection is the ideal aide in reducing wasted standby energy also referred to as vampire energy. TV’s, computers and other household products still continue to draw energy even when they are not turned on which can lead to a whole lot of wasted energy. Current sensing circuitry in this surge protector recognizes when a product in the control outlet is either off or on and can then power off or on the switch outlets accordingly. A TV or computer is typically the product used for the control outlet while the subsequent switched outlets are for products that are used with the control product. When off the control outlet and switched outlets stop drawing power until the product in the control outlet is turned on. Thus if you have a TV plugged into the control outlet and a video game console plugged into one of the switched outlets then the video game console outlet will automatically power off when the TV is not turned on and vice versa. Of the 12 outlets, 1 is reserved as the control, 8 are switched outlets which work in unison with the control and the remaining 3 outlets are “always-on” outlets that are not affected by the control. This PowerStrip also offers coaxial and RJ11 (phone and fax) surge protection of 288,000 Amps or 4,320 Joules. This 12 Outlet Advanced PowerStrip is ideal for residential and workplace uses and comes equipped with a heavy duty 4 foot power cable that has an angled space saving plug.

TrickleStar’s Metal Oxide Varistor, MOV, surge protection technology is encased in a ceramic fireproof casing which is capable of preventing fire during abnormal surge conditions. The ceramic casing is capable of both suppressing more energy and dissipating heat faster than that of traditional MOV’s.

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Prevent Dryer Fires!

Gardus RJR601 LintEater Jr 4 Piece Rotary Dryer Vent Cleaning Kit

  • Saves you $$ on utility bills
  • Shorter drying times
  • Capable of cleaning exhaust vents up to 6 feet
  • Eliminates lint build-up
  • System works with metal, foil and white vinyl dryer vents

Over time, your dryer vent fills with lint that sneaks by your dryer’s filter, which makes your dryer work harder to dry your clothes. You can save $$ every month on your utility bills if you keep your vent system free of lint. The system generally pays for itself in the cost savings after the first use. In addition, it will help avoid the fires that can occur when lint buildup blocks the flow of air, causing excessive heat buildup by keeping your dryer vent clear with the The LintEater Jr. The LintEater Jr is ideal for use with cleaning shorter dryer vents. Designed by a leading manufacturer of professional duct-cleaning equipment, the The LintEater Jr effectively removes dangerous lint build-up in almost every type of dryer vent system, and it’s easy to use with a shop vac or cordless drill (sold separately) or even your dryer’s air.
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Premier Green Power Surge Protector Perfect for Energy Conservation

Ethereal Home Theater EGP10 Ten Outlet Power Saver and Surge Protector

  • 10 outlets with 3 always on outlets with LED indicators built-in the unit
  • 90 Degree rotating cord with strain relief design
  • X3 MOV (Metal Oxide Varistor) Technology
  • DSS and Coaxial provides surge protection from cable DSS and modem installations
  • Current display LED shows the level of current consumption

The Ethereal Green Power EGP10 Surge Protector is designed specifically for energy conservation. This product contains an automatic detecting device which determines whether to turn on or turn off the power according to the electricity usage condition. This feature conserves unnecessary electricity consumption. The EGP10 surge protector is also equipped with “Always On” outlets which provides constant power to particular devices. In addition, this surge protector can be started with any remote control, this avoids the inconveniences caused by having too many controllers.

Because 21st century audio/video, home networking and telephone equipment requires a higher quality of electrical power than the typical 19th century-designed power grid can deliver, Ethereal’s Power Protection line provides state-of-the-art power conditioning and surge/lightning defense that optimizes the performance and life of connected home theater components, networking devices and land line phones. Advanced EMI/RFI filtration circuitry delivers clean, noise-free AC power for unsurpassed sound and vision that achieve the manufacturer’s intended level of performance.

Want an Easy Way to Keep Track of Your Energy Usage? Save Yourself Money Today!

Blue Line PowerCost Monitor and Energy Meter II

The Blue Line PowerCost Monitor™ and Energy Meter II informs you in real time of exactly how much electricity your household is consuming. A wireless sensor clamps to your energy meter and transmits information to a portable, wireless receiver that displays your energy usage information on a large LCD screen. Various electricity rates can be programmed for extreme accuracy, including single (flat) rates, tiered rates, and time-based rates. The sensor measures the speed of the wheel and the display unit converts that information into current and cumulative dollars and cents and kilowatt hours. By monitoring your energy costs you can decide when to cut back on your energy use and save money; validated 3rd party research puts actual savings at 6% to 18%. The PowerCost Monitor uses smart technology that calculates your home’s electricity use and displays that information in a way that we can all understand, in dollars and cents.  Read more