Our Best-Selling Automated Litter Box!

Cats have a reputation for being pretty self-sufficient, but any cat owner knows that if you don’t maintain the litter box regularly, you can be left with a smelly mess. Eliminate the hassle with a cat box that has no litter to scoop, touch, or change. The CatGenie 120 Self-Cleaning Litter Box connects to your bathroom or laundry room water line to flush cat waste out of your house. It automatically washes, sanitizes and dries your pet’s bathroom area to leave it dust, odor, and germ free. The CatGenie PowerFlusher System, which includes the Turbo Hopper, cuts through hairballs and other tough debris, then flushes and drains the waste faster and cleaner than ever before. Ideal for homes with two to three cats over 6 months old, the CatGenie Cat Box is easy to set up and maintains itself.

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Skunk Problems Stinking Up Your Yard? Not Anymore

JT Animal Control ADC6 Spray Proof Skunk Trap



  • Made of solid 6″ PVC pipe
  • Prevents skunks from lifting their tails to spray
  • Prevents scratching and biting
  • Spring-loaded door trap design prevents environment-related misfires
  • Nickel sized holes for identification
  • Also safe for use with squirrels, cats, rabbits, opossum and other similar sized animals


Are the unpleasant foul odor of a skunk ruining your outdoor atmosphere? The JT Animal Control ADC6 Spray Proof Skunk Trap is the safe and humane solution for your problem. The Spray Proof Skunk Trap has a spring loaded door that automatically closes once the skunk enters the tube. The tube is made of heavy duty six inch PVC pipe, and once the skunk is inside, it prevents it from being able to lift their tail to spray – it also eliminates the possibility of scratching and biting. Once the trap door has been shut, you can identify your catch through small holes on the door – the rest of pipe is solid, making your catch invisible to people or other animals passing by. It is the safest trap on the market and can be used by homeowners as well as animal control specialists.

Skunk trap is 99% spray proof

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The Weather’s Getting Colder, Make Sure Your Pets are Kept Warm

Petmate 27442 Heated Cat Bed, 15Safe low voltage heating
Dark brown suede with natural berber
Chew resistant power cord
Indoor only
Round shape ideal for cats


Give your pet a nice, large bed to keep warm at night and/or during the cold months of the year, use the Petmate Heated Cat Bed. It offers a steady stream of heat on a round bed with walls that are made of suede and natural Berber. The smaller size and shape of the bed makes it ideal for cats, but will certainly work for tiny dogs as well. The soothing low voltage bed is designed to be used indoors exclusively, and simply plugs in to a standard outlet features a chew resistant power cord safe for your pets. The bed has a 15″ diameter and walls that are 5.5″ high.

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Combination Food and Water Dish Prevents Ants from Getting into the Chow

PetZoro PD-GREEN-771 Care Free, Ant Proof Pet Dish, Green - 13 Inch

  • Now accepting pre-orders, this product is expected to be avialable in January 2012
  • Separate food and water bins with a vertical divider between them, makes it safer for two pets
  • Food bin is surrounded by a “moat” when water is added, preventing ants from accessing food
  • Food bin is removeable making it easy to refill without touching the water
  • Durable, non-toxic food grade plastic is perfect for indoor and outdoor use
  • Lightweight design
  • Dishwasher safe

If you have been battling ants that always seem to find some way to get into your pet’s food – you can stop. The PetZoro Care Free, Ant Proof Pet Dish uses a unique reservoir around the perimeter of the food dish that prevents ants and other crawling insects from getting into contact with your pet’s food – saving you money on the cost of replacing contaminated food.

The Care Free Pet Dish is designed to be a two-bowl system integrated in one pet dish. It can be filled in place and/or the food dish can be removed using its handle to scope some fresh food and then be placed back into position – with each bin designed to hold generous portions of food and water. The handle also doubles as a barrier between the food and water, reducing the likelihood of a scuffle while two pets eat/drink at the same time. Additionally, the barrier ensures that water will never go into the food bowl nor will the food fall into the water when the food bowl is filled in place or when the pet is feeding. This dish is great for outdoor use and is built to last; it also cleans easily as it is dishwasher safe. Contoured edges make the dish easy to pick up and transport around your home. Never throw pet food out again! Your pet will always have fresh, ant-free food to eat and water to drink.

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Rake your Leaves with Ease this Fall Season

The She-Edison SE-105-CAT SnapBagger is the Ultimate Yard Cleanup Tool for bagging any kind of yard debris. Unlike other similar tools, the SnapBaggerSnapBag in 1 easy step with a rake or broom on both lawn and hard surfaces. SnapBag attaches to the frame with the included SnapCord™ (bungee cord) and there is no tooling required for assembly. The SnapBag is an eco-friendly reusable bag that is light and durable, made of rip-stop polyester, and features a lower quick-empty hatch to transfer a load of debris to paper yard refuse bags, city provided dumpsters, composters, or just to another area of your yard. If you don’t wish to use the SnapBag, you can attach any brand of bag sizes 39 gallon or larger. The handle is adjustable in 3 settings, depending upon your needs. Made of powder-coated steel sheet metal, SnapBagger

The SnapBagger Ultimate Yard Cleanup Tool includes one SnapBag as well as one SnapCord. Replacement SnapBags are available if your original gets lost or damaged, or if you simply want an extra one on hand for large cleanup projects. Additionally, replacement SnapCords are also available if your original is ever lost or damaged.

She-Edison SE-105-CAT SnapBagger Ultimate Yard Cleanup Tool with SnapBag

  • Clean – eliminates touching wet or dirty items with your hands
  • Complete – holds open and fills the bag in 1 easy step
  • Durable – steel construction with corrosion resistant powder coat finish
  • Dynamic – converts a plastic bag into a “Leaf Shovel”
  • Easy – minimizes bending, stooping, and twisting Efficient – drastically minimizes your bagging time
  • Intuitive – invented by a homeowner like you, frustrated by other products
  • Quick – patented design allows for fast bag change-out between fills

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A Humane and Effective Solution that HelpsTrain Dogs Not to Bark

Dogtek NB-Pulse NoBark Pulse Bark Control Collar

  • Seven operating modes (combines beep sounds and pulse stimulation)
  • Adjustable bark sensor
  • Easy-to-adjust collar
  • Rechargeable Ni-Mh Battery
  • Waterproof

The Dogtek NB-Pulse NoBark Pulse Bark Control Collar is a safe and useful way to teach your dog to stop barking. When your dog barks, the collar interrupts him by emitting beep sounds and delivering static pulse stimulation. Simply insert the included battery into the collar, set the set bark sensitivity and then adjust the training mode (beep sounds only, or one of six different beeps sounds + stimulation settings). Once your adjustments have been made, wrap the collar around your dog’s neck with the strap adjusted so that the sensor comes into contact with the dog’s skin in order to ensure good barking detection. Two different length sensors are included in the package, the short size should be long enough to have proper contact with the dog’s skin, however if you have a long haired dog and the short replace it with the long one supplied with the kit. A power adapter is included to charge the built-in re-chargeable batteries.

When your dog is barking, let the collar operate without interference. Any interference on your part could be taken as a sign of acknowledgment; consequently the barking would become an effective mean to attract your attention. As soon as your dog stops barking, congratulate him (but not excessively) by petting him, verbally praising him, or giving him a small treat to encourage his good behavior. Remember that barking can indicate some behavioral issue. This bark control collar will allow
you to minimize excessive barking.

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Safely Get Rid of Skunks from Your Property, Stink Free!

Advantek 20000 Catch and Release Electronic Skunk Trap



  • Easy-open release door and electronic infrared sensor creates more dependability than traditional mechanical devices
  • Dark enclosure is designed to helps keep captured animal calm and manageable
  • Smooth interior won’t cause harm to the animal during transport
  • Constructed from durable polyethylene that will stand up to scratching and clawing


Between the potential for rabies and the foul odor from sprays, skunks are one of the least desired forms of wildlife you’d want on your property. Skunks can take up residence under porches, crawl spaces, or even attics, creating property damage, producing smells, and even spraying your pets. With this electronic trap, you’ll not only rid your home of the unwanted animal but do so humanely so you can maintain a clean conscience.

The trap uses an infrared sensor to trigger the gate door release and keep the unwanted critter from escaping. Once the skunk has been trapped inside, the trap’s compact design greatly restricts movement. Because the skunk won’t have much room, it can’t raise its tail and hind quarters so you can’t get sprayed. The smooth interior of the trap remains dark to keep the skunk calm while you transport it to another location. When you are ready to release your captive, simply rotate the release level and to let the skunk out into its new home. Rugged, polyethylene construction remains durable throughout various outdoor conditions. This electronic trap can single-handedly keep your home skunk-free for years and years to come. While designed specifically for skunks, this trap can also be used for rodents, possums, feral cats, and other wildlife. The trap requires the use of four AA batteries, sold separately.

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