Modern Building Blocks are Safe, Fun, and Teach Kids how Different Robots Work!

20 Cubelet Standard Kit by Modular Robotics

  • Individual Cubelets snap together to make a variety of different robots
  • Build robots that respond to light, objects, temperature and drive around
  • Expandable system – add more Cubelets for a larger variety of robot options
  • No wiring or programming required, just connect and play
  • Fun introductory to robotics for all ages
  • Battery charger included

Playing with blocks just got a little more educational – These Modular Robotics Cubelets let you build and play with various types of robots while learning how they work! Fascinated by robots? Now you can learn about how they work while simply having fun playing with this set of 20 various Action, Sense and Think Cubelet robotic blocks. The 20 Cubelet Standard Kit cb-kt-20standard by Modular Robotics consists of 20 individual robotic blocks that each has a built-in tiny computer which allows it to perform a specific function. On their own each Cubelet is simply a magnetic block but start snapping the different Cubelets together and they’ll begin communicating with one-another to perform their specialized robotic actions. For example, a Brightness Cubelet and a Speaker Cubelet on their own will not do anything but connect the two together and as the ambient light gets brighter the Brightness Cubelet will tell the Speaker Cubelet to get louder. The Standard Kit will allow you expand your imagination when it comes to the creative possibilities available with the included Cubelets. There’s no wiring and no programming involved either, just snap together and play.

This Standard Kit is consists of 20 total Cubelets, six Action, five Sense and nine Think. The system can be expanded further to allow for the creation of more intricate robots or to just simply have additional pieces lying around to play with. Children and adults alike will have fun for hours experimenting with all the robotic possibilities and watching their creations come to life right in front of them. Additionally the Standrard Kit includes a battery charger so the Battery Cubelet can be recharged after each session. Read More

5 Must-haves for a Back-to-School Sleepover

1. An awesome fort
Childrens Factory CF321-049 Soft Tunnel Climber

Your kids will love to play in this soft foam play climber as their own fort.

Childrens Factory CF321-049 Soft Tunnel Climber

2. Kid-friendly snacks
Zevro GAT202 Double Dry Food Dispenser, Silver
Let your kids get their own snacks without spilling with this cool snack dispenser.

Zevro GAT202 Double Dry Food Dispenser, Silver

3. TV (protected of course)
Weemote 3 - IR Remote For Kids
Let your kids control the TV with this parental controlled remote that is completely customizable.

Weemote 3 – IR Remote For Kids

4. A fun light to tell bedtime stories over
Sylvania LED PalPODzzz Portable Ladybug Nightlight
Let your kids stay up a little longer telling fun stories over this cute ladybug nightlight and let their imaginations run wild.

Sylvania LED PalPODzzz Portable Ladybug Nightlight

5. A cool place to fall asleep
Chillow Plus
Make sure they get a good night’s sleep with this chilled pillow for hot summer nights.

Chillow Plus