National Love Your Pet Day 2014

National Love Your Pet Day

Happy National Love Your Pet Day! Check out our Pet Care section and buy your furry friend something pretty! If you don’t already have a pet, consider adopting a pet that needs a home by clicking here!

Washing Your Dog Just got Easier with this Dog Massaging Showerhead

Petmate Dog Massaging Showerhead

  • Connects easily to showerhead, spigot, hose
  • Flexible 8 foot hose for any sized dog
  • One-hand control lever and non-slip grip
  • Adjustable water pressure for washing and rinsing
  • Showerhead massage nubs deep clean dirt from fur and hair

Turn bath time into a much more enjoyable experiece for both you and your pet with the Petmate Dog Massaging Showerhead! This showerhead will do all of the scrubbing work for you so you can deeply clean your pet’s fur while you stay dry. Giving your dog a bath is never the most exciting thing for you or them. You usually find yourself fumbling with cups, buckets, flimsy hoses, and sloppy shampoo containers while struggling to hold your dog in place and preventing yourself from slipping all at the same time. Now with the Petmate Dog Massaging Showerhead, not only will you enjoy bathing your dog in comfort, but your dog will thank you too.

The Petmate Dog Massaging Showerhead is easy to use and connects and replaces shower heads, spigot heads, and hose heads for both indoor and outdoor baths. The pet showerhead massager helps make bathing much easier with the adjustable water pressure (low and high) for complete washing and rinsing, and an additional one-hand control lever with a non-slip handle for effortless control.

No matter how big or small your dog is the pet showerhead massager helps you easily maneuver around your dog with the included flexible 8 foot hose. Your dog will also thank you and feel better during and after the bath thanks to the massaging nubs on the showerhead that help remove tough and deep dirt from your dog’s fur or hair that is usually hard to get by hand washing. Read More

Automatic Pet Toy Keeps Pets Entertained While You’re Away!

FroliCat HC1 TWITCH Automatic Cat and Pet Toy

  • Suction cup attachment connects to any smooth surface
  • Electronic beeper signals play session
  • Scheduler allows pets to play while your away
  • Entices pets to play with ball, feather and bell

Keep your cat entertained all day with this FroliCat Automatic Cat and Pet Toy. A built in scheduler allows pets to play while your away! The Frolicat Twitch automatic cat and pet toy entices your pet to play with a fun bouncing and gyrating action. Watch as your pet chases after the ball, feather and bell attached to the end of the Twitch motorized play arm. Press the power button once to launch a single 10-minute play session, or press and hold to activate multiple sessions throughout the day. Simply load in three AAA batteries (sold separately) for hours of play and exercise for your favorite pet. Get it on sale now for $5 off! Read More

A Digital Camera that Captures the Secret Daily Life of Your Pets!

Uncle Milton Industries 16423 Pets Eye View Camera

  • Captures the daily life of your pet
  • Stores up to 40 photos
  • Includes a rechargeable battery
  • Attaches to your pet’s existing collar
  • Easily transfer photos to your computer

Have you ever wondered what your pet does all day when you’re not at home? Get a first hand look at the secret daily life of your pet with the Pets Eye View Camera! Get 15% off today when you use Promo Code EBTC15 at checkout! What exactly does your cat or dog do all day? The Pet’s Eye Camera from Uncle Milton Industries is a camera specially designed to answer that exact question. This camera can capture at a 640×480 resolution and can store up to 40 photos. Images can be captured at intervals from 1 minute, 4 minutes, or 15 minutes and includes a rechargeable Lithium-ion battery. The Pet’s Eye View Camera attaches to your pet’s existing collar which makes installation simple and the stored photos can easily be transferred over to a PC or Mac. The Pet’s Eye View Camera is fun, easy to use, and unveils the super secret day-to-day life of your pet. Read More

Keep Your Pet’s Food or Water Bowl Free of Dust and Bugs!

Auto Pet Bowl is an electronic bowl that keeps your pet’s food or water clean until your pet is ready to eat. The bowl cover is activated by an infrared proximity sensor and a battery-operated electric motor. The sensor detects the presence of the pet and then opens the cover so that the pet may have access to the food. When the pet leaves the sensor range, the bowl cover closes automatically. This keeps dust, flies and bugs from getting to the food and keeps the food or water fresh.Auto Open Pet Bowl

Auto Open & Close

The Auto Open Pet Bowl’s cover opens to allow access to food or water whenever the infrared sensor detects motion in front of the bowl. The cover closes when no further motion is detected, thus keeping food or water fresh. The unit keeps dust and bugs out of the fresh food or water and contains the odor of food.


The Auto Pet Bowl may be used for small dogs, cats and all other small pets, as it responds to any motion and can be used to free-feed or provide consistently fresh water on demand. The stainless steel inner bowl is removable for easy cleaning with dish soap and warm water or in the top rack of the dishwasher. (Do not ever put outer bowl in dishwasher or submerse in water.) Read more

Water Resistant Cot House

Product Title (In box)

The Cool Cot House will keep your dog cool, dry and comfortable, even on hot, sticky days! The water-resistant tent has vented sides and roof, and the raised bed is well off the ground for optimum air flow. Comfortable shaded mesh cot for reclining and sleeping. The UV-treated and waterproof material protects from the harsh sun as well as the pouring rain. It’s portable and easy to assemble, so it’s great for camping. It’s also a breeze to wash – cleans in just minutes with a garden hose and soap!

  • Water-resistant, UV treated material protects from rain and sun
  • Legs can be staked to the ground for added stability
  • Portable and easy to assemble – stores compactly
  • Quick and easy to clean
  • Can be used indoors and outdoor
  • Price: $80.99
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    Holds Everything you and your Dog Need on Fun Walks

    Product Title (In box)

    Save your back! Harness your dog’s pent-up energy to bring your pet supplies or extra gear on walks or to the campsite. This custom designed backpack provides maximum comfort and convenience for your dog when hiking and on the go! Easy to put on and take off and sure to leave your dog begging for more adventures! It’s made from easy to clean, durable, and lightweight nylon ripstop material. The D-ring attaches to almost any leash available. Padded torso strap provides maximum comfort and secure fit for the longest walks. Fits dogs weighing 50 – 79 pounds and 30″ – 40″ in girth.

  • Comfortable backpack holds everything you and your dog need on fun walks to the park
  • Made from easy-cleaning, durable, lightweight nylon ripstop material
  • D-ring attaches to almost any leash
  • Padded torso strap provides maximum comfort and secure fit
  • Price: $35.99
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